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January 9, 2014 at 5:19 PM

Finding a Super Bowl hotel room

Manhattan is packed with hotels, and still has rooms, in luxury hotels and hostels on Super Bowl weekend. (AP photo / Mark Lennihan)

Manhattan is packed with hotels and still has rooms, in luxury hotels and hostels, on Super Bowl weekend. (AP photo / Mark Lennihan)

If you’re banking on the Seahawks getting to the Super Bowl and want to get close to the Feb. 2 game in New Jersey, start shopping around now for somewhere to stay in the New York area. There still are vacancies for the big weekend since the area abounds in rooms.

But you’ll pay a lot to stay in Manhattan, which is packed with attractions and Super Bowl festivities. It’s always expensive, and a Manhattan hotel room on Super Bowl weekend will average $418 a night, according to a TripAdvisor survey (and rooms at Super Bowl time often are non-refundable).

The heart of Manhattan is roughly 16 miles from the MetLife Stadium


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June 7, 2013 at 12:07 PM

Bedbugs, the unwanted guests in your hotel room


Here's what you're looking for.  A bedbug is seen next to a finger tip. (AP Photo/Alex Brandon)

Here’s what don’t want  in your hotel room: A bedbug is seen next to a finger tip. (AP Photo/Alex Brandon)

I confess. I’m one of those people who has become neurotic about bedbugs while traveling. I check every hotel room to make sure I’m not sharing it with unwanted insect guests who will hitchhike home on my suitcase or clothing and raise havoc.

    Like many travelers, I’ve been vaguely worried about bedbugs over the last few years when reports started circulating of the insects’  resurgence. But I got seriously worried after some friends’ home was infested when their daughter returned home after staying in a building with bedbugs; the critters likely traveled along on her suitcase.

My friends called in the pesticide people and were in upheaval for days, with extensive


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