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Topic: 2015 legislative session

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January 30, 2015 at 5:00 AM

Lawmakers want guidelines for social, emotional skills

We often expect students to check their emotions at the classroom door, so they can knuckle-down on an algebra problem with cold reason like Mr. Spock on Star Trek.

But a growing body of research shows that thinking and feeling are two sides of the same coin — inseparable ingredients for memory and learning — which means students must learn to integrate social and emotional skills with academic skills to get the most out of school.

Lawmakers in Olympia are considering companion bills (HB-1760 and SB-5688) that would add social and emotional skills to the list of things students should learn in school to reduce bullying, dropouts and disciplinary problems.

Such skills include making responsible decisions, controlling impulses, handling stress, persevering against adversity, forming healthy relationships, empathizing with others and respecting social differences.


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January 12, 2015 at 5:00 AM

Olympia Watch: Besides money, what will lawmakers debate?

Photo by Greg Gilbert / The Seattle Times

Photo by Greg Gilbert / The Seattle Times

Washington state lawmakers convene today in Olympia, where hulking budget decisions loom. The Legislature must show the state Supreme Court that it is making substantial progress on increasing public school spending under the court’s McCleary ruling and must deal with a sweeping class size initiative passed by voters in the November election.

Beyond budget talks, several other policy proposals are brewing. Here’s a short list of bills that leaders of education committees expect to see this session:


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