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July 18, 2014 at 6:59 AM

At air show, Malaysians cope with ‘incomprehensible’ news

Salmah Hayati Ghazali deputy director general of a Malaysian government development agency

Salmah Hayati Ghazali,
deputy director general of a Malaysian government development agency

At the Malaysia pavilion inside one of the exhibition halls here at Farnborough on Friday, tears welled in the eyes of Salmah Hayti Ghazali, a Malaysian goverment official, as she spoke to me about the shocking and cruel news that came late yesterday.

“It’s incomprehensible,” she said. “We did not think this could happen. It was out of our minds.”

“It’s no fault of ours,” Ms. Salmah said, struggling to find a better word than “unfair” to describe the murder of of 298 innocent travelers.

“I do feel the world is with us,”she said. “When I came this morning and I saw every flag at half mast, that was something consoling.”

The downing of the 777 has cast a pall over Farnborough.

The rows of international flags lining the entrances to Farnborough are at half mast today, in mourning over the tragedy.

And Boeing canceled the planned flight display of its 787-9.

Yet the living must go on. Ms. Salmah, deputy director general of MARA, a Malaysian government development agency, was at the Air Show Friday to welcome a group of about a dozen young Malaysian engineering students who attend universities around the U.K.


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