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January 15, 2015 at 6:05 AM

Charlie Hebdo attack: Not an attack on free speech

Despite what some commentators seem to believe, the Western world does not have a “Muslim problem.” And, the Charlie Hebdo attack was not an attack on free speech [“French paper puts Muhammad on cover, provoking a new storm,” Nation & World, Jan. 13]. Muslims are offended when the Prophet Mohammed is insulted. That doesn’t…


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December 29, 2014 at 3:55 PM

‘The Interview’: Seth Rogen is no hero; no respect for Kim Jong Un

Sony shelved “The Interview,” a comedy co-starring Seth Rogen and James Franco about the assassination of North Korean ruler Kim Jong Un, after cancellations by theater owners in the face of a threat. But now, it appears that release of the movie is on again (Damian Dovarganes / The Associated Press).

Seth Rogen is no hero

I agree with Rekha Basu’s column [“Should satire be as clueless as ‘The Interview’?” Opinion, Dec. 28] concerning “The Interview.” While I was appalled that the film industry was intimidated by threats concerning its screening, I was also appalled that Sony sought to produce this film. Although Kim Jong Un is certainly barbaric, it is tasteless and indecent to portray the assassination of a nation’s leader humorously.

While freedom of speech and the press are precious rights, it is important for our society to revive the concept of shame, civic responsibility and self-censorship.

Heeding lessons from ancient Rome, James Madison and other Founding Fathers believed that free speech and other constitutional rights would be truly workable only if sufficient numbers of people chose not to abuse these rights and instead exercised an adequate degree of self-control.

Along with rights come responsibilities. Seth Rogen is no hero.

Daniel Burnstein, Seattle

No respect for Kim

While I agree with Rakha Basu’s opinion, she is making a flawed comparison with


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January 17, 2014 at 9:00 AM

Bicycles: Finding the reasons for drivers’ anger at bicyclists

Gabriel Campanario / The Seattle Times

Every letter I received in response to Joe Sullivan’s guest column on Saturday, “Why are drivers so angry at cyclists?,” took issue with bicyclists breaking traffic rules and addressed whether bicyclists should pay for licensing and road repair costs. This is a discussion that likely won’t end any time soon, with both sides entrenched, and should come to the fore again as the City Council deliberates the Bicycle Master Plan. What do you think the reasons for resentment might be? Continue the conversation in the comments. Here are the best letter submissions from readers, again, all of them putting most of the blame on cyclists:

Rudeness goes both ways

Geesh, guest columnist Joe Sullivan, get of your high bicycle [“Why are drivers so angry at cyclists?,” Opinion, Jan. 10].

Yes, there are many drivers who also do not follow the rules of the road. As a motorist, I try to be very conscientious of cars, bicyclists, pedestrians and motorcycles. Not all drivers do, I realize this.


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