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October 28, 2013 at 6:45 AM

Mayor Mike McGinn’s revisionist history on the tunnel

Mayor Mike McGinn is a skilled debator. He speaks deliberately but forcefully, rarely stumbling.

Mayor Mike McGinn

Mayor Mike McGinn

So I cocked my head in confusion during KCTS 9’s mayoral debate last week when McGinn, in response to a question from KUOW’s Deborah Wang, seemed to be engaging in revisionist history.

Wang’s question:

“Four years ago you ran your campaign as an opponent of the tunnel to replace the Alaskan Way Viaduct. That was your signature campaign issue. Then just before the election, you announced that you would not stand in the way of the tunnel. But you did continue to fight it in your first year in office. So in retrospect was it a mistake to do that, or was it mistake to pledge you wouldn’t stand in the way of the tunnel?”

McGinn response:

“People can go roll video tape of this one as well if they’d like to see what my position was then. Which was, I did support the tunnel as the choice, but I also believe we shouldn’t have to pay cost overruns.”

Watch the video below. It’s cued up to play at the beginning of Wang’s question:

Since when did the Mayor “support the tunnel as the choice?” Did the Mayor simply misspeak?

No. Instead, it’s part of McGinn’s campaign strategy.


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