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February 10, 2014 at 10:03 AM

Delta adds more flights from Seattle

Delta is expanding again out of Seattle, this time with new domestic flights to Palm Springs and other destinations in the West. The new service out of Seattle, starting Dec. 20, includes -Five daily flights to Phoenix. -One daily seasonal (winter) flight to Palm Springs. -Saturday seasonal (winter) service to Tucson -Saturday seasonal (winter) service to Jackson Hole, Wyo. -An additional nonstop…


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April 11, 2013 at 6:30 AM

Switched seats: Yet another airline annoyance

Color me cranky.  I recently flew from Seattle to Amsterdam (and back) on Delta. Bought the ticket in January, selected my seat, and paid more than $1,000. My partner bought at the same time, carefully nabbing the seat next to me as we each paid with our own credit cards. We got aisle and window seatstr_longlines11[2] together  on an Airbus with its 2-4-2 seat configuration.  Nice. Well, relatively nice as it’s hard to call anything about flying nice these days. But we thought we might actually get some sleep with just the two of us wedged together rather than being stuck in the middle of a four-person middle row.

 The night before our departure I printed out my boarding pass at home (and he printed out his later at home). I didn’t double-check our seat numbers. Should of, I guess, but we had chosen our seats two months before and hadn’t received any notification from Delta of problems or changes.  

Fast forward to the airport where we looked at our boarding passes and discovered we’d each had been moved to different seats and would be rows apart. What’s up and why can’t we have our original seats, we plaintively asked the check-in agent who shrugged and said she couldn’t do anything and that we’d have to ask the gate agent.


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