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Topic: Debt ceiling

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December 15, 2013 at 7:15 AM

Federal government has sunk to new lows

It has shunned the jobless and protected corporations

So, let’s give Congress a pass because we avoided budget gridlock and another debacle over the debt ceiling? And, as you infer, the consequences at the polls would be avoided [“A federal budget deal, and no drama,” Opinion, Dec. 12].

We have sunk to new lows. I hope and trust the American people will figure out why this is happening, who is responsible and vote them out of office. Spoiler alert: that would be the radical element of the Republican (or tea) Party.

They have taken food from the needy, cost us billions, ignored immigrants, shunned the jobless and those just trying to survive. All while protecting the corporations, the military-industrial complex and the wealthy at the expense of education and training, infrastructure and the other investments needed to rebuild a civil society and reverse our current historic inequality.


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