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Topic: Ignition interlock

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December 12, 2013 at 7:36 AM

Require ignition interlock device for first time DUI offenders

Not enough to simply increase penalties

Recently, there has been talk of what to do in Washington to diminish the number of DUIs [“Anti-DUI work group: Yes to random checkpoints, no to alcohol bans ,” Online, Dec. 4].

A recent Times article written by Brian M. Rosenthal included a report that said the way Washington should reduce DUIs is through “increasing penalties and establishing random sobriety checkpoints.” Although this may deter some, I believe this is not the most effective option. Fear of punishment may help to stop people before they consume alcohol. But once the alcohol affects the brain, the intoxicated person can easily forget or at least not care about the punishments of a DUI or the sobriety checkpoints.


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