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December 7, 2012 at 3:43 PM

No, Hamilton hasn’t signed with Mariners, plus more

Josh Hamilton remains a free agent as teams weigh their options following the baseball winter meetings. Photo Credit: AP

UPDATE 4:02 p.m.: The Mariners now won’t be announcing the Jason Bay deal until at least Saturday as apparenty the paperwork delay involving their 40-man roster is still not quite fixed yet. Stay tuned. Or go watch football this weekend.

There was a bogus report put out not too long ago by one of those fake Twitter accounts becoming more annoying by the second. It had Josh Hamilton signing with the Mariners for six years, $135 million, but if you’ve been paying attention the last 48 hours or so, you know there is no reason for anybody to go that high in their offers right now because of the possibility the market for the slugger could shrink shortly.

We’re still waiting on the Texas Rangers and what they decide to do with free agent Zack Greinke and also with that rumored multi-team deal for Justin Upton. If Upton goes to Texas, there’s a good chance the Rangers could abandon their pursuit of Hamilton.

Confused? Don’t worry. It’s tough to keep track of it all. Here’s a take from Ken Rosenthal of FOX as to why the Mariners might prefer Hamilton to another free agent they’ve had discussions about, Michael Bourn.

One thing you shouldn’t be confused about is that Hamilton’s camp has supposedly offered the Rangers a chance to match any offer for the outfielder.


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December 6, 2012 at 10:50 AM

Mariners ‘still interested’ in Josh Hamilton, waiting to see what happens with free agent logjam

Mariners GM Jack Zduriencik fielding media questions today in Nashville after the Rule 5 draft.

Lots to discuss this morning after last night’s tweet and blog post about the Mariners and Josh Hamilton being “very close” to a deal. More on the semantics of that in a second, but first, I caught up this morning with team president Chuck Armstrong as he was coming out of the Rule 5 draft. I asked him about Hamilton point blank and he did not deny interest this time.

“We’re still interested in him, yes,” Armstrong said.

He also said the Mariners are not overly concerned by Hamilton’s past issues involving injury and vision problems. The main concern, as always, remains the money and the number of years committed. But on that front, the likelihood that Seattle would have to go more than four years in a Hamilton deal appears to be shrinking.

As mentioned last night by my source, the big key here is what the Texas Rangers do with free agent pitcher Zack Greinke. If Greinke signs with Texas, the likelihood the Rangers would splurge on Hamilton as well diminishes.

And from what I’m told, the Mariners are far enough along in their discussions with Hamilton that the two sides would not need very long to come to a deal. Armstrong has been getting into the finer details of stuff in trying to play down Seattle’s interest.

“We haven’t even exchanged numbers and figures yet,” Armstrong told me, in a line he’s repeated elsewhere this morning.

But that’s largely semantics.

From what I’ve heard, the Rangers and Dodgers haven’t exchanged numbers and figures with Greinke yet, either. But that deal is not expected to drag out too much longer before it gets resolved. When teams and the agents for players talk at these meetings, they often give each other broad strokes of where they’d like to go with a deal before any formal offers and counter offers are made.

The agent for Hamilton, Michael Moye, is said to have told the Rangers they’ll have an opportunity to match any offer from another team before Hamilton makes a decision. So, there is no real need for the Mariners to make him a formal offer right now, knowing that Moye is waiting on resolution to the Greinke affair so that the Rangers can match any Hamilton bid.

But I was told by my source last night that Hamilton is very interested in Seattle and it is “very close.”

The source added that a deal could happen “very soon” after Greinke makes his decision.

“Greinke holds the cards right now,” the source said.


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December 6, 2012 at 12:09 AM

Mariners said to still be very much in the running for Josh Hamilton

The Mariners and Josh Hamilton are said to be “very close” to a deal, depending on what happens first between free agent pitcher Zack Greinke and the Texas Rangers. Photo Credit: AP

It once seemed like Josh Hamilton┬áhad become a forgotten man for the Mariners here this week as they pursued a host of other offensive options. But I’m now told the talks between the two sides have been a lot more serious than anyone has let on and that they are actually “very close” to getting a deal done.

The one thing holding the process up is the fact the Texas Rangers are also interested in hanging on to Hamilton and remain the most serious Mariners competitor on that front. But the Rangers also remain engaged in a two-pronged battle with the Dodgers for the services of starting pitcher Zack Greinke and would not be able to land both him and Hamilton.

[do action=”brightcove-video” videoid=”2014463340001″/]Yahoo! reported that Hamilton’s agent, Michael Moye, ┬ámet with Rangers GM Jon Daniels here at the Gaylord Opryland Hotel and told him he would have an opportunity to match any offer sent Hamilton’s way. But if the Rangers decide to sign Greinke, they would not have enough left over to match any Hamilton offer as well.

That would leave the Mariners, who, the source said, would likely make a Hamilton deal happen “very soon” afterwards.


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