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June 25, 2014 at 5:00 AM

Eight teachers, eight struggles with measuring student growth

Take eight certified teachers, all with a prestigious advanced teaching credential, and ask them to tell stories about how they measure student growth in their classrooms  a requirement of the state’s new teacher evaluation system.

These are some of our most accomplished instructors  teachers who care a lot about how much their students learn. Yet most admit that, at first, they tried to game the system or find an easy, if meaningless, way to show growth.

As Lindsey Stevens, a high school teacher in Sumner, put it:

Teachers were literally joking (I hope) about grading everything ridiculously hard the first time, and then just being easier on the kids the next time. They would say, write your goal in a way you can’t go wrong, then no matter what happens you look like a rock star.


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