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November 15, 2013 at 8:07 AM

Get your 4A and 3A state volleyball updates here all day

Good Morning from Marcus Pavilion on the campus of Saint Martin’s University in Lacey for the Class 4A and 3A state volleyball tournaments.

I will be updating results here as I am able (I’ll be dealing with deadline later this evening). I also will be tweeting @SandyRinger1 and sometimes that’s quicker.

10:13 PM — Hearbreaker for Seattle Prep! Columbia River advances to the semifinals with a 18-16 thriller in the fifth set.

10:02 PM — Seattle Prep fans cheering “Prep! Prep!” and the Mercer Island players are on the sidelines joined in, cheering for their SeaKing District rivals.

10 PM — Mercer Island finishes off Shadle Park, 3-1 (25-13 in the fourth). Now the Islanders will see what they can do against top-ranked Southridge in the semis Saturday.

9:52 PM — River responds, wins the fourth set 25-19, so they’re going to the tiebreaker.

9:30 PM — Seattle Prep survives a back-and-forth battle with Columbia River in the third set, 29-27. The Panthers now lead 2-1.

9:27 PM — Holy Names does it again! The Cougars got hot last year at the right time to reach the semifinals, and they return with a 3-0 sweep of Meadowdale. It was 25-22 in the third.

9:01 PM — I’ts 2-0 Holy Names now over Meadowdale. Columbia River and Seattle Prep are tied at 1-1.

8:43 PM — Shadle Park comes from behind to beat MI in the opening set, Seattle Prel takes the first from Columbia River and Holy Names leads Meadowdale 1-0.

8:23 PM — Writing on deadline now, so can’t keep  you posted as frequently. Check The Seattle Times twitter feed, @SeaTimesPreps. We have the other three 3A quarterfinal matches in progress now — Mercer Island vs. Shadle Park, Seattle Prep vs. Columbia River and Meadowdale vs. Holy Names.

8:06 PM — Emerald Ridge completes the sweep of Camas, 25-20, and advances to the semifinals to play Bellarmine Prep.

7:48 PM — Bellarmine continues to roll, closing out the 3-0 win over Snohomish with a 25-12 win in the third. The Lions, defending champs, return to the semifinals Saturday at 1:30 against the ER-Camas winner.

7:28 PM — It’s 2-0 Bellarmine after a 25-17 win in set two. Sorry I can’t update as often as earlier. I’ve got a deadline story to write. In 3A, Southridge is up 1-0 onb Oak Harbor.

7:11 PM — Bellarmine beat Snohomish in the first set, but I missed the score as I was off doing interviews with some Newport folks. Emerald Ridge just beat Camas in the opening set, 25-19.

6:58 PM — Newport’s title chances are alive! The Knights rallied to beat Central Valley 3-2 (15-10 in the fith). They will play Curtis in the semis.

6:44 PM — The other two 4A quarterfinals are about to start: Bellarmine Prep vs. Snohomish and Emerald Ridge vs. Camas. Both of these should be good matches!

6:43 PM — Newport takes CV to a fifth set, winning the fourth 25-18!

6:41 PM — Holy Names closes out Timberline with a 25-18 win in the third. The Metro League is now 2-2 in the tournament.

6:24 PM — Curtis on to the semis with a 3-0 romp past Kentwood (25-8 in the third).

6:22 PM — Newport finishes that third set, 25-19, and closes it to 2-1.

6:20 PM — Curtis in control 17-7 in the third; Newport rallies to lead CV 23-19 in the third.

6:07 PM — Good news about Holy Names as the Cougars lead Timberline 2-0. They took the second set 25-19.

6:06 PM — Kentwood’s in big trouble, too. Curtis leads 2-0 after rallying from 19-15 down to win the second set 25-23.

6:01 PM — Uh-oh, Newport is down 2-0 against CV after dropping the second set, 25-17!

5:40 PM — Curtis finishes off Kentwood, 25-20, for a 1-0 lead. Holy Names takes the first set off Timberline, 25-23.

5:37 PM — Central Valley scores the final seven points to take set one from Newport, 25-17. Curtis leads Kentwood 24-20. Holy Names up 23-22 on Timberline.

5:13 PM — We’re ready for the first two 4A quarterfinals: Kentwood vs. Curtis and Newport vs. Central Valley. And the final first-round 3A match between Holy Names and Timberline is moments away from starting.

5:10 PM — There will be a new 3A state champion as Seattle Prep takes down Prairie, 3-2 (15-9 in the fifth). The Panthers play Columbia River in the quarterfinals at 8: 15 p.m.

5:06 PM — Columbia River advances to the semis with a 3-2 win over Ferndale (15-9 in the fifth). Prep leads Prairie 12-7 in the fifth.

4:55 PM — Seattle Prep lets a 23-18 lead slip away and loses the fourth set to Prairie, 25-23. On to set five.

4:52 PM — Ferndale forces a fifth set with Columbia River with a 25-22 win in the fourth. Prep looking to close it out against Prairie, leading 23-22.

4:39 PM — Kudos to Meadowdale, which knocks off second-ranked University, 3-0! It was 25-19 in the third. Seattle Prep now has a 2-1 lead over Prairie (25-21 in the third), and Columbia River is also up 2-1 on Ferndale after taking the third set, 25-19.

4:04 PM — Everything getting done at the same time, so here’s the scoop: Seattle Prep back in it at 1-1 with Prairie after winning the second set, 27-25; Meadowdale means business and leads University 2-0 after a 25-16 win; Ferndale takes set two from Columbia River so that one is 1-1.

3:47 PM — Meadowdale came to play! Mavs take the first set from No. 2 University, 25-12!

3:40 PM — Columbia River up 1-0 on Ferndale after taking the first set 25-18. U-Hi leads Meadowdale 21-11.

3:15 PM — The Metro League is 0-2 thus far with Eastside Catholic and Bishop Blanchet falling in the first round. Seattle Prep will try to end that trend. The Panthers are ready to serve against Prairie, the defending 3A champion (but with many new faces, and a new coach). Holy Names, the other Metro qualifier, plays Timberline at 5:15 p.m.

3:12 PM — Mercer Island and Shadle Park are through to the quarterfinals and will meet at 8:15 p.m. Both won 3-2. MI took the fourth set off Kennedy, 25-19, while Shadle finished off Auburn Mountainview by the same 25-19 score. JFK and Mountainview play a loser-out match at Timberline at 6:45.

2:48 PM — Auburn Mountainview and Kennedy both win third sets to stay alive. Mountainview won 28-26 over Shadle Park. Kennedy pulled away from Mercer Island, 25-18. But both still traile 2-1.

2:42 PM — Southridge gets the third set, 25-13, to complete the sweep of Blanchet. The Suns now play Oak Harbor in the quarterinals at 6:45 p.m. Blanchet and Eastside Catholic, familiar Metro foes, sqaure off in an elimination match at Timberline High School, also at 6:45 p.m.

2:30 PM — Auburn Mountainview lets a 17-12 lead slip away and falls 25-19 to Shadle Park, which now leads 2-0. MI up 17-9 on JFK in the second set.

2:15 PM — It’s 2-0 Southridge after a 25-22 win in set two against Blanchet.

1:53 PM — Shadle Park pulls out the 25-22 first-set win over Auburn Mountainview. Kennedy leads MI 19-16.

1: 50 PM — Southridge is impressive in a 25-13 opening win over Blanchet! It’s back-and-forth between Shadle and Auburn Mountainview.

1:40 PM — Three more 3A first-round matches are now going. No. 1 Southridge leads Bishop Blanchet, 13-6; No. 3 Shadle Park is tied at 12 with No. 9 Auburn Mountainview and No. 10 Kennedy Catholic leads No. 4 Mercer Island 3-0.

1:35 PM — Eastside Catholic couldn’t mainain the momentum. Oak Harbor takes charge early and takes the fifth set 15-10 to advance to the quarterfinas.

1:20 PM — We’ll go to a fifth set between Eastside Catholic and Oak Harbor as the Crusaders took the fourth, 25-16. OH won the first two sets.

1:12 PM — Snohomish takes the fourth set 25-14 to move on to the quarterfinals. The Panthers will play Bellarmine at 6:45 p.m. Should be a great match.

1 PM — Eastside Catholic stays alive with a 25-19 win in the third set, but still trails Oak Harbor 2-1.

12:52 PM — Snohomish now up 2-1 on Wenatchee after taking the third set, 25-15.

12:38 PM — Eastside Catholic is in trouble. Oak Harbor staves off another comeback and wins 25-23 for a 2-0 lead.

12:32 PM — Wenatchee evens the match with Snohomish, taking the second set 25-18. Bellarmine goes up 2-0 on Rogers with a 25-13 win.

12:14 PM — What a great first set between Eastside Catholic and Oak Harbor! The Crusaders trailed 24-19, then went ahead 25-24. But the Wildcats get the win, 27-25.

12:12 PM — Snohomish finishes off Wenatchee, 25-17, and Bellarmine Prep takes it to Rogers, 25-12.

11:57 AM — And we have the first 3A match of the day with Oak Harbor jumping all over No. 6 Eastside Catholic, 18-9.

11:55 AM — We’re back in action. The final two 4A first-round matches are under way. Top-ranked Bellarmine Prep is up 10-2 early on Rogers of Puyallup. No. 5 Snohomish leads Wenatchee 10-6.

11:12 AM — Here’s something you don’t see very often in a volleyball tournament (especially state): We’re ahead of schedule. The next matches don’t start until 11:45. Those 3-0 matches really speed things up!

11:10 AM — And Emerald Ridge makes it another 3-0 sweep with the 25-20 win over Skyline. The Jags will play Camas in the quarterfinals. That’s a rematch of the third- and fourth-place match at the West Central/Southwest 4A Bi-District tournament, which ER won handily, 3-0. However, Camas was coming off a draining, 3-2 loss to Kentwood only a few minutes earlier. I expect this one to be closer. Skyline must beat Mead to stay alive in the tournament.

11:04 AM — Newport is through to the quarterfinals with a 3-0 win over Spanaway Lake (25-16 in the third). The Knights face Central Valley in the quarterfinals at 5:15 p.m., and that should be interesting. CV smashed Mount Vernon. Spanaway Lake gets Mount Vernon in the consolation round, loser -out.

11 AM — Camas was impressive in sweeping Mead (25-17 in the third). The Papermakers likely will see Emerald Ridge in the quarterfinals. The Knights lead Skyline 20-16 in the third.

10:44 AM — After trailing 18-11, Emerald Ridge rallies to grab the second set off Skyline, 26-24, and leads 2-0.

10:40 AM — Newport rallies down the stretch and takes set two, 25-23, for a 2-0 lead over Spanaway Lake.

10:34 AM — Camas cruising! The Papermakers take set two from Mead, 25-15, and are now up 2-0.

10:16 AM — Emerald Ridge gets it done against Skyline in the opening set, 25-11.

10:15 AM — Newport on the board with a 25-18 first-set win over Spanaway Lake. Camas knocks off Mead, 25-19. ER at set point.

10:09 AM — No. 2 Newport leads Spanaway Lake, 21-16.

10:08 AM — No. 6 Emerald Ridge hot out of the game and leads No. 10 Skyline 18-5.

9:55 AM — Newport-Spanaway Lake and Cams-Mead now under way. Emerald Ridge and Skyline warming up.

9:52 AM — Curtis takes the fourth set from Eisenhower, 25-22 (although the Cadets fought off several match points), and advances to the quarterfinals with a 3-1 victory. It will be Curtis-Kentwood in a 5:15 p.m. semifinal. Eisenhower and Bothell play a loser-out match at 3:15 p.m. at Timberline High School.

9:40 AM — Kentwood advances to the quarterfinals with a 3-1 victory over Bothell. It was 25-18 in the third.

9:24 AM — It was all Curtis in the third set, 25-7. The Vikings lead Ike 2-1 now. Kentwood leads Bothell 9-4 in the fourth, looking to close out the match.

9:18 AM — Bothell gets on the board with a 25-21 win in the second; now trails Kentwood 2-1.

9:06 AM — Central Valley is on to the quarterfinals after taking the third set off Curtis, 25-22.

9:04 AM — Eisenhower is back in this thing with Curtis after winning the second set, 25-22. So, that match is 1-1.

8:53 AM — Kentwood on a roll now and leads Bothell 2-0 after taking the second set, 25-13.

8:34 — Kentwood completes the comeback to take the first set off Bothell, 25-22.

8:32 — Eisenhower suffered a big blow early when Mikel Sydney, the Big 9 co-MVP, went down with an elbow injury. She’s apparently been taken to the ER. No. 9 Curtis leads the Cadets 18-15.

8:30 AM — No. 7 Central Valley rolls past Mount Vernon in the first set, 25-16. Kentwood now leads Bothell 23-22.

8:20 AM — Surprising Bothell off to a great start against third-ranked Kentwood,  jumped up 12-4 and 17-11.

First up are the 4A opening-round matches. You can find the schedule, records and a few players to watch (for 4A, 3A and 2A) in my preview boxes that ran in The Times today.

You can also read a short feature I wrote on Kentwood’s Lauren Hackett here.

Meg Wochinick of The Olympian did a nice job with her more detailed preview (would have loved to have had that kind of space! You can find her 4A capsules here and the 3A capsules here.

The WIAA will be tweeting also and updating their brackets for all classificataions, so go here and check the classification you are interested in.

We’ve had the national anthem and are now having the player introductions for the first three 4A matches. If you can’t get down here, follow along!


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