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June 8, 2014 at 9:37 AM

Gun rights: Join the NRA; The role of state militias

Join the NRA, to redirect its mission

It is evident our lawmakers, cowering in the corner from the wrath of the NRA, will do nothing to impede the acquisition of guns, thereby reducing now commonplace mass random killings [“Open carry supporters in Texas take issue with NRA,” Nation & World, June 3].

So, we as citizens must take action and neuter the NRA’s influence.

How? The NRA currently has 4.3 million members. The annual dues for membership is $25. If 4.5 million advocates for sane gun-control legislation join the NRA immediately, we would have the power to take over the organization and redirect or eliminate its political influence.

In comparison to the $4,000 per year I spend on car and home insurance, I’d say $25 a year to feel safer and to ensure common-sense gun policies that prevent or reduce the likelihood of another Seattle Pacific University or Sandy Hook is a real bargain.

I’m joining the NRA today. How about you?

T. Skylar Tennent, Tacoma

The role of state militias

A recent letter writer claimed that gun rights can only be understood if one reads the


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