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February 3, 2010 at 7:03 AM

Signing day live thread

WRAPPING UP THE LIVE THREAD — Actually, I’m going to move the bios to its own entry as it looks like the live thread is winding down in activity.
I still have some other duties for the paper to fulfill but may try to fit in a live chat later tonight so stay tuned. Otherwise, thanks for all the great participation on here today.
I’M SCHEDULED TO BE ON 710 ESPN SEATTLE AT 3:35 — To talk about recruiting and whatever else with Kevin Calabro and Jim Moore. Moore, by the way, asked Sark if they used fog machines this year. Sark good naturedly replied that they saved those for the games this year.
QUESTION ON COMMIT PICS — Saw a question on how they have pictures of the players already wearing UW stuff. They take those when they come on their visit. So yes, that means there are pictures somewhere of all the guys who came and didn’t sign wearing UW stuff, like Josh Shirley and the others. But that’s how they do it. They also measure them then, so that’s how they have their own measurements and those are the ones they gave us with the bios today.
BETHEL HIGH DL HAPPY IONA NOT SINGING WITH OREGON STATE — Coach Mike Riley says he is officially going the JC route, according to a Tweet from Ken Goe at the Oregonian.
SARK SAYS UW WANTS TO PLAY MORE MAN COVERAGE — Interesting comment by Sark in discussing Gregory Ducre: “He’s a lockdown, shutdown corner. Big-time track guy. He’s going to fit extremely well for us. A tremendous man-to-man cover corner and that’s what we want to get more to playing is man coverage.”
BIO OF CRISTE’S BROTHER — Here’s the bio of John Criste, a Stanford swimmer who is the older brother of Mike Criste.
UPDATED SIGNING DAY STORY NOW POSTED — Here’s the story I filed from the press conference.
PLAYER BIOS AVAILABLE — Here’s a link to all the player bios from
SCOUT.COM’S LATEST RANKINGS — Have UW at No. 11 nationally and third in Pac-10.
SARK QUOTE — “All in all, this day is a big success in our eyes. It’s a very complete class from front to back when you talk about 16 players on offense and 14 on defense. … It’s one that can help us immedately and have an impact this fall for us in 2010 but also when we look at 2011, 12, 13 down the road.”
SARK SAYS ALL WILL COMPETE FOR PLAYING TIME — Frankly, really wouldn’t expect him to say anything else. The hallmark of this program is competition and they will always tell everyone to compete every day for a starting job. So I wouldn’t read that literally to think they’ll play all 29 guys next year that come in. But I would expect that they will leave it open for 8-10-12 or so, and there are some obvious guys such as Parker, Potoa’e, Smith, Cooper, Callier.
YOUNG AT LB — Also, Sark mentioned Chris Young as a linebacker, so that solves that question for now.
Now it’s getting him into school, which is still an issue.
Word is Melvin Davis will go to a JC.
Other than Young, doesn’t sound like any real academic risks though Lagafuaina apparently has a little work to do.
“EXTREMELY REALISTIC” THAT MONTANA COULD PLAY IN 2011 — That was Sark’s exact quote on Nick Montana and being able to play in 2011. He also said that UW will go into the 2010 season with the QBs that it has and make it work. Ronnie Fouch’s departure leaves UW with just three scholarship players. But as Sark said, that’s how many they had this year, as well.
HEAR A REPLAY OF SARK’S PRESS CONFERENCE — Here’s where you can hear Sark’s press conference.
MOST SURPRISING QUOTE OF THE DAY — Probably the quote of the day from Sarkisian was when he said James Atoe could be “a top five” NFL draft pick. He said he has the size and the athletic ability to grow into a monster player. He said they almost offered him last summer during the camp but decided to hold off and wait and hope they could get him in at the last minute. The plan obviously worked.
Also, he said other than Colin Tanigawa, each of the other six OLs could be tackles and then move inside. Said he’d much prefer to have guys go that way than inside-out.
PRESS CONFERENCE OVER — The press conference is over. No real news. I’ll pass along some quotes as I can.
Sarkisian said they could add to the class later, but in essence, they are done. There’s nobody out there obvious to sign now.
He said the early enrollees will be Nick Montana, Jesse Callier, Victor Burnett and Deontae Cooper (he did not mention Gregory Ducre so guess he is not one who will do it).
John Timu will enroll late.
That equals 25, so and only puts one into next year, so the numbers work out pretty nice and neat.

SARK’S PRESS CONFERENCE IS ABOUT TO START — So I’ll be back in a little while.
Timu and Fuiamono’s letters are in.
JULIOUS MOORE WON’T SIGN TODAY — Mason Kelley of our staff just tweeted that Bellevue DL Julious Moore won’t sign today and is still exploring his options. He was committed to UCLA but waylaid by academic issues. He was supposed to visit WSU last weekend but didn’t due to those same academic issues. Given that, I wouldn’t think UW would be in the mix for him.
MAXX FORDE TO IDAHO — Interesting news today that Maxx Forde of Woodinville High may he heading to Idaho instead of WSU.
WORD ON SAVANNAH COULD COME FRIDAY — Sounds as if the decision on E.J. Savannah could come on Friday. That’s the earliest, apparently, so wouldn’t be before then, I guess, and might come later.
WATCH VIDEO OF BOTHELL GUYS SIGNING — Mason Kelley was out there today and has this video.
WORD ON THE FINAL LOI’S — Sounds as if the two LOIs from the Long Beach kids are expected soon. And there’s a chance the press conference may not start until after Josh Shirley makes his announcement. But sounds like that’s it for what may happen here today.
ARRIVAL AT UW — I’ve arrived at UW and the official signed list has been increased by two as Lawrence Lagafuiana and Taz Stevenson are now in.
Melvin Davis is apparently not going to sign due to grades.
So that leaves just the two guys from LB Jordan as not in — John Timu and Princeton Fuiamono. Their coach told me earlier today their letters are signed, so I guess just not in yet.
And unless Josh Shirley comes to UW, sounds as if the Huskies may be done.
RECAP AND HEADING TO UW — I have to head to UW now, but as I write this at 10:48 a.m., a brief recap of where we are.
The big news is UW landing Sean Parker, beating USC and Michigan for a big-time safety. Otherwise, pretty much status quo. Still waiting on an announcement from LB Josh Shirley. Most speculation has him headed to USC, but we’ll see — been lots of surprises today around the country.
The rest of the class is as expected — still waiting on a couple of letters from Hawaii, the two kids from Long Beach and Melvin Davis. But all indications are nothing unusual afoot.
It’s shaping up as a top 20 class, though the reality is that Cal, Oregon and USC are also getting some nice signing day news today, so UW isn’t likely to move up much in the Pac-10 rankings. I imagine UW will settle in the 15-25 range nationally, 4-5 or so in the conference.
But there’s no doubt this is the kind of class UW can build on. Nothing but HS kids, and few real academic questions, so it should provide some immediate help in a few areas and good long-term depth everywhere.
Sark will talk at noon and I listed below where you can catch his comments.
I’ll chip in more once I get to UW.
SARK ON CBS — I guess the show runs from noon to 4 p.m., so he’s taping something to appear later, I guess.
LATEST FROM HAWAII — Here’s a story from just about 10 minutes ago updating all the Hawaii prospects. Indicates Kona Schwenke’s school has a signing day celebration a little later so if he truly has signed with Notre Dame. should be known then.
COACH SARK ON CBS COLLEGE SPORTS SOON — Apparently he’ll be on the CBS College Sports show soon as I write this at 10:30 a.m.
BRIEF BREAK — I have to get ready for the press conference but I’ll be back in 10-15 minutes to update whatever may have happened.
RIVALS.COM UPDATED TOP 10 — Has USC at No. 4 and Cal at No. 10 among Pac-10 schools. Cal is the big riser today in the conference, it seems like.
HAWAII LOIS STARTING TO ROLL IN — Sark just tweeted that Micah Hatchie and Hauoli Jamora’s letters are in. Still waiting on two more from over there.
And also, not sure what the deal is with Melvin Davis.
KONA SCHWENKE TO NOTRE DAME —- is reporting that Kona Schwenke has signed with Notre Dame. So that may be about it for surprises for the Huskies other than whatever Josh Shirley decides to do. The LB from SoCal will make an announcement around 12:30 p.m. It’s thought he’s headed to USC.
Otherwise, UW is still waiting on a few LOIs from previously committed players, and everything else looks status quo.
SARK’S PRESSER AVAILABLE — You can find it on It will also be available on UWTV, Channel 27 throughout the state. And KJR-AM 950 will also have it live. And I’ll get up some transcripts as quickly as I can.
WATCH SEAN PARKER COMMIT TO UW — Here’s the video of Sean Parker committing to UW.
WOW, HEIMULI APPARENTLY TO OREGON — Several reports that he is about to announce to Oregon. He visited UW last weekend and Oregon hadn’t been thought on the radar until just the last few hours — everyone figured Utah or UCLA if not UW.
ANOTHER ESPN COMMENT — Commentator noted that while USC is still the gold standard, Oregon and Washington are “closing the gap.”
TAULA TO ARIZONA — Kirifi Taula, DT from Servite High in Anaheim who at one time was listed as a soft commit to UW, has officially signed with Arizona, according to ESPN.
UW COMMENTS ON ESPN — UW was the spotlight school on ESPNU’s coverage at 9:35 a.m. One comment on Sean Parker: “Got to have a guy who can make plays for you and it looks like Sean Parker will really make a difference on this team.” Unfortunately, one of the commentators referred to “Puget Bay,” so not sure a really strong familiarity with what’s going on up here.
Also a mention of Jamaal Kearse as one of the top WRs around, though interesting to note the school listed Kearse today as an either/or WR and safety. So he could easily end up on defense.
UPDATE ON LONG BEACH GUYS — Just talked to Long Beach Jordan coach Scott Myers who said John Timu and Princeton Guiamono signed their LOIs this morning and they should be announced at any moment.
“Their parents are here and everyone’s very excited,” he said.
Timu is still on track to potentially gray shirt to continue rehabbing from an ACL injury.
POTOAE’S LETTER NOW IN — The Lakes High DT may be the top prospefct in the state other than Jake Heaps and is a key get for the Huskies. As I wrote earlier, the delay today was that his mother had to drive other kids in the family to school and simply wasn’t available yet to sign the LOI. That’s now 24 in. Waiting on the Hawaii kids and Melvin Davis, among others.
YOUNG LISTED AS AN LB/RB — Well, his signing didn’t clear up anything about his position as the school lists him as an LB/RB. We’ll hear what Sark has to say about that later.
IOANE TO BOISE STATE — Hawaiin DB Jeremy Ioane, who had been considering UW, has decided on Boise State. That seemed likely after Parker signed with UW.
DI POALA PICKS USC — Center Giovanni Di Poala, the one USC commit who was linked briefly with UW after the changed in coaches there, ended up signing today with USC after all, a victory for Lane Kiffin over Rick Neuheisel. Sounds like USC could end up with a top three class.
CHRIS YOUNG’S LOI IS IN — So that’s 22 on the day. As I’ve written on here, Young’s academics are still in question and signing the LOI today is no guarantee he gets in next fall. That may not be known until mid-to-late summer as he finishes his classes at Auburn High and retakes the SAT if needed. He took it for the first time two weeks ago.
MILLER ON PARKER — Here’s an item from Ted Miller on the impact Sean Parker could have on UW.
KELLEY ON SARK — In case you missed it, here is Steve Kelley’s column today on Sarkisian and the impact he is making in recruiting.
I’M SHUT OUT OF COACH SARK.COM — Well, maybe you can get into Coach Sark’s web site right now, but I can’t as it says that my access has been denied because the “maximum number of viewers for this channel has been reached.”
BRANDON HUFFMAN SAYS JOSH SHIRLEY LIKELY TO BE A TROJAN — That’s what he just reported on his Twitter page. But there seems to be some conflicting info there, with some others reporting that the Huskies are still in it.
A FEW WORDS ON MICHAEL CRISTE — Was able to get a hold of Mission Viejo coach Bob Johnson this morning, who gave me a little scouting report on Michael Criste, an OL who was the first player to send in his LOI today.
“He’s going to be a real good one,” said Johnson. “His updside is huge and he’s a hard worker. Big, tall kid. He’ll get to 315, 320 real easily. He’s 292 now. I think he will play real well for them.”
Johnson said Criste was a competitive swimmer through the eighth grade and has an older brother who now swims at Stanford and is close to being Olympic caliber.
HERE ARE THE OFFICIAL HEIGHTS AND WEIGHTS — Here’s the list so far, as of 8:20 a.m., of who has signed and their heights and weights:
James Atoe OL 6-6 339 The Dalles, Ore.
Victor Burnett LB 5-11 213 Los Angeles, Calif.
Jesse Callier RB 5-10 187 Downey, Calif.
DiAndre Campbell ATH 6-1 186 Oakland, Calif.
Deontae Cooper TB 6-0 205 Perris, Calif.
Mike Criste OL 6-5 279 Santa Margarita, Calif.
Gregory Ducre CB 5-10 165 Los Angeles, Calif.
Zach Fogerson FB 6-0 231 Kent, Wash.
Garret Gilliland LB 6-0 214 Anaheim, Calif.
Michael Hartvigson DE/TE 6-6 236 Bothell, Wash.
Andrew Hudson DE 6-3 222 Redlands, Calif.
Jamaal Kearse S/WR 6-2 209 Santa Margarita, Calif.
Erik Kohler OL 6-5 304 Camarillo, Calif.
Nick Montana QB 6-3 191 Thousand Oaks, Calif.
Sean Parker S 5-10 204 Los Angeles, Calif.
Cooper Pelluer LB 6-3 220 Sammamish, Wash.
Colin Porter OL 6-4 314 Bothell, Wash.
Ben Riva OL 6-6 276 Seattle, Wash.
Kevin Smith WR 6-0 194 Compton, Calif.
Colin Tanigawa OL 6-3 291 Pasadena, Calif.
Darius Waters LB 6-1 227 Lakewood, Wash.
Brent Williams DE 6-2 186 North Hills, Calif.
OREGON’S LOSS IS CAL’S GAIN — One of Cal’s big pickups today is four-star LB Chris McCain out of North Carolina, who had been thought headed to Oregon. So there you go, Oregon can lose some late, as well.
SEAN PARKER’S LOI NOW IN — Sean Parker’s LOI is now in, as well, and rumors are it put a dent in the fax machine as it went through.
NO WORRIES, POTOAE’S LETTER ON ITS WAY SOON — I know some of you wondered why the LOIs of Jamaal Kearse and Darius Waters of Lakes were already in but not that of Sione Potoa’e. Just talked to Lakes coach Dave Miller and he says nothing to worry about.
He said Potoae’s mom, who has to sign off on the LOI as well, had to drive some other children in the family around and had just arrived at the school. As I write this at 8:15 he said it should be in in 10-15 minutes. “No changes, no hitches,” he said, laughing that his phone has been going off the hook. “We’re on our way.”
Lakes will hold an on-school signing day celebtration at 2:10 p.m. but all the LOIs will aready be in. Lakes will have eight football players sign today with four-year schools, including the three going to UW.
REMEMBER, IT’S ONLY 6 A.M. IN HAWAII — Don’t think those guys can sign their LOIs until 7 local time, so they won’t be in for a little while.
CAL ALSO MOVING UP — Along with UW, another Pac-10 school making some national waves today is Cal, which has gotten two top 20 out-of-state signees that were a little unexpected.
UW UP TO 21 AS BURNETT’S IS NOW IN — Most productive hour in recent UW football history? That would be Victor Burnett of Culver City.
COUNT IS 20 IF YOU INCLUDE COOPER — lists 20 LOIs in at the moment, including Deonate Cooper, who didn’t sign one but obviously is part of this class in every other way.
BIG CROWD AT BOTHELL — My man Mason Kelley, who helped cover the big Kentwood-Jefferson hoops game last night, got up bright and early to head to Bothell where he says there was a big crowd on hand to watch Porter and Hartvigson sign their LOIs. Video and all that coming soon.
ESPN RANKS USC, STANFORD, UCLA 1-2-3 IN PAC-10 — The network showed its lastest top 20 and those were the three Pac-10 teams in it. UW was 21 earlier and may still be.
UP TO 19 — Looks like during a brief break to get my son off to school that six more LOIs came in for UW — those of James Atoe, Garret Gilliland, Darius Waters, Cooper Pelluer, Brent Williams and Michael Hartvigson.
PARKER’S LOSS BIG FOR BIG TEN — ESPN has this on how Sean Parker’s decision to come to UW is the latest blow for the Big Ten.
ANDREW HUDSON, COLIN PORTER ALSO IN — Up to 13 by my count as the LOIs of Colin Porter and Andrew Hudson are in.
EVAN HUDSON OF BOTHELL TO WALK ON AT UW — Mason Kelley, who is coverging the singing day ceremony at Bothell, says Evan Hudson will walk on to UW as well. Hudson is a 6-6, 220 tight end, defensive end.
GOHUSKIES.COM HAS HEIGHTS AND WEIGHTS — The school’s official site is also updating the letters as they come in, and most noteworthy may be the official heights and weights of each player.
COUNT IS UP TO 11 — As coach Sark says that Ben Riva, DiAndre Campbell and Colin Tanigawa have their letters in.
A HANDFUL MORE ARE IN — Coach Sark has also tweeted that the letters for Zach Fogerson, Jamaal Kearse, Gregory Ducre, Kevin Smith, Jesse Callier and Erik Kohler are in.
PARKER MAKES HIS ANNOUNCEMENT — Sean Parker made it official at 7:14 a.m., having a mentor put a UW hat on his head on a live announcement on ESPNU.
The safety from Narbonne High is a consensus top 150 recruit and also considered USC and Michigan, giving coach Steve Sarkisian maybe his most high-profile recruiting win.
Asked why he picked UW, Parker said: “Just the program, the family atmosphere and the beautiful city of Seattle.” He said he “it was hard” to turn down USC but that “you’ve just got to gid deep within your heart and do what your heart says.”
ESPN recruiting analyst Tom Luginbill said of Parker that he iss a “young man who has faced great competition in practice each and every day and also throughout game competition.”
ESPN had UW’s class rated No. 21 in the country prior to the announcement.
CRISTE’S LETTER IN — Coach Sark’s Twitter says Mike Criste’s letter is in, the first one of the day for UW. 29 or so to go. Crstie is an OT from Mission Viejo, Calif.
Still waiting on Sean Parker’s announcement on ESPNU.



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