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January 29, 2014 at 12:39 PM

Trash talking: Save it for the tailgate; sometimes nice doesn’t cut it

Don’t praise uncivil behavior

I am disappointed with your editorial notebook “Seattle needs to do more trash talking like Richard Sherman,” [Opinion, Jan. 24].

While it is not enough that the rest of the country has used Sherman’s diatribe to fill the cyberspace in the two weeks of filler between the NFC Championship and the Super Bowl, the last thing I expected was trash talking in the editorial pages of the newspaper of a city that prides civility; a city whose citizens read more books than any other city in U.S. and loves its coffee.

By eulogizing such behavior, we as a society send a message that what matters is winning, and not how you behave. But then we become disappointed why we as a society have become less civil.

It is unfortunate that Sherman is getting national attention and corporate endorsements not because of what he did on the field, rather off the field. Would Sherman have had the same recognition had he not made those comments in the TV interview.

If not, what message are we sending as a society? That it pays to be uncivil and be called out in the editorial of your local newspaper?

Hyder Ali, Issaquah

Sometimes being nice doesn’t cut it

I have never read such a great editorial. You are so right in saying Seattle is too nice. And you know, there are times when nice doesn’t cut it.


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