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Category: Roundtable
December 7, 2013 at 4:15 PM

Roundtable: How schools can work with parents

[do action=”guest-columns” piece1headline=”Change school culture to embrace parents” piece1description=”Joel Domingo writes about why many schools struggle to actively involve high numbers of parents in their kids’ schooling.” piece1commentsurl=”″ piece2headline=”Why it’s hard to get involved as an African American parent” piece2description=”Even though I’m involved in education it’s hard to talk to teachers about how to support my son, writes Emijah Smith.” piece2commentsurl=”″ piece3headline=”The cycle that keeps parents disconnected” piece3description=”Many parents don’t know how to help their students with school, writes Trise Moore of Federal Way Public Schools.” piece3commentsurl=”″ /]


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October 27, 2013 at 4:00 AM

Roundtable: Can tracking ever work?

[do action=”guest-columns” piece1headline=”Joplin Plan shows promise for grouping students” piece1description=”Reading classes that separate students by ability, not grade level, allow for tailored instruction without stigmatizing students, writes Robert Slavin of the Center for Research and Reform in Education.” piece1commentsurl=”″ piece1commentstext=”See comments (3)” piece2headline=” Let’s challenge all students instead of tracking by ability” piece2description=”Rationing our most demanding curricula is not the way to shrink our country’s achievement gap, argues National Education Policy Center Director Kevin Welner. ” piece2commentsurl=”″ piece2commentstext=”See comments (10)” piece3headline=”Is blended learning the solution?” piece3description=”Drawing on her daughter’s own experiences with tracking in Seattle Public Schools, Alison Krupnick of ParentMap writes about how a combination of in-person and online instruction could enable students to rotate more fluidly through different groups.” piece3commentsurl=”″ piece3commentstext=”See comments (0)”/]


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