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The Seattle Times health-care team tracks the local impact of the Affordable Care Act.

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July 3, 2014 at 1:07 PM

Same-sex newlyweds eligible for health insurance

Ad for Washington's insurance exchange.

Ad for Washington’s insurance exchange.

Gay and lesbian couples whose domestic partnerships automatically became marriages on Monday are eligible for a special health-insurance enrollment period.

The default marriages count as a “qualifying life event” that allows Washington residents to buy insurance on the individual market at a time when enrollment is closed to most people.

Other qualifying events include conventional marriages of gay or straight couples, having a baby or adopting, moving to an area with different insurance options, turning 26 and no longer qualifying for insurance through a parent, or losing insurance due to divorce, graduating college or COBRA coverage ending.


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June 12, 2014 at 7:30 AM

Enrollment surge reduces state’s uninsured by more than 370,000

This year, more people bought individual plans outside the Washington Health Benefit Exchange than inside, for a total of more than 327,000 plans sold during open enrollment. In the latest number-crunching exercise, analysts from the Office of the Insurance Commissioner (OIC) found that 79,000 more people are enrolled in individual insurance now than in 2013. Overall —…


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April 29, 2014 at 3:35 PM

Poll: Americans think Obamacare missed its goals, support birth control

Almost half of Americans know how many people signed up for health insurance through government exchanges – some 8 million people nationwide – but 57 percent believe the government failed to meet its enrollment goals. They would be wrong.

The Obama administration aimed to enroll 7 million people in health insurance exchanges during the initial six month signup period, which closed March 31. It beat that goal by 1 million, though not all of the enrollees have paid for their insurance.

In Washington, 164,000 people signed up and paid for health insurance in that time. That number fell short of local benchmarks, though the state exceeded its goals for enlisting new Medicaid participants.


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April 1, 2014 at 5:02 PM

Insurance enrollment spikes on final day; state softens stance on extensions

Procrastinators gave a giant bump to the number of health plans sold through Washington’s new exchange, with 8,000 people enrolling during the final day of sign ups. By the close of the Affordable Care Act’s first enrollment period on March 31, more than 146,000 residents bought insurance through the Washington Healthplanfinder. Nationally, the White…


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March 27, 2014 at 3:02 PM

Insurance sign-ups surge in final days

Ad promoting the state's health insurance exchange.

Ad promoting the state’s health insurance exchange.

In the last few days that people can buy health insurance for this year, the state is at last seeing a surge in sign ups.

So how fast are people scrambling to get coverage? In the past three days, nearly 6,000 people have bought insurance — approximately the same number of sign ups as were completed the first two weeks of March. About 131,000 people have purchased insurance through Washington Healthplanfinder, the state’s insurance exchange.

State officials are still ramping up their advertising and outreach to get as many people as possible enrolled by the March 31 deadline.

“The need is to create a sense of urgency,” Michael Marchand, spokesman for the exchange, explained Thursday to the board of the Washington Health Benefit Exchange, which  oversees the marketplace.


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December 12, 2013 at 5:08 PM

About 179,000 enrolled on Healthplanfinder through November

About 179,000 Washington residents enrolled in health-insurance coverage through Healthplanfinder, the state’s online insurance marketplace, during the first two months of open enrollment. The vast majority, nearly 160,000, enrolled in the state’s Medicaid program, Apple Health, according to a report released Thursday by the Washington Health Benefit Exchange, which operates Healthplanfinder. About 20,000 enrolled in Qualified Health…


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October 21, 2013 at 5:53 PM

Washington Healthplanfinder: more than 35,000 have enrolled in 3 weeks

Three weeks after its launch, Washington’s online insurance marketplace continues to set a strong pace for enrollment. To date, more than 35,500 Washington residents have enrolled in coverage through the state’s online insurance marketplace, Healthplanfinder, according to data released Monday by the Washington Health Benefit Exchange. That figure is up about 10,500 from the week before. Among those who have…


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