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November 7, 2012 at 1:09 PM

What readers are saying about Election 2012

A selection of reader comments on election news stories:

Updated 2:00 p.m.

On the presidential race

“The 47% has spoken!!!!!!!!!!”

Comment by girl power, WA, on Obama’s lease renewed despite tough economic times

“From now on, Obama and his supporters have no one to blame anymore. This is his second term and if the deficit and unemployment continue to go on as is, can’t blame Bush for it. He has been president for a full term now. …”

Comment by Scorpioddp, WA, on Obama’s lease renewed despite tough economic times

“Would the results have been different if Romney had run as his authentic self? Staked his positions and stuck with them? This is the second election in which the gop candidate lost their true self to win the fringes of the Republican party. That’s what cost him the election.”

Comment by sam9, WA, on Obama’s lease renewed despite tough economic times

“A very gracious concession speech. Heed what he said, we have to pull together as nation. Leaders from both sides should reach across the aisle.
No more ‘our most important goal is to defeat the other party'”

Comment by mUj, Seattle, on Obama’s lease renewed despite tough economic times

On the governor race

“These past 12 hours have been euphoric. An Inslee win would be icing on the cake. I hope this doesn’t drag on … McKenna wouldn’t be too bad but I am glad he is behind! Washington proves again why it is one the most amazing states in the nation!”

Comment by GreenDawg, Seattle, on Inslee takes strong lead, but McKenna won’t concede

“There goes the state pension funds for green pet projects. I’m sure that AFSCME, SEIU, WEA and other unions will be proud of their new governor. Maybe Inslee can get Hans Dunshee to manage the program.”

Comment by Kitsaper, Silverdale, on Inslee takes strong lead, but McKenna won’t concede

“I’m seriously concerned about the financial viability/survivability of the state for my son’s future with Inslee as governor. I foresee huge state deficits continuing, cost of business increasing, jobs going elsewhere, lack of education funding, and huge college tuition increases. But hey, he can live with his parents, smoke pot and have “free” health insurance (paid for by his parents and anyone else who can find a job)! Forward.”

Comment by slimjj, Seattle on Inslee takes strong lead, but McKenna won’t concede

“I voted for Inslee, but have to say I have always liked McKenna – thought he did a good job as AG, until he signed on to overturn Obamacare. What he showed then was he was willing to put partisan politics above the will of the people of the State of Washington – not that Inslee wouldn’t do the same, particularly (put politics above interest of citizens), but at he didn’t come out and prove it, whereas McKenna did. Also, for me, a vote for any republican would be in some way condoning their platform – and just couldn’t do that – no matter what candidate they field. If the R party would swing back to moderates, maybe they would stand a chance.”

Comment by rainpoet, Seattle, on Inslee takes strong lead, but McKenna won’t concede

On Initiative I-502

“The real win today is that marijuana growth and distribution is now out of the hands of the gangs.”

Comment by mtnzen, Seattle, on Voters approve I-502 legalizing marijuana

“Just like voting to buy vodka at Costco – this will blow back in your face too. It will be legal at $1,082 an ounce. The police won’t bust you – but the tax man will. You just voted to drive up more crime and the gang’s street price.”

Comment by amandalondon, Seattle, on Voters approve I-502 legalizing marijuana

On Referendum 74

“This straight family is very excited for our neighbors and church members who happen to be gay. Their families will hopefully soon have their love and commitment recognized by the protections and dignity of marriage.”

Comment by marinevet, on Gay-marriage measure passing in initial returns

“… I said this before and still believe it. In my mind gays should have every right to make that commitment as anybody else. They should have all the rights that any married couple have. But the word “Marriage” should be left for what it has meant for centuries. (Man and woman) Does that mean I’m anti gay? Nope. It means I believe the other side also has rights and should have the right to the word “Marriage”. That’s my only issue. …”

Comment by 46BB46, Coast, Gay-marriage measure passing in initial returns

On the voting process

“Helping people get to polling places by offering them rides is a long-time practice of both parties, done by party staff and volunteers all across the country. So is helping shut-ins and people in nursing homes with their absentee ballots, witnessing the signatures, and getting them in the mail for them. The evolution of these practices into what we’re seeing today — both Democratic and Republican operatives calling and visiting people and offering to help them get their ballots in the mail or drop box — is a natural consequence of the switch to mandatory universal mail voting. If we REALLY want ballot security, and if we REALLY want to provide to the people of Washington the RIGHT to a secret ballot guaranteed by the state constitution (Article VI Section 6 — “The legislature shall provide for such method of voting as will secure to every elector absolute secrecy in preparing and depositing his ballot”), then we must switch back to voting at polling places. Only then can we have any hope of ensuring security of ballots both before and after they are voted. The security problems with vote-by-mail simply cannot be fixed.”

Comment by Toby Nixon, Kirkland, on Secretary of State to parties: Document all ballots you collect

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