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Topic: Apprenticeship programs

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December 14, 2013 at 7:53 AM

Apprenticeship programs are a great option for high-school students

What are we waiting for?

High schools that partner with industry to provide apprenticeship programs offer another option to students who aren’t sure if they are bound for college [“A German import helps keep factories humming,” page one, Dec. 1].

Apprenticeship programs, like those that have existed in Germany since the Middle Ages, can provide students with high-level skills and set them up to acquire well-paying jobs in the community, especially in a time when finding a job is so challenging.

Instead of resting on the idea that all will be fine with a college degree, maybe it makes sense in today’s economy to have something to fall back on, like a trade. This doesn’t prevent you from going to college at a later time. Apprenticeship programs also increase the number of skilled workers needed to meet America’s economic needs.


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