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March 12, 2014 at 5:00 AM

Six questions for Sealth High ‘teacherpreneur’ Noah Zeichner

Noah Zeichner

Noah Zeichner

Noah Zeichner, a teacher at Seattle’s Sealth High, was recently named World Educator of the Year by the Seattle branch of the World Affairs Council.

He was honored for years of work teaching classes in global education and more recent efforts as one of about half-dozen teacherpreneurs with the Center for Teaching Quality, a nonprofit based in North Carolina.

We asked Zeichner to talk a little about his interest in global education and just what it means to be a teacherpreneur.

Q: What is a teacherpreneur?

A: Teacherpreneurs are teachers who devote time during the school day to teaching students as well as leading in various ways outside of the classroom. Some are involved in policy work for part of the day, some coach or mentor other teachers, and some are technology or curriculum leaders. The key is: it’s a hybrid role in which the teacher is still in the classroom every day.

There are many opportunities for teachers to lead on top of teaching full-time, but the Center for Teaching Quality is trying to facilitate the creation of hybrid roles.


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