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February 4, 2015 at 1:37 PM

Microsoft debuts preview of Windows 10 Office apps

For Microsoft, Windows 10 isn’t just another release of a piece of software to run your desktop PC. It’s a bid to claim a greater share of the smartphone and tablet markets.

As part of that effort, Microsoft is hoping that it can make it easier for developers to write applications that run on Windows 10 across device types.

Today, the company is showing off what’s possible with its “universal” apps, releasing preview versions of Office designed to work well regardless of whether the user is on a tablet, smartphone or PC. Those who have downloaded early versions of Windows 10 can now grab preview versions of Word, PowerPoint and Excel to test.


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April 3, 2014 at 5:41 AM

The promise of universal Windows apps

[This story is running in the print edition of The Seattle Times April 3, 2014.]

SAN FRANCISCO — While Microsoft has dominated in a world ruled by PCs, it has lagged far behind in the smartphone and tablet battles.

Part of the problem has been many developers haven’t wanted to devote resources to creating apps for platforms in distant third place behind Apple and Google.

But, in a vicious cycle, the lack of apps is likely one reason customers have stayed away from Microsoft’s tablets and smartphones.

Wednesday, the first day of Microsoft’s annual Build conference for independent developers, the company took a big step toward solving that dilemma — and toward a more cohesive, unified experience for those who use a range of Microsoft-powered devices.


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