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February 18, 2014 at 6:05 AM

Pike-Pine corridor: Neighborhoods need improvement as well

This rendering shows how this section of Second Avenue could look. (GUSTAFSON GUTHRIE NICHOL)

I see that the city gave the Downtown Seattle Association a $150,000 grant, part of which went to developing a plan to improve the Pike-Pine corridor [“Pike-Pine corridor focus of design ideas to spur renaissance,” Local News, Feb. 12]. Apparently the association wants to have a “world-class destination corridor,” similar to Chicago’s Magnificent Mile.

Here we go again, with our world-class city obsession. With this foot in the door, I wonder how much more money they’ll get from city coffers to carry out this vision, while our neighborhoods wallow in second-class status. For example, where I live, there are hardly any sidewalks, protected bike lanes, or curbs and drains.


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