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September 16, 2008 at 10:01 AM

What Eats Do You Miss From Home?

Today we’re giving one of Nancy’s most popular columns a second look. In it, she reminisces about the foods of her childhood and the tastes she craves whenever she heads back East (“real” pizza, Cherry Wishniak soda and a TastyKake cherry pie, for starters).

”It was clear from the minute I got off the plane that, for me, this vacation was not about sun (which there was), or sand (plenty of that too, once we reached the Jersey Shore), or even about showing off the kid to friends and relatives. It was all about assuaging Old Hunger. Which, loosely defined, is the longing for foods that recall who you are and where you’re from – the things you miss most when you’re years and miles from the place you once called home,” she writes.

Read the whole column here.

The Northwest is my home. But there are tastes I miss from other places I’ve lived or visited over the years, like zenzai, a Japanese dessert soup of sweet red beans topped with grilled mochi. The man in my life hails from the South and misses Peach Nehi like nobody’s business.

Where are you from, and what do you miss? What can you get there that you can’t get here?


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