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July 7, 2011 at 9:03 AM

Gone fishin’

Everyone needs a brief respite from work, and I’m taking one. Hope you catch whatever it is you’re looking for while I’m off. Talk soon! Nate kisses this rockfish goodbye (per regulations). This year, we’re hoping for dinner.


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May 23, 2011 at 10:29 AM

Shore ‘nuf. Your childhood summer-vacation eats?

My annual pre-summer trip “home” to the East Coast has come and gone, but it’s not likely to be forgotten. Because as ever, I indulged my taste for the foods of my youth, including but not limited to big crisp slices of Philadelphia pizza, foot-long cheesesteaks and soft pretzels slathered with bright yellow mustard. I also had a blast sharing dinner with friends at The Lobster House in Cape May, NJ, where I joyously dispatched a two-and-a-half pounder (thanks, Pat!).

That’s why they call it The Lobster House (left), and thin, crisp-crusted Philadelphia pizza.

While I was “down the shore,” I did not see Snooki. But I did pay a way overdue visit to my old-time favorite Cantonese joint, the Dragon House in Wildwood. I also did something I haven’t done in at least 35 years: I hit the Wildwood boardwalk in search of fresh-churned fudge. Which, as any kid worth her salt water taffy will tell you, always tastes better when eaten within view of the sand, the surf and a seashore amusement park.


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February 7, 2011 at 9:12 AM

I remember Paris and I’m not alone. Share your 2-euros?

My December trip to Paris was a quick one, but as anyone who’s been will tell you, the memory lingers on. In that memory, I’m sitting at the zinc bar at La Mascotte in Montmartre knocking back oysters on the half-shell while clinking glasses with a friendly barman — whose English, so far as I could tell, was limited to a single verse of “It’s a Long Way to Tipperary” and another of “Don’t Worry, Be Happy!”

Happy? Don’t worry, I was!

This weekend in NW Traveler, The Seattle Times took readers on a trip to Paris along with me, with my travel-savvy pal Carol Pucci offering a taste of the North African accented Saint-Denis, our Windy City colleague Bill Daley providing his take on Paris restaurants not yet trammeled by tourists, and me trodding the cobblestones of the touristy (but no-less-beloved) rue Cler.

A big thanks to those of you who made suggestions regarding where-to-eat in Paris prior to my trip. Another to those willing to add their 2-euros here on this blog-post. And a merci beaucoup to Seattle chef Sally McArthur, who’s lucky enough to spend part of every year in France and turned me on to one of her favorite Paris restaurants, auberge d’Chez Eux. Unbeknownst to me (until I was ensconced in my hotel room and received her e-mail) that classic French restaurant was right under my nose:


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December 15, 2010 at 10:31 AM

Bonjour! Paris, France, in short

If you’ve never been to Paris, I insist you go. Last week, I braved snowstorms, rainstorms and more rich food than a body should absorb while taking in the sights in the City of Light. In addition, I traveled to picturesque villages beyond the city limits, and I promise share some of the culinary highlights of my travels in an upcoming story for the Seattle Times’ travel section. In my brief absence, there’s been plenty of food and restaurant news here in Seattle, and I’ll share some of that in a bit. Meanwhile, here’s a little taste from my trip.

Despite the presence of Starbucks, you don’t see Parisians walking down the city streets, coffee in hand. Baguettes stuffed with le pavot de poulet? Now, that’s another story.


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October 14, 2010 at 10:03 AM

Portland restaurants keep on truckin’: Your favorites?

If you haven’t yet heard about Portland’s street-eats scene, clearly you’ve been living under a rock. Hundreds of trucks, trailers and food carts, poised on corners or clustered in “pods,” dot the city’s landscape. And they’ve captured the attention of eaters and critics across the land — as you may have noticed if you’d read Kyle Wagner’s take in Sunday’s Seattle Times travel section.

Early this month I made a pilgrimage to Portland, where (gulp) I failed to eat at a single mobile unit. But trust me. I’m going back, soon. And there’s even a street-cart map to show me the way. That and a “been there, ate that” TripTik from my professional colleagues in Portland, and elsewhere.

Pork and peppers? How can you go wrong? Word has it you can’t — if you get your hands around this sandwich at The People’s Pig in Portland.


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