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June 30, 2011 at 7:00 PM

Seattle-area sandwich sensations? Readers pile ’em on

For my July roundup, I took the liberty of asking Eaters to salute their favorite sandwich — by naming the stuffed breadstuffs that form a more perfect union. I asked them to lay off the banh mi (recently discussed here) and leave out the burgers (for now). Battles raged. But I’m in it to win it — and did they ever come up with some winners. Did we miss the one that rings your bell? Feel free to raise the flag for your favorite, right here on the blog.

If you think Paseo makes the top ‘wich in town, get in line. You won’t be alone! “They have no competition,” insist a multitude who flock to this Caribbean sandwich-shack duo in Fremont and Shilshole. “All of their sands are a religious experience,” says one zealot, who’s quick to single out the Grilled Pork with its “sweet oozy onions” and pickled jalapenos, among other add-ins. “Heavenly,” opines another, describing the marinated pork on the Midnight Cuban, pressed with smoked ham and melted Swiss. Slow-roasted pork shoulder defines Paseo’s best-selling Cuban Roast sandwich — my choice, and one respondent’s death-row dinner. Another prefers the “4-star” Grilled Prawn sandwich: “Two of those, along with a couple ears of their corn, would be my last meal.”

Cuban Roast sandwich at Paseo — the glamor-shot version. [Seattle Times/Ellen Banner]


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