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November 15, 2013 at 6:00 AM

Word to educators: Stop talking about fixes and just try something

Despite recently announced incremental gains by state students on national tests, 1 million kids will fail to graduate from high school on time this year.

The urgency of this fact — and what to do about it — were the subject of a talk given by Leonard Pitts, the Pulitzer Prize-winning columnist, to educational policymakers at a GradNation Summit in Bellevue earlier this week.

Pitts said he understood paralysis in the face of enormous need — such as the fact that only 42 percent of America’s fourth graders are proficient in math, and only 35 percent read at grade level.

“Incredibly, these numbers, as disheartening as they are, actually represent incremental progress,” Pitts told the audience of educators and policymakers.


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