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Topic: Superfund site

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December 4, 2013 at 6:55 AM

Don’t let Hanford or Duwamish turn into the Love Canal

If the Superfund doesn’t clean up toxic waste sites, what’s the point?

If the Superfund doesn’t properly clean up toxic waste sites when they finally get around to the cleanup, then what’s the point? ["Suits claim Love Canal still oozing 35 years later,” News, Nov. 4].

If what the current Love Canal residents believe is true, and the site is retrogressing back to a toxic wasteland, what might happen to the Hanford or Duwamish site here in Washington?

We must make it a priority that our cleanups, the Lower Duwamish and the Hanford, don’t mirror the canal. The sites must be completely clean for healthy human inhabitation.


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