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May 19, 2009 at 11:45 AM

Pink-slipped and hungry: where to go for your last lunch?

“Pink-slipped in Seattle” wrote with this compelling question:

I am one of those unfortunate souls facing a layoff in a few weeks and suddenly feeling like I have to make sure I have one last lunch at my favorite haunts downtown. On the list are JR Sprints Cafe (turkey sandwich) Wild Ginger and Salumi. What else should I hit before the paychecks stop flowing in?

I thought I’d throw the question out to my Eatership, so help me here, please: Where would you go for your last lunch(es) if the bad news came your way?

If I were in pink-slip’s shoes — and that’s certainly a possibility for many of us — I’d hightail it over to Matt’s in the Market for pretty-much anything on the menu, along with a Bloody Mary (as I mentioned in yesterday’s post). And then, just to guild the lily, I’d walk right over to Place Pigalle afterward — also a great last-lunch option — for a classic pot de creme:

I’m sweet on this sweet, and I’m not even a “chocolate person”

And you already know I’d make an immediate beeline for Saito’s for sushi, where I’d let Yutaka-san set me up with whatever he deems worthy.


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March 3, 2009 at 9:30 AM

No Wei! It’s a small world after all — at Chef Wow

I love my Eaters — All You Can Eat blog-readers. Yes: I’m talking about you — the food-savvy folks who do your best to make sure I don’t miss a trick, whether it’s a restaurant closure or changeover, a YouTube video I shouldn’t miss (I’m still dying of laughter over this one) or a don’t-miss-it Eater Feeder recommendation — like the one I just got from Wes Neuenschwander.

Wes read my recent post about Everett’s Chef Wow and felt obliged to offer what he called “a little background” — or, to be more precise, a little more background (I’d already read the bio on the take-out menu procured by Skip Nelson, my Chinese-food-lovin’ mailman — who was onto the place immediately after it opened last month). Wes writes:

Chef Wow is the first restaurant owned and operated by Wei (Charlie) Chen, formerly the frontman for the original Szechuan Beanflower — back when Chef Huang ran the kitchen and established its reputation as a go-to place for genuine Sichuan. Charlie moved with Huang to Szechuan 99 a couple of years back but was always looking for a place of his own. Chef Huang is still at Szechuan 99, but the place doesn’t seem the same without Charlie there to greet and guide the diners (I pretty much

always just let Charlie surprise me with something — either on the menu or a

true special). Tonight will be our first time at Chef Wow since it opened a couple of weeks

ago. He’s promised me some special dishes. Will let you know how it goes.

Wait a minute! — I wrote back. “Charlie” Chen? From Szechuan 99? You mean this guy? The waiter who always seems impressed when we order “the good stuff”? The one I gave a shout-out to right here on the blog when I wrote about favorite waiters?


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February 18, 2009 at 4:40 PM

Chef Wow’s ’em in Everett

Like me, my mailman, Skip, loves Chinese food. Unlike me, he married into that cultural obsession — as I’ve mentioned before . Today, when Skip delivered my daily ration of junk mail, along with a handwritten note from the Dale Turner Family YMCA (where I recently took a tour — see: “Do these jeans make me look fat?” in my previous post), he brought along a menu from a new Chinese restaurant. Skip and I regularly discuss what’s hot and what’s not on the Chinese-food scene, and we did so again today:

Me: “Hey! I went to Chiang’s Gourmet for takeout last week. Nate loved the orange beef, and I loved the buns they serve with their tea-smoked duck, and their pan-fried housemade Shanghai noodles. But man, when someone walks across the room in there, it feels like we’re having an earthquake.”

Skip: “We just went to a great new place in Everett, Chef Wow. The orange beef is excellent there, too. And so was the spicy fish stew. And my wife really loved the Sichuan ma la chicken. Check out that menu, and be sure to read the little blurb about how they’re giving away food to poor people.”

Then he took off in his U.S. Government-issue rig to deliver de-letter da sooner da-better — leaving me to get back to my blog. Of course, now I can’t get this out of my head:


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December 18, 2008 at 4:11 PM

The good word’s in: Taberna del Alabardero is open for business

I received a nice note last week from Luis F. Esteban — Honorary Consul of Spain, alerting me to the opening of Taberna del Alabardero. What? You haven’t heard about the new Spanish restaurant in Belltown? Well, then: you must have missed this post. And if Taberna’s bar looks familiar, imagine yourself sitting there with an Alpine Martini and a trio of mini-burgers and you’ll say, “Ah ha! That place!


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December 1, 2008 at 10:06 AM

Eater Feeder: Abruzzi’s Pizza & Pasta

Rick Sakoda was beside himself when he wrote to me last week with this happy news:

“The much loved and sorely missed Abruzzi’s pizza has been reborn in Normandy Park! Yes, it’s the same Abruzzi’s with that incredible and mouth-watering pizza which so many of us loved! Nick Finamore’s ex-wife, Mary Lou and daughter DeAnn have opened their now-1-year-old pizza parlor in Normandy Park. I sincerely hope you feel this great bit of news is worthy of a short article or some sort of press. I myself have been there twice in the last week since I found out about them, and am happy to report that the pizza has that unmistakeable taste, smell and delicious bite that made the original in Seattle famous. I was one of many who was devastated when the orginal place was torn down to make way for Niketown and I’m hoping you could please do what you could to give this incredible place a deserved shot-in-the-arm to boost the public’s awareness.”


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July 21, 2008 at 7:30 AM

Eater Feeder: Simba’s Chicken & Kabob Indian Cuisine

This first installment of Eater Feeder — restaurant recommendations from All You Can Eaters — comes from Wendy Woldenberg, a high school art teacher from South Park. As a Fulbright scholar, Wendy traveled throughout north and south India in 2003 and remembers that time as “a culinary feast” for her artistic senses.

Chatting by phone, she explained that she first came to know Simba’s in its earlier incarnation as Mehra’s Indian Cuisine, a White Center joint where she wasn’t crazy about the physical space but regularly ordered takeout — until one day last year when she tried to call-in an order and no one answered. Heading over to investigate, she says, “I found a closed sign — and I almost cried.” Cut to recent months when her husband came home from work after eating lunch at Simba’s in Pioneer Square. “I think I found our restaurant,” he told her, and when Wendy hightailed it over to check the place out, she recognized the owners immediately. “I’ve already been there five times this summer,” she says of her new favorite lunch spot. Here’s her letter of recommendation:


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July 18, 2008 at 7:44 AM

Eater Feeder: Restaurants you love

Hey you! You’re been writing to me for years, telling me all about your favorite restaurants, your gotta-go-there holes-in-the-wall and those new spots that are so great you can’t keep them to yourselves. What did I do with all those letters of recommendation? Well, during my lengthy tenure as the Seattle Times restaurant critic, I compiled…


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