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October 9, 2010 at 6:27 PM

UW-ASU game thread

UPDATE STORIES — Here’s my updated game story with the details and some quotes on what happened tonight.
I’ll have some more quotes from Sarkisian in a few minutes.
A COUPLE ASU QUOTES — Safety Max Tabach: “I’ve been here 3 years and I haven’t been to a bowl yet. This is the best win I’ve had personally. It feels great.”
Steven Threet, on the tipped pass for a pick that looked like it might loom big: “I threw it high. Gerell (Robinson) was wide-open. I’ve got to complete that ball.”
More Tabach: “The way we feel about this team, these three losses we just had . . . we’ve been losing, they haven’t been winning. Whether it’s penalties or missed assignments, we have the talent to beat anybody in the nation.”
COUPLE QUICK SARK QUOTES — Sarkisian said Jake Locker was sick all week and had trouble catching his breath, one reason he wasn’t running much tonight.
He said every time he’d run it would take him quite a while to get his breath back.
Said Aguilar is a hip flexor injury suffered on the last play of practice Thursday and he could be out a little while.
GAME OVER — This one’s officially over as ASU gets a 24-14 win.
Here are some ugly numbers:
— It’s the seventh straight win for ASU over UW dating to 2001 (they didn’t play a couple times in there).
— It was ASU’s first Pac-10 win since beating UW 24-17 in Tempe last Oct. 17 — ASU had lost eight in a row since then.
— UW now has to win four of seven remaining just to get to 6-6 with four of seven on the road.
UW HAS NO LIFE — Omar Bolden just picked off a Locker pass in the end zone with 1:44 left. UW has no time outs left, and no life as ASU will down the ball and leave with a 24-14 win that puts UW’s season back on the brink.
More later.
UW STILL HAS LIFE — More evidence why ASU has lost nine FBS games in a row as Weber misses a 47-yard field goal with 3:41 left after a holding penalty nullified a make. UW is now moving with the ball at the ASU 47. UW, though, has just one time out left.
UW GOES FOR IT AND DOESN’T GET IT — UW went for it on fourth and 12 at its own 34 and 5:40 left and didn’t get it, a pass falling incomplete.
So this game looks lost now. If so, UW will fall to 2-3 in what seemed like a real swing game for getting to a bowl. That won’t be easy now as ASU — picked ninth in the pre-season Pac-10 poll — frankly looked like the better team all night.
ASU ADDS TO LEAD — A 22-yard Weber field goal puts ASU up 24-14 — the magic two-possession barrier that will make it tough for the Huskies to rally now.
That was an eight-play, 53-yard drive in 3:20 to take a lot of the air out of the building.
ASU has a 369-292 edge in total yards, the latter total a surprising number — though still time to fix it. There is 6:32 remaining.

HUGE TURN THERE — UW couldn’t move, a third-and-three pass to Sylvester going incomplete — it wasn’t going to get the first down anyway.
Now a 30-yard punt return by Miles has ASU back in good shape at the UW 42 and 9:52 to play. Any kind of score here will be lots of trouble.
HUSKIES GET THEIR TURNOVER — This is why ASU has lost nine straight BCS games. Threet threw too high to an open Robinson and Dennison picked it off. UW has the ball at its own 30 with 11:08 to play.
HUSKIES CUT THE GAP — UW scored on a fourth-and-two pass good for 15 yards from Locker to Goodwin to make it 21-14 with 14:22 left. UW moved 70 yards on 14 plays in 6:10.
Now up to the defense to get a stop.
THAT’S THE END OF THE THIRD QUARTER — ASU leads 21-7 but UW is moving and has the ball at the 16.
Attendance tonight is 65,685.
UW MOVING — A fast-moving third quarter — this is just the fourth possession of the quarter — and UW has the ball at the ASU 23 with a first down and 51 seconds left.
INTERCEPTION OVERTURNED — But Weber then missed a 47-yard field goal.
ASU is trying right now to keep UW in it. Will the Huskies accept the gift?
HUSKIES GET A HUGE TURNOVER — On a third-and-21, Dennison stretched and picked off a Threet pass, giving UW the ball at the 16 with 5:40 to play. But ASU is challenging.
NOT A GOOD START — UW moved to the 35, but the penalty on Christine stalled the drive and UW was forced to kick a field goal.
Folk missed short from 52 but got another chance when ASU had a player leave, then come back, for an illegal substitiution — its second flag for that tonight.
But Folk then missed wide right from 47.
So ASU has the ball at its own 30 and a critical time for the UW defense to come up big.
Burfict was not in on the first six plays of that drive but then came on, just as the UW offense stalled.
UW MOVING — But the second holding penalty of the night on Christine has UW pushed back to a first-and-20 at the ASU 45.
SECOND HALF UNDERWAY — UW starts at its own 25 on what is obviously a critical drive. Don’t want to give the ball back to ASU here right now.
HALFTIME STATS — Here are a few halftime stats:
ASU QB Steven Threet is 13-22 for 209 yards but we have ASU with at least six drops. So you can do the math there on how many open receivers ASU has had. Threet should have 250-plus.
ASU has just 50 yards rushing on 17 carries but its backs are 11-55 so they are getting it done (Threet has minus six on five attempts).
Locker is 10-15 but for just 86 yards as UW is not getting the ball downfield much.
UW has 79 yards rushing on 21 carries with 37 on that one run by Polk.
ASU has 259 yards on 39 plays to 165 for 36 for UW.
SARK’S COMMENTS — Here’s what Sarkisian had to say in his halftime radio comments:
— On ASU’s passing, he said “we are there, we’ve just got to make some plays. We drop an interception (Nate Fellner’s in the first quarter), we are there on the last fade for a touchdown (Desmond Trufant). We’ve just got to make some plays.”
— On going for it twice on fourth down he said that “we liked the fake going into the game, we thought we had it. We just didn’t get it done. The last one, I thought 35 (the 35-yard line) was too far out of his range. 52 is pretty deep.”
— As for the offensive struggles, he basically said ASU is outplaying UW up front, saying that “we’ve got to shore up some things up front in the run game and in the pass game.”
HALF ENDS — ASU leads 21-7 at halftime and this is pretty much the nightmare scenario for the Huskies, giving a talented Devils team all kinds of life.
Any hope that ASU might wilt isn’t happening, and neither for the most part is any worry that the weather would help.
ASU does have six drops but hard to tell if those are weather or just drops.
OUCH — ASU made UW pay for that fourth down as it quickly moved down the field. Threet threw it up to 6-4 Mike Willie — a heralded JC recruit this year — and ASU now leads 21-7.
That was a 65-yard drive in 43 seconds. Threet was 5-5 passing for 65 yards.
ASU has 259 yards in the half.
UW GOES FOR IT AGAIN AND FAILS — Sure a lot of you may question that one as UW went for it on fourth and five at the ASU 35. A high pass went off the hands of Kearse so ASU took over with 1:01 left and three time outs.
ASU STOPPED — ASU got to the UW 40 but the drive ended there on a sixth dropped pass, a sack by Foster on a blitz and another drop on third down. UW has the ball at its own 18. Bruns returned that punt with Aguilar out.
UW PUNTS —- That’s already two punts for UW, or one more than last week, as ASU will start at its own 20. Locker was sacked on third down and ASU’s speed on defense is apparent.
MARLION BARNETT GETTING A LOT OF TIME AT TIGHT END — UW has a first down on this drive and worth noting that Barnett is on the field a lot tonight.
ASU STOPPED — Another drop — at least the fifth — helped derail ASU’s drive. UW wanted a fumble after a hard hit by Fellner that dislodged the ball from Miles and for the second time called time out hoping to get it overturned. But the call stood.
UW has the ball at its own 25 with 9:05 to go in the first half.
UW FAKES, IT DOESN’T WORK — UW pulled out the tricks with a Cody Bruns picking up the ball and running on the snap. But he was tackled for no gain and ASU now has the ball at its own 31. Bruns would have had to pick up 18 yards to get the first down so he had to go a long way. ASU was not fooled on the play.
ASU’s defense really seemed to pick it up once Burfict came into the game. Not sure if he really made that much difference or what.
BURFICT IN THE GAME — He came in with 12:05 to play in the second quarter and on his first play, UW was called for holding.
FIRST QUARTER OVER — It’s 14-7 ASU. UW will start with the ball at its own 19. Huskies show no indication so far of being able to stop ASU and Threet is on so far, going 6-11 in the first quarter with three drops.
SHOOTOUT IS ON — ASU scores really quickly, moving 67 yards in six plays to score on a 1-yard run by Threet to make it 14-7 with :01 left in the first.
Looks like we got an old-fashioned Pac-10 shootout on our hands. ASU has 149 yards in the quarter.
UW ANSWERS RIGHT BACK — Locker scores on a 2-yard run with 1:57 to play to tie it up.
A 51-yard KO return by Jesse Callier set up the score as UW then moved 9 plays in 41 yards, converting two third downs, both on passes by Locker, who looks sharp early.
Burfict remains on the bench for ASU but you wonder if they might rush him back as his replacement Gerald Munns, was run over by Chris Polk on a short run on that drive.
ASU STRIKES FIRST — ASU adjusted to the blitzing on that drive and picked up four third downs in moving 90 yards to score first on a 4-yard Threet pass to Gerell Robinson. This is not what UW wanted to do, to give the visitors some life. ASU has moved the ball often this season but has struggled to get seven out of drives. But the Devils got seven there and look like they’ve come to play.
UW GETS A FIRST DOWN, PUNTS — Huskies got a first down, but a personal foul penalty on Drew Schaefer moved the Huskies back and they then failed in a pass on third-and-one and had to punt. But UW is winning the field position battle as ASU is backed up to its own 8.
NICE START FOR DEFENSE — Three and out for ASU as Dennison gets a sack on third-and-eight as UW brought a blitz. And now a bad ASU punt will set up UW in good field position.
AGUILAR OUT — Actually looks like Devin Aguilar may be out for this game. He went through the warmups but now appears like he’s not playing.
He limped off the field on Thursday with some sort of ailment but we were told that he was fine.
GAME CAPTAINS THIS WEEK — Are Jesse Callier and Micah Hatchie to go along with the usual four. Callier surely being honored for special teams work last week, Hatchie for service team work.
UW has won the toss and will defer.
RAIN TAPERING A LITTLE — The rain has softened a little bit as the anthem has concluded. Six minutes to kickoff.
STILL 11 MINUTES FROM KICKOFF — Kickoff is officially set for 7:15 tonight, so that’s why we’re still a few minutes away from kickoff. It said 7 p.m. on UW’s weekly release but now states 7:15 on the stuff we have in the press box now.
UW OFF THE FIELD — The players have finished their warmups and now headed into the locker room.
Kohler’s absence tonight has been confirmed in the press box. Christine is listed as the official starter at left guard.
IT’S RAINING, IT’S POURING — It’s really starting to rain now as I write this, at 6:47 p.m. Coming down hard. The guy on the live chat who predicted it would come in an hour or so was right on.
JAY STRICHERZ THE HEAD REF TONIGHT — Jay Stricherz, a Tacoma resident and veteran Pac-10 official, is the head referee tonight. Stricherz often officiates during UW practices during the spring and fall camps so he’s someone that UW coaches know well, and vice versa.
That’s not to imply anything other than that he’s a guy they know well. As I said, he’s a veteran Pac-10 whose reputation is mostly for maybe being on the flag-happy side. It’s a typical Pac-10 crew all the way around.
NO KOHLER — Sounds as if Erik Kohler is definitely out tonight. Bob Rondeau apparently reported he has mono, something we haven’t gotten confirmation of yet in the press box. But he did not come out on the field with the rest of the OLs.
PRE-GAME — One thing I should probably do is make clear on here how what I envision of the game thread tonight after what happened last week.
Unfortunately, one thing I’m finding is that since almost everyone in attendance at stadiums now has some sort of communication device, the Internet is slower than ever, which makes it hard to update the blog as frequently as I was able to in past years. Or, in the case of last week, just shut it down completely.
So, I can’t promise this will be anything approximating a play-by-play of the game. What I hope to do is provide updates of major turning points and other thoughts and observations., and then provide a forum for all of you to voice your thoughts in the comments section.
There are plenty of places to find running play-by-play, including on our sports home page and all of the major web sites, such as



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