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February 6, 2013 at 6:32 AM

Signing day live blog

SARKISIAN OPENING STATEMENT: Here is Steve Sarkisian’s opening comment today on the 2013 recruiting class:

This recruiting process for us was one that I was really proud of our coaches in this in that these guys, we’ve got a competitive group of coaches with a very high level of expectations that they set on themselves and on us as a collective group for the caliber of player that we want to recruit here and not only on the field but in the classroom and the community and what they represent. And I think  that was the general theme going into this recruiting class that it is about quality. It’s not necessarily about quantity but about quality and getting quality individuals that are going to make us a better football team and continues us on a quest for not only a Pac-12 championship but a Rose Bowl championship and ultimately a National Championship. And I think we have been able to do that.

If you look  at this class just in general, I believe there are 11-12 players that are 6-3 or taller on this roster, which if you look at our current roster I believe we had 25-226 total, so that number is almost half of that which is something that we wanted to address. We wanted to address the explosiveness or playmaking ability at the wide receiver position and I think we were able to do that. We really wanted to address our pass rushing ability from the defensive line spot and I think whether it’s the edge rushers or the interior rushers we were able to do that in their playmaking ability. We wanted more length and  size at linebacker. We wanted more length and man-to-man coverage ability at the defensive back spot and we were able to do that. I think we were able to address our kicking needs by getting a guy that really has a big, powerful leg that can be used not only on field goals  but in kickoff scenarios. We really wanted to try to find a center for our future and I thought we were able to do that and identify some young, talented tackles that could help us in that aspect as well.

PRESS CONFERENCE OVER — Battling a few internet  issues, but will post video and quotes as soon as I can.

No real news from the press conference but lots of good insight into the players and the class. He indicated that they are done in terms of this class.

UW PRESS CONFERENCE SET FOR 2 P.M — UW’s press conference is set for 2 p.m. UW has just handed out its press release here and it includes no surprises. It has the 20 names on it that have already been announced.

UW ANNOUNCES CONSTANTINE SIGNING — UW has officially announced signing of Sean Constantine now, as well. UW could now be done. So that’s 20 LOIs today, 22 total for the class.


Here is some video of the signing ceremony today of Elijah Qualls:

JACK TO UCLA — I’ve arrived at UW where the news is also that Myles Jack has officially signed with UCLA.

FALAH TO USC — USC has officially announced the signing of Nico Falah:

HEADING TO UW — Okay, there’ll be a lull in the blog here now as I make the drive to UW. Most everything is settled other than Jack, Falah and Vanderdoes. All reports are Jack is still  headed to UCLA and Vanderdoes  likely Notre Dame, USC or UCLA, but we’ll see.

Many reports that Falah will sign with UW which would be a good capper for the Huskies. But we’ll see on that one, as well.

And worth noting again that Sean Constantine is also waiting for the same Bellevue ceremony as Jack to sign his letter.

KELLY LETTER IN — UW just announced it has received LOI from Jermaine Kelly. That’s LOI 19 today, 21st for class.

Here is the bio for Kelly.

GASTINEAU CHAT STARTING NOW — If you want to take a break from recruiting, the Times is now beginning a live chat with radio personality Mike Gastinuea. Here’s the link.

STILL  WAITING — As of 11:55 a.m., still  waiting on official  word on Jermaine Kelly, who  was expected to sign around 11:30 or so. And for me, the trek to  UW arrives soon.

KELLY SIGNING SOON? — Several  reports that Jermaine  Kelly will sign and announce with UW soon.

10:50 UPDATE — A quick recap as it hits 10:45. UW has 18 signed LOIs in today. That includes every player previously listed as committed except Daeshon  Hall, who switched to Texas A&M; Sean Constantine of Bellevue, apparently waiting to sign in a ceremony at the school; Jaimie Bryant, who according to one report will greyshirt; and Jermaine Kelly, also expected to sign at his school a little later.

A few players connected to UW also  still have yet to sign: Myles Jack is expected to sign later at Bellevue High at the same time as Constantine; OL Nico Falah will announce around 3; and DT Eddie Vanderdoes will announce around 5.

BRYANT TO SIGN LATER — According to this from reporter Meg Wochnick of the Tacoma News Tribune, Jaimie Bryant will not sign now and will enroll in January:

SANDERS TO IOWA WESTERN CC — Looks like Joe Sanders is signing with Iowa Western Community College and not UW. Here is their Twitter page with his signing:

BIERRIA LETTER IN: UW officially announces signing of LB Keishawn Bierria of Narbonne High in Harbor City, Calif. So that’s LOI No. 18 that is in. Here’s UW’s bio on  Bierria, who it lists at 6-1, 210.

JACK YET TO BE ANNOUNCED — For those who have asked, Myles Jack’s LOI has not been announced at any school yet. But UW has also not announced Sean Constantine yet as the Bellevue players were doing a signing ceremony at the school at around 1 p.m.

SCOUT/ENEWALLY STORY —’s story on Patrick Enewally says his final  three were UW, Cal and UCLA and that Cal “gave me a lot to think about” with a late push but that UW “was where I felt the most comfortable.” He acknowledges rumors that his recruitment was a little dicey saying “‘there were some rough stretches” but that he’s glad UW “stuck with me in the end.”

COLEMAN SIGNS: UW has announced that RB Lavon Coleman of Lompoc, Calif. has signed. So that’s LOI No. 17 today as of 9:35 a.m. That’s 19 for the class if you include Troy Williams and Trevor Walker, who are already enrolled and as such will  not sign LOIs today having earlier signed scholarship papers.

ENEWALLY SIGNS: UW announces it has signed CB Patrick Enewally out of Gahr. So there’s something of a surprise. He is rated by as a three-star cornerback and also visited Cal, Boise State and UCLA. Here’s his profile. And

So far, as of 9:25 a.m., he’s the first player to sign with UW that was not already listed as a commit (key word there being signed. Bierria and Sanders’ LOIs have yet to be announced). That’s LOI No. 16 for UW.

UW lists Enewally at 6-1, 190.

O’BRIEN HAS SIGNED: UW announces LB Connor O’Brien has signed. That’s No. 15 today. O’Brien and Crane are both from Santa Margarita High, a school that is also sending two players today to WSU, so will be some interesting Apple Cup matchups there down the road. Both Crane and O’Brien were among UW’s earliest commits and never wavered. UW’s official site just announced a surprise may be coming soon.

CRANE HAS SIGNED: UW has just  announced C Dane Crane has signed. So that’s LOI No. 14 today as of 9:15 a.m.

UPDATED  SCOUT.COM RANKINGS — UW is 12th nationally and second in Pac-12 behind UCLA. Here they are.

KING IS IN — UW has just announced CB Kevin King has signed. So that’s LOI No. 13 today as of 9:09 a.m.

VANDERDOES TO NOTRE DAME? Here’s a report that Notre Dame has already officially announced the signing of Eddie Vanderdoes. UPDATE — But I since see several reports that that was apparently a mistake.

PAC-12 BLOG — The Pac-12 Conference also has a signing day blog set up with lots of stuff.

8:55 UPDATE — UW remains with 12 official  LOIs in today. The class includes 14 if you throw in Troy Williams and Trevor Walker, who are already enrolled and on campus. So far, no signees that were not expected. UW has yet to announce what are reported to be two new additions in LB Keishawn Bierria and DE Joe Sanders. The big committed name yet to sign is CB Jermaine Kelly, who reportedly got an offer yesterday from USC. But there have been  lots of reports that he will stick with his UW commitment. Lavon Coleman’s LOI is also  not in yet, but sounds as if he had a signing ceremony at his school for later today.

BASHAM SIGNS — UW announces Andrew Basham, OL  from Lynnwood, has signed. That’s LOI No. 12 as  of 8:40 a.m. I see UW is listing his official  hometown as Bothell.

KEVIN SHELTON TO IDAHO — One interesting note with another school is that Kevin Shelton, Danny’s younger brother, has signed with Idaho. Was some thought he would walk on to UW.

UW ROSTER — UW is adding the players to its infographic roster as they sign — here it is. You can also see what UW is giving for official heights and weights. Once it’s all done I will put all of those on the blog, as well.

STRINGFELLOW IN — UW has announced it has gotten LOI from WR Demore’ea Stringfellow. So that’s No. 11 as of 8:15 a.m.

REMEMBER LAST SUMMER? — UW memorably got 7 commits in one day last June. Looks like four will actually end up signing. Here’s that story. Hall (Texas A&M), Moaloa (UCLA) and Tucker (Houston) ended up elsewhere.

GOING ON KJR — I’ll be going on live with Mitch Levy on KJR-AM in just a few minutes to talk  about all of this.

MATHIS LETTER IN — And UW now announces that DE Joe Mathis has signed. That’s LOI No. 10 at 8:05 a.m.

SHELTON’S LETTER IN — UW announces it has gotten an LOI from OL Coleman Shelton. So that’s No. 9.

HALL TO A&M — And it’s official  that Daeshon Hall has decided to sign with Texas A&M:

BIERRIA PICKS UW — In not a surprise, but in what is a new commit for UW, LB Keishawn Bierria has said today he will  sign with the Huskies. Here’s the report from the LA Times.

HALL ANNOUNCING NOW — Sounds  like Daeshon Hall is announcing right now, about 7:54 a.m.

MORE ON ROBINSONS — Here’s the view from Oregon on the decision of the Robinson  twins to stay with the Ducks.

VAN WINKLE’S LETTER IN: UW announces LOI No. 8 from kicker Cameron Van Winkle of Mount Si. That’s as of 7:40 a.m.


SPRING G AME LOCALE STILL TBD — I see in UW’s live chat it says location  of spring game is still to be determined. Husky Stadium still under renovation. Also says dates are still TBD, as well.

FOLLOW HALL  HERE: You can follow Daeshon Hall’s announcement here. But sounds like  he’s headed to A&M.

AJAMU LETTER IN — UW announces TE David Ajamu of Shelton High has signed as of 7:35 a.m. So that’s LOI No. 7. So far, no surprises in the letters signed. Sounds like Joe Sanders is ready to sign with UW, though, so he would  be the one surprise addition.

ROBINSONS TO OREGON — There are now numerous reports that the Robinson twins have stayed committed to Oregon. Oregon is actually not announcing its LOIs until all are in later this afternoon.

DANIELS LETTER  IN — UW has just announced LOI No. 6 from WR Darrell Daniels as of 7:30.

KIRKLAND LETTER IN — UW has announced the LOI of OL Andrew Kirkland of Portland’s Jesuit High  is in. So that’s No. 5 as of 7:27 a.m.

SANDERS TAKING PLACE OF HALL?—With lots of rumblings that Hall  is headed to Texas A&M, it’s tempting to wonder if Joe Sanders was taken in his place. Maybe also could  be a tip that Eddie Vanderdoes is going elsewhere —- all rumors right now seem to be that he may be headed to Notre Dame. (UPDATE, 7:26 a.m.)

ROSS’ LETTER IN — UW’s letter No. 4 today comes from WR John  Ross of Long Beach Jordan. He committed  in January and looks like a slot receiver type.

SANDERS TO UW? A couple of reports today that UW will sign Joe Sanders, a DE  from LaGrange, Ga., who visited along with Reuben Foster. He had been committed to Tennessee:

VICTOR’S LETTER IN — LB Azeem Victor’s letter is also in. So that’s three.

QUALLS’ LETTER IN — UW has announced that it has received an LOI from Elijah Qualls. So that’s two LOIs, both from DLs.

ROBINSONS TO OREGON? So says this report:

HALL TO ANNOUNCE AT 7:30 — For those asking about Daeshon Hall, one of the big question marks in this class, he is expected to announce around 7:30 a.m. Lots of talk today that  he is headed toward Texas A&M instead. We’ll find out soon.

FARRIA SIGNS — DE Marcus Farria of Peoria, Ariz., has signed his LOI with UW. So he’s the first one of the day. Farria is one of the more  intriguing players in the class, a three-star DE who a lot of people said might have been rated much more highly if he’d had a bit more summer camp visibility:

And here is the official  UW bio for Farria.

OTHER  LINKS — Not trying to make you go elsewhere for your news, but in the interest of being a full-service blog, here are a couple of other places also keeping track of UW today — ESPN’s HuskyNation blog and

SWAIN CHOOSES INDIANA — OL Maurice Swain has chosen Indiana. He had visited UW last  month and Huskies were said to be in his final three:

ROBINSON TWINS DECISION  DUE AT 7:30 a.m. — The Robinson Twins have said they will make their announcement around 7:30 a.m. Here’s what Tyrell Robinson Tweeted a little while ago:

STORY ON D-LINE CLASS — Here’s a story on the defensive line class UW has put together. UW’s official site will  also have coverage here today.

AND WE’RE OFF — It’s 6:30 a.m. and we are kicking off the 2013 signing day blog. UW does not yet have any official  signees, though that also was not unexpected — letters can be signed at 7 a.m. local  time. UW LB commit Azeem Victor has Tweeted several times he plans to sign right at 7:01, so he could be the first one in for UW this  year.



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