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December 6, 2013 at 10:57 PM

Reader responses: Seattle vs. San Francisco

We’ve gotten quite a few responses to our post this morning about which city is better, Seattle or San Francisco. We trumpeted our beautiful summers and our liberal social policies. The San Francisco Chronicle retorted, calling Microsoft a “lumbering” enterprise and poked fun at’s drone idea.

Our readers are having their say as well, with 49 (coincidence) in support of S.F. and 34 in favor of Seattle. That’d better not be the final score of the game. Keep the responses coming. Here’s the best of what has been submitted so far (note, load times may vary):


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December 6, 2013 at 6:03 AM

Seattle vs. San Francisco showdown: Which is the better city?

(Screenshot from Google)

(Screenshot from Google)

Top: Space Needle and downtown Seattle seen from Kerry Park at sunset in Seattle on Saturday, Nov. 26, 2011. (Aaron Jaffe/The Seattle Times)

Top: Space Needle and downtown Seattle seen from Kerry Park. (Aaron Jaffe/The Seattle Times) Bottom: The Golden Gate Bridge (Robert Durell/Los Angeles Times)

Seattle has for too long been labeled a “smaller San Francisco.” We see the similarities. Like San Francisco, Seattle is made up of neighborhoods on hills. Both cities are shrouded in grey. The politics of both are proudly left.

But Seattle is not a lesser San Francisco. It’s a better San Francisco.

A San Francisco editorial writer seems to think differently in a post that went up this morning. As if. We’ll still continue to proclaim our superiority this week as the Seahawks prepare to take on the 49ers. Seattle trounced San Francisco earlier this season at CenturyLink Field, when the fans broke the sound record. Two S.F. fans called for the NFL to punish a team for fan noise in a letter to the San Francisco Chronicle. I called the letter-writers wussy babies in an earlier blog post. We’re not only louder, Seattle is better in a number of other ways:

San Francisco, we have news for you. You’re no longer the leftiest city on the left coast. In 2012, our state voters legalized same-sex marriage with Referendum 74. (California voters rejected same-sex marriage with Proposition 8.) Washington state also legalized recreational marijuana with Initiative 502. Eat your liberal heart out.


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