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November 14, 2009 at 11:58 AM

OSU game thread

SARKISIAN ON OSU’S DEFNESE: “We knew coming in they were a nice defensive front. That was our biggest concern coming into the game. The pressure can look overwhelming; when you don’t block guys, it can look even worse. I felt for Chris, I felt for Jake early on, and then I thought we settled in up front and we didn’t execute the way I know we’re capable of executing on the perimeter”
ON OSU’S PRESSURE: “They just were getting off. I don’t know. And I’m not saying it’s them. I don’t think we were very good in any area. But that one, it was very evident, especially the first two series. They were getting off, they were in our backfield, and they were creating havoc. I thought we settled down there somewhat. But then we had a false-start here, a holding penalty there. We just couldn’t get right.”
ON WHETHER THERE WAS AN EMOTIONAL HANGOVER FROM LAST WEEK: “I don’t know. That’s what we have to look at as a staff. I’m going to go back and try to assess the entire week and then look at our preparation heading into the game from a game-plan standpoint. I have to look at everything we’re doing because the last thing I want is for this to ever happen again. The opponent didn’t even really have to play, and they were going to beat us today. We just kind of handed it to them.
(pressure on Locker) It’s difficult, especially when we get behind in such a manner that we did. Then it’s pretty obvious that we have to throw the ball to try to get back into in, and now they’re pinning their ears back and really rushing the passer. And that’s not a fun position for any quarterback.”
ON THE DEFENSE PLAYING WELL EARLY THEN GIVING IN: “I think they kind of wore out. We didn’t help them. I think at halftime we had only ran maybe a little over 20 plays. We weren’t keeping them off the field. They were in horrible field positions they were put into today with the interception, with the shanked punt, with the big kickoff return. Those are not fun positions to be in when you’re starting at your own end of the field on defense.”
ON THE KRISTICK INTERCEPTION IN THE FIRST QUARTER: “The guy made a nice play. He’s obviously a nice player for them. I don’t know if Jake made his best throw, but the guy did make a nice play.”
SARKISIAN ON THIS ELIMINATING ANY SHOT AT A BOWL GAME: “We didn’t look at it like that. We just wanted to come in here and play well. This is a fun venue to come play a game in. Fans do a nice job, it’s intense, there’s a nice rivalry game. And we just wanted to come in and play well, and put our best foot forward, and play with great effort and the enthusiasm that I know we’re capable of. It wasn’t about what’s down the road. It was about today. I think that’s what’s disappointing, that we didn’t play that way. That’s what stings about the game. It’s hard to even evaluate the game of what it could have been because it never got going for us. They just kind of pulled away and it was over.”
MORE FROM SARK — “They came out and played well. I don’t know if it had as much to do with them or if it had to do with us. We couldn’t get out of our own way offensively for awhile. Our defense tried to hang on. We didn’t function very well on special teams, obviously. The shanked punt, the big kickoff return. All three phases, we just didn’t perform to our capability. Fortunately, we’ve got a bye week to try to get that rectified and to finish this season the way that I know we’re capable of. We’ve got to find a way to get back and get right and back to playing the level of football that I know we’re capable of playing.”
WORST LOSS EVER TO OREGON STATE — This is the worst loss by UW to Oregon State, a 27-poinit margin. The previous worst was 25 points, 49-24, in 2001.
POST-GAME THOUGHT FROM SARKISIAN — “Well that was an ugly football game. There wasn’t a phase where we performed to our capabilities. And that’s what’s disappointing from a coaching standpoint. You want to acheive or play as close to your level of capability as possible and today, for whatever reason — that’s what we have to figure out — we just didn’t do that. We didn’t perform at a level that we’re capable of.”
On the injury front, Nate Fellner suffered a torn biceps and that’s why he was out and Devin Aguilar banged his knee but retrurned.
Jason Wells could have played in an emergency but it was decided to give him two more weeks to get well for the Apple Cup.
UW SCORES — A Locker to Middleton pass makes it 48-21 with 54 seconds left.
I now have to head to the locker room — fun as that will be. So we’ll end the running blog here.
BEAVERS SCORE AGAIN — Just in case the Huskies thought they were getting back in the game, OSU slammed the door with a quick TD drive to make it 48-14 with 8:18 left. Canfield now has four TD passes.
HUSKIES GET ON BOARD AGAIN — Small consolation now but UW forced an OSU fumble and then quickly turned it into points on a 39-yard pass from Locker to Kearse to make it 41-14 with 9:27 left.
POLK FUMBLES — UW finally got into OSU territory but a Chris Polk fumble at the 31-yard-line stopped the drive.
OSU UP 41-7 END OF THIRD QUARTER — Sorry for the inattentiveness here but not sure anyone out there is even paying attention. Obviously, this is the worst performance of the season for the Huskies.
ANOTHER THREE-AND-OUT FOR UW — Huskies have just 27 yards this half and no first downs this half. OSU takes over at its own 41.
ANOTHER POSSESSION, ANOTHER TD FOR THE BEAVERS — It’s now 41-7 Beavers as they go 58 yards in nine plays and 4:19 to take a 41-7 lead. That’s TDs on four straight drives for the Beavers and this one is looking just a bit too much like 2008 for the Huskies. OSU has a 272-103 edge in yards with 7:31 to play.
UW LOOKING SLOPPY NOW — UW had three penalties on its first possession — holding, delay and illegal procedure — to set up a third-and-28 that the Huskies couldn’t convert. Just a sloppy start to the second half for UW.
HORRIBLE START TO SECOND HALF FOR HUSKIES — It’s now 34-7 Beavers as James Rodgers returned the opening kickoff 84 yards to the 1, sprinting clear down the left sideline and evading Desmond Trufant around midfield before Trufant finally caught up and got him at the 1.
Quizz Rodgers scored on the second play to make it 34-7 with 14:05 to play.
Show up? This may be the first time this year UW has left the field at halftime this demoralized — the Oregon game at least ended with the final play FG. Will be interesting to see how the Huskies respond.
Get Locker going. Locker has a decent completion percentage but isn’t getting any time to get anything going downfield.
Cover in the secondary. UW did a decent job for a while getting pressure on Canfield with some varied looks up front and lots of different blitzes — some delayed pressure from the corner, LBs right up the middle, etc. But the secondary is struggling to cover receivers one-on-one and Canfield is doing a nice job feeling the heat and getting rid of it.
A FEW HALFTIME NUMBERS — None real pretty for the Huskies.
OSU has a 10-5 edge in first downs, 213-82 in total yards (official totals varying slightly from the scoreboard); and 135-39 in passing yards.
The UW highlight is the 65 yards on 11 carries by Chris Polk.
Locker not having one of his better outings so far going 7-10 for 39 yards with the one interception that set up OSU’s first TD and three sacks.
Canfield is 14-21 for 135 yards and three touchdowns. He’s been sacked twice as UW was having some success getting pressure early on. But that seemed to dissipate a but the last two drives as OSU drove for touchdowns.
UW has 43 yards rushing on 16 attempts, OSU is 78 on 14.
QUIZZ RODGERS HAS LEFT HIP INJURY — Not sure how serious or what but that’s the initial word up here.
IT’S 27-7 AT THE HALF — UW threw some new defensive wrinkles at OSU — that alignment with just one down DT, for instance, and some more blitzes. But OSU is just the better team so far, leading by 20 at the half.
OSU TAKES 27-7 LEAD — OSU moved 70 yards in 10 plays and 1:51 to take a 27-7 lead, the TD coming on a 10-yard Canfield pass to James Rodgers. That was a killer drive as UW had some momentum after its scoring drive.
But OSU will get the ball first in the second half so this could get out of hand now.
OSUS has 213 yards to UW’s 80.
YOU WANTED BLITZING, YOU GOT IT — Seems like UW is bringing as much pressure as it has all season but Canfield is picking it apart on this drive, swiftly moving OSU to the UW 10 with 30 seconds to go in the half.
DRIVE STATS — UW went 66 yards in nine plays in 5:12.
HUSKIES GET ON BOARD — A nice drive for the Huskies gets them back in the game as Locker rolls to the right and hits Kearse from three yards out with 2:21 to play. It was a third down play and UW spread the field then let Locker roll to his right and find Kearse. It’s 20-7 OSU.
AGUILAR OUT — Aguilar hurt his knee on a play at the five-yard line though he is walking off and appears maybe not too serious.
POLK GETTING GOING — Chris Polk has ripped off runs of 23 and 16 to get the Huskies down to the 5-yard line. Suddenly a running game has materalized.
THE ROUT APPEARS ON — A six play, 71-yard, 3:29 drive has OSU ahead 20-0 with 7:38 to play. The defense appears to be playing hard and most of the time in position to make plays. But they just aren’t making them. Jacquizz Rodgers keyed the drive with a 42-yard run in which Cort Dennison was in the backfield to make the tackle but overpursued and Rodgers got away — Dennison made the tackle downfield, showing hustle, but was taken out for Gage.
UW then blitzed on a third-and-eight play at the 27, bringing Foster and Butler, but Trufant couldn’t stay with OSU’s Jordan Biship who was wide open for a 22-yard gain.
UW OFFENSE GOES THREE AND OUT AGAIN — UW has nine yards on five possessions netting minus-14 on the last drive on two Locker sacks. Drew Schaefer was beaten for one and the other was pretty much a group effort as OSU is dominating the Huskies up front.
A good punt by Mahan and good coverage, Nate Williams making the tackle, at least has OSU pinned back at its own 29 with 11:07 to play.
OPPONENTS NOW 21-23 ON FGS THIS YEAR AGAINST UW — And C. Polk returned the last KO as the Huskies keep trying guys out there.
OSU TAKES 13-0 LEAD — Another 44-yd Kahut FG has OSU up 13-0 with 13:28 to play in the half. UW defense is hanging in, stopping OSU on second and third and two to force the FG.
Jason Wells has yet to play at safety, that foot maybe worse than feared. Greg Walker played the last series at FS.
OSU UP 10-0 END FIRST QUARTER — Beavers have just 41 yards to UW’s 26 but has converted an interception and a short punt into 10 points.
OSU has three fumbles on offense but has recovered them all.
The last came on the final play of the quarter here as Ryan McCants fumbled with the ball popping high into the air. But OSU got it back with the play resulting in a five-yard gain.
OSU has just seemed the headier team so far.
ANOTHER THREE AND OUT FOR UW — Middleton couldn’t hold on to a third-down pass from Locker that would have been enough to get the first as Brandon Hardin knocked the ball away. So OSU has the ball back at its own 27.
HERE’S THE KICKOFF RETURN TEAM — Butler, Johnson, Tuiassopo, Pulu, Schaefer, Homer, Jordan Wallace, Dennison, Kearse, Poe, and Walker.
OSU TAKES 10-0 LEAD — Beavers add to lead with a 44-yard Kahut FG following the short punt. A victory for UW to not allow a TD there though OSU already obviously has as two-possession lead and Huskies have yet to cross midfield.
UW ONE FIRST DOWN, THEN OUT — A really bad punt by Will Mahan has OSU at the UW 42 after the Huskies were stopped after getting a first down. Locker was sacked on a blitz on third-and-three. Ossai again played at left guard in place of Nick Wood.
Polk had a nice run to pick up a third down with a five-yard carry with Kelemete pulling to lead a hole through the left side.
But UW has minus-one rushing yards overall.
OSU has a first-and-10 at UW’s 42 with 7:06 to play in first quarter.
And in adding insult to injury, the Mahan punt drew some laughs when it hit an unsuspecting security guard on the sidelines in the head.
IT’S BUTLER WHO IS DEEP — Actually, it’s Donald Butler deep on the KO team alongside James Johnson in the latest attempt to find a lead blocker. So not Aguilar but Butler.
OSU SCORES, GOES UP 7-0 — It took OSU just two plays to convert the Locker interception and OSU leads 7-0 after a three-yard Canfield pass to Joe Halahuni of Orting. UW up against it already.
OSSAI FOR WOOD AT GUARD — Anew look up front for the Huskies but it doesn’t help on first play as Locker throws an interception at the UW 17.
HUSKIES GETTING PRESSURE — Good pressure by UW as the Huskies unveil some different looks up front — only two down linemen it appeared on the third down play, as OSU goes three and out. UW will have the ball at its own 14.
UW GOES THREE AND OUT — Two Polk runs went for minus-four yards then a pass to Jordan Polk — seeing his first action since the Arizona game — went for just 11 so OSU has the ball at its own 49.
AGUILAR, JOHNSON DEEP — A new face on the KO team as Aguilar is back with Johnson.
OSU WINS TOSS, DEFERS — UW will get the ball first.
CLOUDS MOVING IN — Might have spoken too soon on the weather. Clouds are moving in and it’s getting cold.
ON THE GOLD PANTS — Not sure when the last time they wore those, but they did it at least once during the Willingham era, according to the UW sports info guy who is here.
BANDS WORKING TOGETHER — Don’t see this often but the OSU and UW bands appeared together on the field playing the National Anthem. Not sure the UO and UW would ever be able to do that.
STARTING LINEUPS — So this is how the starting lineups appear
QB — Jake Locker
TB — Chris Polk
FB — Paul Homer
WRs — Devin Aguilar, Jermaine Kearse, James Johnson
TE — Kavario Middleton
OL — Left to right, Drew Schaefer, Nick Wood, Ryan Tolar, Senio Kelemete, Cody Habben
DEs — Daniel Te’o-Nesheim, Darrion Jones
DTs — De’Shon Matthews, Alameda Ta’amu
LBs — Cort Dennison, Donald Butler, Mason Foster
SS — Nate Williams
FS — Nate Fellner
CBs — Desmond Trufant, Adam Long
And yes, I have 12 offensive players listed. I have no idea what set they will begin the game in. But those appear to be the base lineups.
SCHAEFER AT LT — And Drew Schaefer is running with the No. 1 offense in warmups ahead of Ben Ossai.
FELLNER TO START — Fellner is starting at FS as the team goes through warmups though Wells is expected to play. And the DL has DTN and Darrion Jones at ends and Matthews and Ta’amy inside.
BEAUTIFUL DAY HERE — Just a simply really nice day here with a few clouds but the sun peaking through and warmer than I expected. Weather not an issue right now, anyway.
MIDDLETON LONG SNAPPING — Interesting sight early seeing Kavario Middleton do some long snapping alongside Danny Morovick. Morovick is a senior and they’ll need a new snapper next year so looks like giving Middleton a shot at it.
SORRY FOR THE DELAY — I am here. Sorry for the delay. Had some computer problems and some camera problems — took a bunch of pics for the pre-game picture entry but then the battery ran out.
Anyway, here now.
Team in white jerseys and gold pants.
Only possible surprise to the travel roster is no Willie Griffin for the second week in a row.
I’ll have more in just a few minutes.



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