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September 18, 2009 at 7:04 PM

Skyline-Oaks Christian game thread

SIGNING OFF — I’m signing off for the night but check our web site for more coverage.

UNOFFICIAL NUMBERS — These are from KJR — Heaps, 16-31 for 275, three INTs and one touchdown, one fumble;

Montana 22-34 for 264, three TDs, two INTs and one fumble;

Kasen Williams 6-121, one TD receiving and the other on a fumble recovery;

Malcolm Jones 18 carries for 118 yards and one TD;

and Trey Smith, son of will, 7-47 and a TD.

HEAPS THREE INTERCEPTIONS — He had that many tonight, one-third of the total for his career before tonight. He had five as a sophomore and four as a junior as Millen points out on the radio.

THE MONTANA’S LOOK HAPPY AS THE GAME ENDS — Wayne Gretzky for some reason doesn’t. Maybe he’s thinking about the bad hockey team he has to go back to after this.

SKYLINE’S FIRST LOSS SINCE NOV. 3, 2006 — Game ends and Oaks Christian wins 28-25.

OAKS CHRISTIAN RUNNING CLOCK OUT — Looks like OC will win 28-25.

HEAPS PASS INTERCEPTED — Under pressure, Heaps throws it up for grabs and Max Napolitano intercepts it at about the 25-yard-line. Looks like the game is over. Heaps will want that play back.

HEAPS GREAT PASS — A great pass moves the ball to the 30 with 1:01 to go.

OVERTIME? — Millen and Furness speculating that on the radio.

TIME OUT WITH 1:10 TO GO — Skyline has a second-and-eight near midfield as it calls time out.

SKYLINE MOVING — Heaps hits Williams for about 15 to move the ball to the 45 with 1:24 to go.

SKYLINE TAKES OVER AT ITS 23 — Skyline takes over at 1:56 to play. Heaps now has a chance to make an even bigger name for himself if he can lead a big drive here.

MONTANA PASS INCOMPLETE — He got hit on third down and Skyline will get the ball back. OC was called for holding, which is declined, so it wouldn’t have mattered anyway.

OC FACING A KEY THIRD DOWN — Montana pass goes incomplete with 2:12 to play and OC now faces a third and eight.

OC MO VING — Jones with about a 15-yard run over the right side on the first play to get OC’s drive going as it attempts to salt the game away. He has 113 yards on 16 carries according to ESPNU.

SKYLINE GETS THE TWO-POINT CONVERSION — Nice play by Heaps as he rolled out, then stopped and threw to Michael Ford for the two-point play to cut the lead to 28-25. A fantastic finish looms.

SKYLINE SCORES A TD — Nick Wasburn has dived in from the 1-yard line with 3:31 left to cut the lead to 28-23. Skyline is going for two.

QUICK REFLECTION ON THE PENALTY — Obviously an interesting scenario where Montana was called for a penalty for taunting Kasen Williams considering that if all goes well for UW that could be Washington’s QB-WR battery for a few years in the future.

EIGHT TURNOVERS IN THE GAME — Each team has four.

MONTANA THROWS INTERCEPTION — Under pressure, a Montana pass is intercepted by Michael Ford and Skyline has the ball at the OC 46. Looked like maybe there was some miscommunication on the rout.

MONTANA FLAGGED FOR PERSONAL FOUL — Montana tried to run for it on fourth down and after taking a hard hit appeared to say something to a Skyline defender and was called for a personal foul. He got the first down and the penalty was after the play so OC keeps the ball. It was Kasen Williams he was yelling at.

OC FACING FOURTH-DOWN DECISION — The Lions have a fourth and three at about the 26 yard line and have called a time out to talk it over.

GREAT PLAY-ACTION FOR OC — A Montana play-action pass foes for about 40 yards and has OC into Skyline territory. A little under-thrown by Montana but a well-executed fake.

WHAT A NIGHT IN SEATTLE — Ichiro just hit a two-run HR off Rivera to win the game for the Mariners on one of the biggest sports weekends in recent Seattle history.

SKYLINE STOPPED — After the OC TD, Skyline got near midfield but then was stopped and punted. OC has the ball with a chance to salt the game away. The game remains 28-17 with about eight minutes to go.

OC TAKES 28-17 LEAD — Malcolm Jones with a 45-yard TD run to give OC a 28-17 lead to open the final quarter.

MONTANA SHOWING GOOD MOBILITY — One thing Montana has shown tonight is some good mobility. He’s not Jake Locker — no one else is — but he shows a nice ability to get out on the run and throw on the run, and those are key parts of the Sarkisian offense.

SKYLINE STOPPED ON FOURTH DOWN — Suddenly this is a defensive struggle as OC stops Skyline on a fourth and nine from the 26. Heaps threw it a little high and his WR could not bring it down. Certainly not as accurate a game as Heaps would have liked.

BIG INJURY FOR OC — Lineman Cassius Marsh has left the game with an injury and Skyline appears to be trying to take advantage with some runs. Marsh has offers from just about everybody.

INTERESTING COMMENT BY MILLEN ON KOHLER — Listening to the KJR-AM coverage, Hugh Millen indicated he thinks Kohler may be better on defense than offense. He didn’t really elaborate but that caught my ear.

THOUGHTS ON THE QBS? — A reader has asked for observers’ thoughts of the QBs. Heaps definitely looks like he might be trying too hard, forcing a few passes. Montana definitely seems to need some bulking up though he’s listed at 6-3, 194 on the official OC roster. He seems slighter than that for some reason watching him. But you have to be impressed by his ability to hang in the pocket. Montana is 4-8 for 31 yards in this half.

SKYLINE HOLDS —- OC went for it on fourth and inches at around midfield and didn’t get it on a QB sneak by Montana. He went up the middle and not really behind Kohler, who didn’t appear to be involved in the play.

HEAPS PASS PICKED OFF — Heaps threw it downfield into traffic and the Lions have picked it off. OC will have the ball at the 42. Seventh turnover of the game.

OC STOPPED — Skyline will get the ball at around midfield after stopping the Spartans.

LIVE STREAMING OF THE GAME — For those who want live streaming on the net here it is.

LOOKED LIKE A BAD SNAP — Looked like a bad snap on the fumble that never got to Jake Heaps.

SKYLINE FUMBLES SNAP — The sloppiness continues as Skyline botched a snap center snap and OC recovered. OC will have the ball with 7:32 to play at around the 17 yard line. Both teams now have three turnovers.

COOPER PELLUER PROVIDES PRESSURE — That’s the son of former UW assistant and WSU player Scott Pelluer, who is a brother of former UW QB Steve Pelluer, hitting Montana on that interception.

MONTANA THROWS INTERCEPTION — After two nice throws to help get OC into Skyline territory, Montana forced one under pressure and it was easily picked off by Skyline.

LONG HALFTIME — TV timeouts mean a long halftime. Second half has finally started with OC getting the ball at the 20 after a touchback. And another shot of Joe Montana.

ANOTHER STAT — Trey Smith, son of Will Smith, has five catches for 22 yards and a TD.

TAYLOR COMMENTS — Skyline coach Mat Taylor says the first quarter mistakes were uncharacteristic.

HALFTIME STATS — Montana is 12-17 for 166 yards and three touchdowns while Heaps is 7-16 for 180 yards, two TDs and one interception.

OC has 207 total yards while Skyline has 198.

Kasen Williams has four catches for 133 yards and one TD reception.

AND YET ANOTHER SNUGGIES AD — Someone somewhere thinks high school football fans like Snuggies because here is yet another ad for those ridiculous things.

REDELL SAYS PASS RUSH THE KEY — OC coach Bill Redell said OC’s pass rush was good in the first quarter, not so good in the second and that was the key.

He also said both QBs played well and it was “a good hard-fought game” in the first half.

TV shows Joe Montana on a cell phone as the game goes to break at halftime.

BIG HIT BY STOUT — The hit of the night so far by BYU-bound LB Zac Stout on Kasen Williams to stop Skyline’s last drive of the first half.

The game goes to halftime with OC leading 21-17.

QB STATS — Montana is 11-16 for 139 yards while Heaps is 5-14 for 166 and two TDs.

MONTANA 3-3 FOR 80 YARDS ON THAT LAST DRIVE — Good drive for Montana there.

OC RETAKES THE LEAD — Montana rolls out and hits Fua for a 25-yard TD to give OC the lead with 2:28 to play in the first half. Another play that seems ripped right from the new UW playbook as Montana faked a handoff then rolled to his right and hit the tight end. It’s 21-17 OC.

YOU CAN’T LEAP OVER A PLAYER IN HS FOOTBALL — Jones rushed for about 11 yards, leaping over Skyline’s Michael Ford, but was called for a personal foul moving the ball back to the 27. The TV commentators are ripping the call.

MONTANA ROLLS FOR 49-YARD COMPLETION — On the first play of the OC drive, Montana rolled right and hit Blair Holliday for 49 yards.

SKYLINE TAKES 17-14 LEAD — A 30-yard FG by Sean Penberthy gives Skyline a 17-14 lead with 4:25 to go in the second quarter after the drive stalled at the 13. That’s 17 in a row by the Spartans after they looked in danger of being blown out early.

SKYLINE MOVING AGAIN — Another Heaps pass to Nick Washburn has Skyline down to the 13 yard line with just over five minutes to play.

YARDAGE STATS — TV just showed that OC had a 45-3 yardage edge in the first quarter while Skyline has a 144-28 edge in the second.

SKYLINE GETS THE BALL BACK — After a first down pass by Montana, Jones fumbled the ball on the next play and Skyline has it at the 28. Each team has two turnovers.

WILLIAMS STATS — He has three catches for 146 yards and two TDs in guiding Skyline back into the game. His first TD catch has been officially listed as 84 yards.

SKYLINE TIES IT UP — Heaps has hit Williams for a 38-yard TD with 7:20 left to tie the game. He made the throw from the left hash to the other side of the field. This is a brand new game.

MONTANA STATS — He’s 7-12 for 55 yards and two TDs but OC is forced to punt after a three-and-out as the momentum appears to be shifting to Skyline.

IT’S 14-7 — Unofficially, an 83-yard play there as Williams appeared to recover his own fumble in the end zone for the score.

SKYLINE SCORES — One of the weirder plays you will ever see as Kasen Williams takes a short pass from Heaps, sprints about 50 yards, then fumbles the ball into the end zone, where Skyline recovers for a TD with 8:58 to play in the second quarter. Skyline is back in the game.

OC STOPPED — A penalty helped kill OC’s drive and the Lions will punt with 9:29 to play in the second quarter.

MALCOLM JONES SCOUTING PROFILE — If you’re wondering about the RB for OC, he is Malcom Jones and he is one of the top prospects on the West. However, he isn’t considering UW, instead listing Cal, Stanford and UCLA as his three faves.

OC MOVING AGAIN — Montana picks up a first down on a QB sneak and another on a nice pass on an out rout. He is 5-9 for 51 yards.

HEADY PLAY BY MONTANA — Maybe the best play of the night by Montana as he catches a high snap then throws to Trey Smith for a completion to end the first quarter. OC has dominated and leads 14-0 as the first quarter ends.

SKYLINE FORCED TO PUNT — The Spartans’ drive stalls after one first down and Skyline punts again. No other way to say it but that OC looks bigger and faster up front.

HEAPS FUMBLES AGAIN — On a second down play Heaps fumbled again under heavy pressure but Skyline got the ball back.

SKYLINE GETS A FIRST DOWN — On a third and 10, Heaps connects with Miles Edwards for 13 yards and Skyline’s first first down of the game with 2:22 to play in the first quarter. Skyline has just 17 yards.

MASON KELLEY GETTING AIR TIME — Our man Mason Kelley is being interviewed on ESPN as I write this. He’s big time now.

MONTANA SACKED TO END DRIVE — Evan Day, playing a good game for Skyline and with offers from Air Force, WSU and Oregon State, sacked Montana on third down and OC now has to punt.

KOHLER IS 75 — Erik Kohler, who is headed to UW, is No. 75 and playing left tackle for OC.

OAKS CHRISTIAN HAS THE BALL AT THE 42 — That’s where OC starts after the fumble.

HEAPS FUMBLES IT RIGHT BACK — Skyline had the ball at the 11. After a two-yard loss on first down, Heaps was hit and fumbled and Oaks Christian has regained possession.

MONTANA FUMBLES — Nick Montana was hit hard by Evan Day and fumbled and Skyline has the ball deep in Oaks Christian territory. That was the first play after Skyline’s punt.

LIVE TWEETS — We also have these live tweets from the game from Mason Kelley.

SKYLINE THREE AND OUT — Skyline picked up eight yards on its second drive but Heaps threw incomplete on third down and the Spartans will punt.

KEY DRIVE FOR SKYLINE — Spartans trail 14-0 and don’t have a positive yard yet. This looks like gutcheck time already.

WHERE YOU CAN FIND THE GAME — If you are at home and have Comast, it’s on 400 or 621 in High-Def. If you don’t get those channels then Comcast simply hasn’t updated your system with ESPNU yet.

OAKS CHRISTIAN SCORES AGAIN — This is a rout so far as Montana has thrown a 24-yard TD pass to Fua, who next year will be catching passes from Heaps, to give Oaks Christian a 14-0 lead. Skyline frankly looks outmanned. Montana had all day to throw on that one. He is now 4-4 for 43 yards. There is 6:17 to play in the first quarter.

HEAPS THROWS INTERCEPTION — On the first play after the time out a Heaps pass was picked off by Silas Goma. Oaks Christian has the ball at the Skyline 26.

TOTAL CONFUSION RIGHT NOW ON THE SIDELINES FOR SKYLINE — That’s what the announcer just said as Jake Heaps looked like he didn’t know what play to call and called a time out.

OAKS CHRISTIAN DOMINATING UP FRONT — A running play on Skyline’s first play of its second drive goes for a loss of three yards as Oaks Christian simply seems superior up front.

MONTANA STATS — He was 3-3 for 19 yards on the first drive as Oaks Christian drove 47 yards for the touchdown. TV is showing Will Smith on the sideline as I type this. But he’s not a Man in Black as he’s wearing a brown jacket.

OAKS CHRISTIAN TAKES THE LEAD — Nick Montana has thrown a TD pass to Trey Smith, I think of 13 yards, to the son of Will, as Oaks Christian has taken a 7-0 lead with 7:58 to go in the first quarter. Montana faked a hand off then rolled to his right, staples of the offense he will run at UW, then threw to Smith, who caught the ball and hurdled a defender for the score.

MONTANA TO ATTEND UW GAME TOMORROW — For those who have asked, Nick Montana will attend the UW-USC game tomorrow, from what I have been told, though it won’t be his official visit.

Oaks Christian has picked up two first downs on its first drive and has the ball at the Skyline 17.

SCOUTING REPORT ON FUA — Here’s the report on the Fua who made the sack on Heaps on the first play. UW is listed as having offered him but he’s committed to BYU, where he will play next year with Heaps. They didn’t look like teammates on that play, however.

SKYLINE GOES THREE AND OUT — Skyline lost eight yards on a sack and a penalty on its first drive and will punt. Will Smith has just entered the stadium with about four body guards trailing. TV is also showing Joe Montana, Wayne Gretzky and Dave Henderson watching the game. Not sure what Hendu is doing there. The TV guys didn’t notice him.

HEAPS SACKED ON FIRST PLAY — Jake Heaps was sacked on the first play for a loss of about six.

PRE-GAME — The game is just about to kick off.

This is Bob Condotta, usually the Husky football writer, manning the blog tonight. We have three reporters at the game who will file stats and notes and quotes to me that I’ll pass along.

So check back often for updates of what might be the most anticipated high school football game in state history.



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