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April 20, 2013 at 10:31 PM

Mariners need to ‘fight’ just to get a run on the board these days

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That wasn’t the happiest of clubhouses after a 5-0 loss tonight to the Texas Rangers. The Mariners have gone 19 innings without scoring a run and look as bad on offense as we’ve seen them the past three or four years.

This club was not supposed to be this bad and the Mariners, to a man, insist things will change. I spoke to Raul Ibanez earlier, since I know many of you are not happy with his performance so far. The Mariners imported a bunch of veterans to help bring some “swagger” and leadership to the team this season and right now — given how things are unfolding — it will fall on those veterans to keep this squad from coming apart.

Ibanez knows he hasn’t gotten the job done. He’s down to just .174 hitting-wise and is playing a whole lot more in the field than anybody really expected.

Right now, he isn’t using that as an excuse. If he’s got a uniform and the team needs him, he has to play and do more than he’s done. Same with some other guys out there, both young and older.

“I’m just not doing my part,’’ Ibanez said. “But you try to do better and you keep fighting. The most important thing is to keep fighting and pulling together and just scratch and claw.

“You go through moments like this in baseball as a team. You scratch and claw and play a little pepper. You try to square up some balls and not do too much.

“Otherwise, what winds up happening when you start going through something like this collectively is that everybody tries to do too much.’’


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