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July 18, 2014 at 6:12 AM

Raising buffalo for meat doesn’t help stewardship of wild herds

Alan Berner / The Seattle Times

At Lone Boot Buffalo Ranch north of Ferndale, where John and Sue Muggy raise buffalo for meat, a mother and her calf are the picture of pastoral calm.

The Seattle Times’ recent article making it seem like the people who are raising buffalo for their meat are being good buffalo stewards is very misleading [“Where the buffalo now roam: Local ranchers help put them on the comeback trail,” Pacific NW Magazine, July 4]. Buffalo farming is a livestock industry and has nothing to do with saving our genetically pure Yellowstone buffalo.

There is plenty of room for the wild, genetically pure Yellowstone buffalo to roam and thrive, yet the war that reduced them to 23 individuals over a hundred years ago continues to this day because the ranching industry’s power and wealth has


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