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December 3, 2013 at 6:37 AM

King County Metro should stop feeding from the public trough

Car-tab fees have risen dramatically

It is time for King County Metro to start operating like a business and stop feeding at the public trough [“Poll: How should King County fund Metro public transit?” Online, Dec. 2].

Voters passed a $35 car-tab measure and since then car-tab fees have only continued to rise, to the point where tabs can cost nearly twice the amount voters approved.

Metro has stated that in order for them to make enough to not cut routes and service, it would have to raise fares $2 each way.

Well, do the math. Even if it costs another $4 a day for commuters, they would pay it, because they easily save that much in gas and parking. Cheap parking downtown Seattle is more than $10 a day, so even another $4 means commuters still save more than $6 a day.


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