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February 13, 2013 at 7:04 PM

Oregon live game thread

IT’S OVER — Oregon 65-52.

AT LEAST GADDY SHOWED UP — He has 17 points. No one else has more than nine. UO 62-52, 1:07.

BEAT THE TRAFFIC — Fans are heading to the exits. UO 55-44, 3:14.

STILL A CHANCE — The Ducks have burned three timeouts in the last two minutes. They have one left and UW’s defense is getting to them. UO 51-44, 4:30.

WHERE’S THE OFFENSE — Romar put Wilcox back in the game with Suggs. I’m guessing he’s looking for offense. UO 51-42, 5:52.

FINISHING LINEUP — Not sure Romar can play Wilcox and Suggs on the floor together in this game. Wilcox is 2 for 11, Suggs is 1 for 6. Better off to go with Andrews and Gaddy. UO 48-40, 7:37.

NEED A RUN — Time is winding down on the Huskies. UO 46-38, 9:09.

GETTING CHIPPY — Simmons has gotten tangled in some battles for loose balls. He’s won most of them. UO 46-36, 10:42.

UH-OH — Huskies trail 44-34, 13:05.

GADDY HURTING — Gaddy landed hard while fighting for a loose ball. He hurt his knee and is out of the game. Andrews is in. UO 35-29, 17:09.

SECOND HALF — Same starters for both teams.

HALFTIME OBSERVATIONS — The Huskies are fortunate to trail this game by six points. Oregon is shooting 56.5 percent (13 of 23) from the field while Washington is 37.9 percent (11 of 29) and still waiting for Wilcox and Suggs to get going.

Wilcox has seven points, but he missed his first six shots. Suggs is 1 of 4 for two points.

Without their big guns, Gaddy (seven points and four assists) and Simmons (five points and three rebounds) are leading the way.

Washington has been able to exploit Oregon’s issues at PG. Altman hasn’t had Loyd on the floor for long stretches. He’s played 12 minutes and when he sat down, freshman PG Willie Moore stayed on the bench leaving Singler to run the show. The Huskies have forced eight turnovers and have nine points from the miscues.

We’ll see if that continues in the second half.

HALFTIME STATS — Click here.

HALFTIME — Singler nailed a three-pointer at the buzzer, but after reviewing the play the refs waived it off. Oregon leads 33-27.


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February 10, 2013 at 6:38 PM

USC live game thread

IT’S OVER — USC 71-60.

UNFORTUNATE TO — Kemp fouled out on an offensive foul. That’s 12 turnovers for UW. USC 66-60, 1:22.

GIFT — Looks like the refs gave the Huskies a little gift on a play when N’Diaye appeared to travel while diving for a loose ball. Refs say he didn’t have control before calling timeout. Hmmm. Maybe. USC 66-60, 1:31.

HANGING AROUND — usc 66-58, 2:38.

DAGGER? — Terrell dropped a rainbow three-pointer. Romar called timeout. Wonder if the Huskies have another run in them. USC 55-43, 8:56.

DOWN SIX — Andrews sank a fast break layup to cut UW’s deficit to six. USC 49-43, 11:26.

NEEDED THAT ONE — Kemp missed a layup. USC 49-41.

SECOND HALF — Washington has closed its deficit to 10. Plenty of time for a run. USC 45-35, 15:52.

HALFTIME OBSERVATIONS — Horrible start for the Huskies who fell behind 9-2, 22-10 and 35-16.

Down 19 with 5:21 left, Washington seemed to wake up when Romar took a timeout at the point. The Huskies scored on six of the last eight possessions in the first half while the Trojans misfired on their last four shots. That’s the only reason this game is reasonably close.

Gaddy and Wilcox are leading the way with eight points each. N’Diaye is on his way to another double double. He has five points and five rebounds. Kemp has provided a spark and has four points and three rebounds.

Turnovers continue to plague the Huskies. They have seven that have resulted in 10 points.

Washington has six points from five USC TOs. It should come as no surprise, the Huskies do not have a point in transition. They’re doing everything with the half-court offense.

It’s difficult to get a handle on the Trojans defensively because they don’t really have an identity. They have a lot of role players who take turns making contributions. Terrell has 10 points and backup center Omar Oraby 9.

HALFTIME STATS — Click here.

HALFTIME — USC leads 40-29.


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February 7, 2013 at 4:58 PM

UCLA live game thread

IT’S OVER — Wilcox hit a basket to tie it, but Drew drained a buzzer beater over Kemp and N’Diaye. UCLA 59-57,

WHO TAKES THE SHOT? —UW ball. UCLA 57-55, 14 seconds.

CRUNCH TIME — The Huskies survived an 8-0 UCLA run. They trailed 49-43, but Gaddy hit a big three-point to snap an 0-for-12 shooting drought for UW. Wilcox also hit a driving layup to cut UW’s deficit to 49-48. But Drew just hit a layup and was fouled. UCLA 51-48, 3:51.

SEEING DOUBLE — N’Diaye has 15 rebounds which is one shy of his personal best. He has nine points. If he scores again, it would be his ninth double-double performance, which would lead the Pac-12. UW 39-39, 11:26.

STAR GAZING — Cedric the Entertainer and Maurice Jones Drew sitting courtside with Mora. UCLA 37-36, 14:25.

THA’T’S MORE LIKE IT — N’Diaye has scored the last two baskets on a layup and a dunk. Gaddy found him for the layoup and Kemp made the connection that led to a dunk. Good interior passing. UW 36-32, 16:42.

THAT’S THREE — Anderson picked up his third foul. He’s out. David Wear is in. UW 32-30, 17:50.

SECOND HALF —- Same starters.

HALFTIME OBSERVATIONS — Sloppy game. Washington has 13 turnovers, UCLA eight. The teams have combined for nearly as many TOs (21) as field goals (22). The Huskies are shooting 39.3 percent from the field and they’re 0 for 5 on three-pointers. The Bruins are 1 of 4 behind the arc and 33.3 percent from the field.

UCLA is in the game because it’s scored 13 points off turnovers.

Not exactly sure what Washington is doing right. The Huskies have made it to the line nine times and it’s made six shots. They’re also winning the rebounding battle 24-16.

Suggs has three fouls and Andrews two, which could be a factor in the second half.

Muhammad has a game-high 12 points, but he’s taken a game-high 12 shots.

The Huskies came out of the locker room early to get shots up. That was a good idea.

HALFTIME STATS — Click here.

TO THE RAFTERS — UCLA is retiring Don Barksdale’s No. 11 jersey.

HALFTIME — UCLA reserve Norman Powell hit a three-pointer at the buzzer. Score tied 28-28.


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February 2, 2013 at 5:49 PM

Arizona State live game thread

ANYONE’S GAME — UW 94-92, 13.9.

MOMENTUM TURNING — The Sun Devils are on a 9-0. UW 82-81, 2:49.

HANGING ON — UW 82-74, 4:36.

INSIDE JOB — The Huskies are hammering ASU with 40 points in the paint. Kemp with 14, N’Diaye 11. UW 67-54, 13:36.

JUST LIKE HIS DAD — Kemp is taking over down low. He’s not hesitating and going up strong when he gets it. UW 63-50, 16:17.

SECOND HALF — ASU coach Herb Sendek picked up a technical foul. Not sure why he would do that. UW 56-48, 18:02.

HALFTIME OBSERVATIONS — Clearly the best offensive first half for Washington this season. The Huskies’ 52 points is a season-high. What’s amazing is they’re doing it with Wilcox being a distributor and not scoring. He has five assists, which ties his career high, and is scoreless on 0-for-4 shooting.

Andrews is leading the way in the points department. He has 15 points. Kemp has been a monster with three offensive rebounds and 10 points. Gaddy (eight points, six assists and five rebounds) has been excellent and Suggs (eight points and two three-pointers) has been really good.

Washington is shooting 58.8 percent, ASU is at 64.3. The Huskies are also 9 of 10 on free throws.

Not sure if the red-hot shooting will continue in the second half.

The way Washington has played, you’d think it would be ahead by 10-15. Instead it’s up eight points.

Felix has three fouls and the Huskies should attack him every chance they get.

Washington found a weakness and is putting the ASU guards in pick-n-roll situations. Look for them to continue that because it’s led to easy scoring opportunities. It also partially explains why UW is 18-8 in the rebounding battle.

HALFTIME STATS — Click here.

HALFTIME — UW 52-44.


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January 26, 2013 at 3:38 PM

Oregon live game thread

IT’S OVER — Oregon wins 81-76.

HANGING AROUND — Andrews missed two free throws that would have been helpful. UO 70-61, 2:05.

BEAUTIFUL EXECUTION — The Ducks are working their offense to perfection at times. Singler did a nice job of being patient and waiting for everyone to screen and move. Finally Loyd broke free and had a uncontested layup. This one is almost over. UO 70-56, 3:59.

NAIL MEET COFFIN — Got to wonder if the Huskies have another run in them. This one is getting out of hand really fast. UO 64-51, 7:51.

THAT HURTS — Washington did a good job defensively and forced a desperate three from Loyd. However, Kazemi outbattled Simmons for the offensive rebound and got fouled on the putback. UO 62-51, 9:12.

UH-OH — The Ducks have their largest lead 59-48, 10:26.

FOUL TROUBLE — Andrews has four fouls. He’s out. Suggs is back in. UO 56-48, 11:02.

STILL ANYONE’S GAME — Looked as if the Ducks were going to deliver a knockout blow. However, Wilcox drained a three-pointer to stop a streak of four possessions without a basket. N’Diaye followed up with a hook shot. UO 52-45, 11:43.

TURNING POINT? — Singler gets two steals that leads to five points. He picked Simmons, which led to fast break layup. On the ensuing possession, he stripped Suggs and scored on a layup. Then UW got called for a five-second violation and Singler drained a long jumper. It’s the Ducks’ largest lead. UO 50-40, 14:18.

ONE-POSSESSION GAME — The offenses are bogged down again. Passes are going all over the place. Players are diving on the floor for loose balls. UO 43-40, 15:09.

SECOND HALF — Same starters for both teams. UO 41-36, 16:39.

HALFTIME OBSERVATIONS — Strange game. In many ways both teams are struggling offensively if you consider the turnovers. Washington has 15 TOs, Oregon 12. But then, the Huskies are shooting 65 percent from the field, which would be a season high if it were to continue. The Ducks are shooting 59.1 percent.

So when they can get their shots up, the offenses are working well. But it’s been a chore getting the offenses started.

N’Diaye and Gaddy have three turnovers each while Simmons, Wilcox, Andrews and Kemp each have two.

There are few areas of concern for the Huskies. They’re 5 of 8 on free throws while Oregon is 9 of 12. Simmons, Suggs and Kemp each have two fouls.

The Ducks are also on pace to score 74 points.

Still, Washington has done a nice job of finding points while Wilcox was handcuffed. Andrews (11 points) is on pace to break his career best of 17. Suggs (seven points) took over offensively until Wilcox (eight points) was able to find a few holes in the Oregon defense.

The Huskies have to slow down Oregon’s offense. They can’t trade baskets. However, it difficult to slow down Oregon because it has so many weapons. Who figured Emory would lead the Ducks with nine points. Singler has eight, Woods six.

HALFTIME STATS — Click here.

HALFTIME — UO 37-33.


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January 23, 2013 at 7:49 PM

Oregon State live game thread

IT’S OVER — OSU 74-66.

HEADED FOR THE EXITS — Looks like the Beavers are going to win this one. OSU 72, 61, 1:07.

RUNNING OUT OF TIME — OSU 66-61, 2:27.

TIRED LEGS? — Washington not executing offensively as well as it did earlier in the half. OSU 64-57, 5:27.

RUN UNDONE — The Huskies had two chances to take the lead and once chance to tie, but the shots didn’t go down. Meanwhile, Nelson buried a three-pointer. OSU 61-55, 7:54.

TRAVELING DAWG PACK — Thanks for the serenade guys. I’m humbled.

MISSED OPPORTUNITIES — Wilcox missed a three-pointer that would have given UW it’s first lead. The long rebound led to a Moreland dunk in transition. OSU 57-54, 10:02.

AND NOW IT’S ONE — Wilcox didn’t hesitate on a three-pointer. Robinson finally calls timeout. Might be too late. Momentum wearing purple. OSU 53-52, 12:05.

DOWN 4 — Andrews sank a layup. OSU 53-49, 12:35.

MOMENTUM TURNING — The Huskies have cut their deficit to five. OSU 45-40, 16:00.

UNDER 10 — Gaddy sank a layup to cut OSU’s lead to 41-33, 18:00.

SECOND HALF — Same starters for both teams. OSU 41-29, 19:07.

HALFTIME OBSERVATIONS — Things could be considerably worse for Washington. Truth is, the Huskies might have found something they can build on and feel good about. After falling behind by 20 points, UW scored on five of its final six possessions to end the first half.

Gaddy drained a long three-pointer as time expired, which cut UW’s deficit to 39-29.

It’s still one heckuva hole the Huskies have dug, but obviously a 10-point deficit is much more manageable than the alternative.

Washington can’t be too focused on getting shots for Wilcox. It has to work the offense. Make OSU move defensively. Pass the ball and the open guy has got to take the shot. I’m thinking Gaddy will be that open guy. Maybe Suggs. Both have eight points to tie Wilcox. Gaddy and Suggs are each shooting 3 of 6 from the field.

The Huskies would help their cause if they were able to take care of the ball. OSU has forced 10 turnovers for 12 points. Gaddy, Suggs and N’Diaye each have three TOs.

Washington has used a zone to slow down the Beavers. It’s important to keep an eye on Nelson, Starks and Schaftenaar, all three-point threats. It’s also vital to box out to prevent offensive rebounds and second-chance points.

This is still anyone’s game, which might have been the last thing anyone was thinking when OSU led 34-14 with 4:33 left.


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January 19, 2013 at 7:35 PM

Utah live game thread

IT’S OVER — Utah 74-65.

HOW DID THAT HAPPEN? — After a timeout, Andrews threw an inbound pass away and Taylor got fouled. Utah 63-54.

STILL A CHANCE — Utah 60-52, 3:13.

IF IT’S GONNA HAPPEN — Looks like Washington has another run in it. The Huskies have scored on back-to-back possessions. Utah 56-46, 6:01.

STILL RAGGED — Not much cohesion offensively from the Huskies who are shooting 34 percent from the floor. Utah 54-41, 8:46.

TIME FOR A RUN? — Utah’s subs are in the game and its top three scorers are on the bench. Still Taylor is taking control. Meanwhile, Wilcox has drained consecutive three-pointers. Utah 50-39, 10:45.

SECOND HALF — If Suggs don’t get it going offensively, not sure if the Huskies will have enough offensive firepower to get back into this one. Utah 37-25, 16:20.

HALFTIME OBSERVATIONS — Wilcox is scoreless on 0-for-2 shooting while Washburn has a game-high 14 points and has made 6 of 7 shots.

The two stars tell the story of this game. Washington is shooting 35.5 percent (11 of 31) while Utah is 14 of 24 from the floor (58.3 percent). Just when it seems as if the Huskies have gotten a handle on the Utes, someone hits what seems like a crazy, miraculous shot. Taylor drained a crazy layup as the shot clock expired and Loveridge has hit some tough shots.

But the Huskies’ inability to slow down Washburn has hurt them. He also has six of Utah’s 12 rebounds.

With Wilcox bottled up by DuBois, Dean, Taylor and Utah’s zone, the Huskies will need Suggs to take over. He has seven points on 3-of-9 shooting.

Utah has 14 baskets and 10 assists. That’s pretty good.

HALFTIME STATS — Click here.

HALFTIME — Utah 33-25.


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January 16, 2013 at 8:10 PM

Colorado live game thread

IT’S OVER — UW 64-54.

REALLY IN IT NOW — Old Hec Ed is returning in terms of the noise. Fans are on their feet after Wilcox drained a mid-range jumper. UW 48-38, 7:12.

LARGEST LEAD — Andrews hit Wilcox for a three. UW 37-27, 12:44.

SLOW START — The Huskies haven’t scored in their first six possessions. UW 28-22, 16:32.

SECOND HALF — Same starters for both teams.

HALFTIME OBSERVATIONS — Good Washington defense or bad Colorado offense? Let’s go with the former considering the Huskies held California to 20 first-half points last week. Washington is pretty doggone good on the defensive end. CU is 0 for 4 on three-pointers and nobody has had many open looks. It’s the fewest points in a half for Colorado.

Colorado has made three-pointers in 347 consecutive games dating back to Jan. 19, 2002. The Buffs are 0-4 from downtown.

Colorado is 7 of 24 (29.2 percent) from the field. The Huskies are only slightly better at 36.4 percent (12 of 33).

Meanwhile, the Huskies have done just enough to free Wilcox on screen and pindowns for 11 points. He’s 4 of 7 from the field.

Simmons and N’Diaye are also making an impact with seven and four rebounds respectively.

Washington has committed just three turnovers, CU seven.

HALFTIME STATS — Click here.

HALFTIME — UW 28-20.


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January 12, 2013 at 7:11 PM

Stanford live game thread

IT’S OVER — Washington 65-60.

NEED A STOP — UW 62-60, 39.4.

ANYONE’S GAME — Wilcox has 22 points, six shy of his career best. N’Diaye has 12 points. No one else has more than seven. The Huskies need someone else to step up. UW 58-56, 3:54.

MISSED THE KNOCKOUT — The Huskies led 52-44 with 9:47 left and could have delivered a knockout punch. However, Stanford rallied and it’s right back into this one. UW 52-50, 7:55.

TAKE THAT SHOT — N’Diaye routinely backs away from Huestis on the perimeter and the Stanford forward has taken the shot almost every time. He’s 3 of 11, including 0 for 3 behind the arc. UW 49-43, 10:51.

TIMEOUT WASHINGTON — The Huskies led 45-43 before scoring two straight baskets. Simmons sank a putback and Wilcox drilled a mid-range jumper. UW 49-43, 11:38.

N’DIAYE HEAING UP — N’Diaye is 4 of 4 from the field and 2 of 2 at the line for 10 points. Maybe he should take more shots. UW 43-41, 15:48.

SECOND HALF — Same starters for both teams.

HALFTIME OBSERVATIONS — Feels like this game will be decided on the final possession. The teams are evenly matched.

Both teams are 15 of 29 from the field. The difference in the score is Stanford made one more three-pointer. Both teams have been stellar on the free throw line. UW is 4 of 4 and Stanford is 4 of 5.

Wilcox has 11 points and six rebounds. N’Diaye has six points.

Randle has 13 points, Powell eight and Brown six.

HALFTIME STATS — Click here.

HALFTIME — Stanford 36-35.


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January 9, 2013 at 7:13 PM

California live game thread

IT’S OVER — UW 62-47.

ALL BUT OVER — Montgomery is sitting with his hands on his knees. Cal has given up. Wow. UW 57-40, 2:27.

GOOD OFFENSE — Whenever it looks like Cal might make a run, the Huskies respond with a nice set play for a basket. UW 52-38, 7:57.

STILL IN CONTROL — UW 43-28, 14:16.

SECOND HALF — Same starters for both teams.

HALFTIME OBSERVATIONS — It might be an understatement, but great defense for the Huskies. They’re swarming. They’re everywhere. They’re dominating the glass. They’re forcing turnover. They’ve smothered Crabbe. They’ve frustrated Cobbs. They had Montgomery shouting on the sideline “What floor are we on?”

Washington leads the rebound battle 30-13. N’Diaye has 7 and Wilcox 6. Crabbe has the most for Cal at 4.

Washington has forced six turnovers. Crabbe has 2.

Washington has held Cal to 36.4 percent shooting (8 of 22). Even when the Huskies didn’t defend the Golden Bears, they couldn’t shoot straight. Cal is 3 of 10 at the line.

N’Diaye has 10 points and Wilcox 9. Crabbe has a team-high 5.

The only thing not going right for the Huskies is their three-point shooting. They’re 0 for 8.

Otherwise it’s been a masterful performance. As dominating as their first half last week at Washington State.

HALFTIME STATS — Click here.

HALFTIME — UW 34-20.


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