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February 2, 2011 at 6:41 AM

Signing Day thread


— Sarkisian said he was fine with getting just two OLs, noting the seven signed last year and that there should be a lot of good OLs on the West Coast next year. He said he “didn’t want to settle” just to fill out numbers at that spot.

— He called four recurits — Lyons, Finau, Lawyer and Waller — could all fit the DE/rush OLB type role and that they liked the way the 3-4 worked at the end of the season and may experiment with it more in the spring.

— I have to now concentrate on getting some things done for the paper, but will try to pass along a few more items as the day progresses, and definitely will if news breaks.

PRESS CONFERENCE OVER — A few quick notes:

— Sarkisian said the class may not be done, obvioiusly a nod to the Nembot announcement later. But doesn’t sound like there are any other surprises.

— Sark said Seferian-Jenkins will definitely enroll early but said as of yet, no one else is set. Finau and Lyons are two rumored to be trying.

— Sark said Sims will definitely get some looks at QB, which would seem to indicate that Brissett may be completely out of the mix. Said Sims will also get a try at cornerback but said he has some “unique” skills as a QB that they might try to find a way to use.

— He said Derrick Brown will definitely get a chance to punt, so he could be the third string guy behind Mahan and Rasp.

— He mentioned ASJ, Williams and Shelton as guys who could have immediate impact. Said all will get a chance to have an immediate impact but cited those three as most likely to have a chance.

— Said there is nothing new with the current roster. Apparently nothing new yet on a redshirt decision for Johri Fogerson and nothing else apparently happening.

I’ll try to get some quotes on every player up soon in a little while.

PRESS CONFERENCE ABOUT TO START — So there will be a lag here for a little while. The hunch here is that other than Nembot, UW is done.


HERE IS SIMS’ BIO — Here it is.

UW ANNOUNCES SIGNING OF SIMS — They just handed out their press release here and it has 23 names, including that of Antavius Sims.

UW lists him as an athlete.

So there’s your signing day surprise, apparently.

Could also be a safety. We’ll see what Sarkisian says about that one.

THOUGHT ON SIMS OFFER — Sounds like he’s being recruited as a QB, so that has to mean UW thinks it is out of it for Jacoby Brissett.

DOCKERY TO WASHINGTON STATE — Rahmel Dockery of Curtis has chosen Washington State at his announcement deal today.

CREER TO COLORADO — LA Times reporting RB Malcolm Creer has committed to Colorado, UW had made a late run for the Palisades High senior.

UW DOWN TO 19 IN SCOUT.COM RATINGS — Huskies at No. 19 and fourth in the Pac-10 in’s updated ratings.

VIDEO OF JAMAAL JONES — Mason Kelley just posted video of Jamaal Jones talking about his decision to sign with UW.

UW IN HUNT FOR SIMS? reporting that UW has made a late offer to Ventura QB Antavius Sims, who had earlier committed to UTEP. Here’s lots of video and info on Sims.

ASIATA EXPLAINS SWITCH — Here’s a report out of Honolulu in which Paulay Asiata explains his switch from UW to Colorado.

Sounds like it was close ties with two CU assistants that was the ultimate factor.

A FEW THOUGHTS FROM GREG BIGGINS — I’ve arrived at UW. Just heard Greg Biggins on ESPN 710 Seattle driving up. He said he still thinks Nembot will sign with UW, said he thinks Brissett to Miami and that the Huskies made a big late run at DeAnthony Thomas. Said that UW offered four Crenshaw players in an effort to get Thomas, but that he expects Thomas to sign with Oregon.

FIRST STORY POSTED, 10:25 UPDATE — Here’s my initial story on signing day, which will be updated as events warrant.

Again to recap, UW has signed 21 guys today, and counts 22 in the class including Thomas Tutogi. Stephen Nembot and Malcolm Creer are still out there, and the news that Creer was just offered last night seems to indicate that he’s the one last surprise, if there is one.

Jacoby Brissett also still out there. Otherwise, no other legitimate rumblings of anyone else involved with the Huskies.

I now have to drive up to UW so I won’t be able to attend to the blog for a little while, but if something significant happens I’ll try to get it addressed in some manner.

CREER ALSO A SHOT — has reported that UW has offered Malcolm Creer, and he is deciding between Colorado and UW, possibly not deciding until tomorrow.

Here’s his profile.

HUSKIES RIGHT AT 85 — By my count, UW is right at the limit of 85 total players with the 21 signed today. Assuming there could be attrition, or not reupping one or two of the walk-ons from last year, they could sign another player or two or three.

INTERVIEW ON KJR-AM — Here’s my interview this morning on KJR-AM talking about UW’s class.

UW’S LIVE CHAT SAYS NOTHING TO REPORT RIGHT NOW — Not sure if UW is done, but nothing happening at the moment.

VAN ACKEREN TO HAWAII — Mason Kelley reports it’s a done deal that Bellevue High safety Kendrick Van Ackeren is signing with Hawaii today. He took a trip to UW last weekend but apparently was offered only a chance to gray shirt, meaning to enroll next January. Hawaii wanted him immediately.

WOODWARD ON KJR — UW AD Scott Woodward was just on KJR-AM, and while he didn’t go into specifics, he said that the school has reached the internal fundraising goal it needed to begin the renovation of Husky Stadium. That’s not a surprise as he’s said all along he didn’t expect anything otherwise and thought the school was on track. But that was more confirmation that at the moment, everything is on track.

As for signings, none since the last update. Not sure if UW is done or not but obviously you assume they have to hold out spots for Nembot and Brissett.

9:09 UPDATE — So UW has letters in from 21 players known to have been committed to UW. It will wait until this afternoon to find out if Stephan Nembot has signed. You can see the names and official heights and weights here.

And UW will not get two had been committed at one point — CB Kameron Jackson and OL
Paulay Asiata.

UW also has not announced Maataua Brown, so as has been reported here and elsewhere, sounds like he will not make it in due to grades.

And Jacoby Brissett, while a long shot to come to UW, will wait until Friday, apparently, so the Huskies will have to wait until then as well, it looks like, to officially close the door on that.

Do the Huskies have a surprise or two in the air? So far, seeing little evidence of anything major. Fans may consider that a disappointment, but have to remember again that this class is being built on the shoulders of the in-state guys, forever the tried and true formula for success at UW.

DANNY SHELTON ALSO IN — So UW has the letters for all five of the Times’ Blue Chippers — Shelton, Williams, Seferian-Jenkins, Sankey and Tupou. Ultimately, that’s the heart and soul of this class. How those guys develop figures to heavily color the legacy of this class, as well.

And that makes it 21 letters. Obviously, a few spots left. So far, no surprise signings.

PETERS, SAMPLE IN — So that’s 20.

FEENEY, TUFIUNGA ALSO IN — That’s safety Travis Feeney of Pinole, Calif., and OL Siosifa Tufunga of Long Beach Jordan. So that’s 17 and 18.

GOING ON KJR-AM — At 8:48 to talk about all of this.

LYONS, HALL IN THE FOLD — UW announces Marvin Hall and Matthew Lyons of Dorsey High are in. So that’s No’s.15 and 16.

SANKEY’S LOI IN — Bishop Sankey’s LOI is in at 8:39. Here’s his profile. He’s No. 14 LOI today.

WILLIAMS SAYS WORKING ON MAX BROWNE ALREADY — He says on KJR to “don’t worry about it” that he is working on making QB Max Browne a Husky. Browne will be one of top recruits for Class of 2013.

JAMAAL JONES OFFICIALLY IN — The 13th new LOI for UW today rolls in around 8:31 a.m. from WR Jamaal Jones of Graham-Kapowsin. Here is his profile.

WILLIAMS ON KJR — Kasen Williams on KJR right now. Says LSU was his No. 2 school.

8:26 UPDATE — To update, 12 LOIs in, no surprises on the plus side, but two on the bad said as Kameron Jackson has signed with Cal and Paulay Asiata reportedly will sign with Colorado.
SHOCKER!!!! JIM MOORE BASHES HUSKIES!!!! —- In case you need a distraction, here’s Jim Moore’s column today dreading UW’s LOI day.

COACH SARK’S SITE WITH COACHES COMMENTS — They are updating comments from coaches of the players as their letters roll in, so check here.

PETTY, LAWYER ALSO IN — FB Dezden Petty and LB’s Scott Lawyer’s LOIs also in at 8:14 a.m. Here is Lawyer’s profile. And Petty’s.

And here was my Spotlight on Petty.

KASEN WILLIAMS’ LETTER IN —- At 8:09. So both ASJ and Williams officially in the fold.

UW LISTING BROWN AT 6-3, 239 — Can’t remember a heftier QB at UW. Here’s his profile.

BROWN IN — UW officially announces that QB Derrick Brown’s letter is in at 8:08.

ASIATA TO COLORADO? — Chris Fetters of Tweeting that OL Paulay Asiata of Honolulu expected to sign with Colorado. That would hurt.

Here’s what I wrote about Asiata the other day when he appeared headed to UW.

8:04 RECAP — Eight letters in for UW today, and so far, the only surprises is the loss of Kameron Jackson to Cal.

CREE’S LETTER IN — At 8:03, Connor Cree’s is in. Here is his profile.

ASJ’S LETTER IN — UW announces that Austin Seferian-Jenkins’ letter is in. Assuming if you are reading this you know who he is. UW lists him at 6-6, 250.

JONES HAS SIGNED — Mason Kelley attended the signing for Jamaal Jones, a WR from Graham-Kapowsin, so his is on the way. Kelley says Jones is on full, immediate scholarship with no grayshirt, as had been rumored at one point.

MORE ON JACKSON — Here’s what I wrote about him six days ago. His coach sounded like he was for sure in. But he had tripped to Cal. Obviously Cal won the battle in the end. So far, the only surprise for the Huskies a bad one.

ESPN REPORTING THOMAS TO OREGON — Lots of Tweets of a Shelley Smith quote that DeAnthony Thomas is headed to Oregon.

CAL OFFICIALLY ANNOUNCES JACKSON — Here’s the link, so UW has indeed lost Kameron Jackson.

COREY WALLER IN — Sark Tweets that Corey Waller’s LOI is in. Here is his profile.

JACKSON TO CAL? — Seeing reports that Kameron Jackson has signed with Cal. Will try to officially confirm that. Would be a loss as he was a CB from Long Beach Poly. His coach had said Friday he was committed to UW. Apparently not.

ZEGER IN — Evan Zeger becomes No. 5 at 7:36. Here’s his profile.

CHARLES IN — No. 4, announced at 7:31, is that of OL Dexter Charles of Stanwood. Here is his profile. He was a Times Red Chip pick.

PERKINS LETTER IS ALSO IN — Starting to roll in now as UW also announces WR Josh Perkins of Gahr High in Cerritos. Here is his UW profile.

SARK TWEETS FINAU IS IN — So two locals the first two LOIs announced.
Finau listed at 6-3, 235.

EITHER SUSAN SARANDON HAS SIGNED WITH UW — Or that’s some kind of an advertisement on Coach Sark’s fax cam. It’s 7:26 and still just one LOI announced.

AS OF 7:21 JUST ONE ANNOUNCED — Tupou’s remains the only one announced so far.

THOMAS ANNOUNCEMENT AT 7 P.M. — According to a Tweet from Jeremy Crabtree. So long wait for that one today.

TUPOU’S IN — Tupou’s is the first to be announced. Here’s his profile.

UCLA LOSES TWO EARLY —- Bruins hoping for a big signing day boost but already 0-2, according to reports, on guys they were hoping to get today, including Grimble.

322 WATCHING FAX CAM — Letters are coming in, and someone just walked by and retrieved a few. Could be names coming any minute now. God let’s hope so.

FAX CAM — Here it is.

FINAU’S IN? — Chris Fetters Tweets that Jarret Fina’s LOI has been signed. As noted here yesterday, they were doing a little ceremony today at Juanita.

TUTOGI LISTED AT 251 — One name on the list right now, JC LB Thomas Tutogi, who signed in December and is already enrolled. He’s listed at a hefty 251 pounds. He’s slated to get his first shot at the same LB spot Mason Foster played last year. Foster was officially listed at 242. It’s 6:58 a.m.

TUPOU COULD BE FIRST — As I wrote last week, Tani Tupou is playing in an All-Star game in Texas today so his letter could be the first in. Here’s that story

NOWICKI TO PENN STATE — Typing this in at 6:51 a.m. I see reports that OL Ryan Nowicki, who
had visited UW, has indeed signed with Penn State despite rumblings he was looking elsewhere.

GRIMBLE TO MIAMI — I see a few Tweets that Jalen Grimble is headed to Miami, answering one of the early questions of today.

RASP COMING BACK — UW has its own live chat going today at, and has revealed that Kiel Rasp will be returning to the team next season.

FAX CAM COMING — Supposedly the fax cam will be up and rolling soon at CoachSark’s site.

KICKING IT OFF 6:40 A.M. —- Okay, we’ve got it up and rolling here at 6:40 a.m. No letters in yet but we’ll cover them as they come in.



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