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August 22, 2013 at 12:11 PM

Pot consultant offers solution to government standoff

Mark Kleiman, the state’s top pot consultant, has suggested a way to end the lingering tension between Washington’s new recreational pot law and the federal government, which considers all marijuana illegal.

And state Attorney General Bob Ferguson did not dismiss Kleiman’s idea. Ferguson said the AG’s office “has done their own examination” of Kleiman’s proposal and “it’s too soon to say” if it has traction with decision-makers.

Ferguson did not want to reveal any more about the state’s discussions with the federal Department of Justice. “I’m not ready to get into more detail about what communication is going on with the feds,” Ferguson said.

In an article published Wednesday in the Journal of Drug Policy Analysis, Kleiman said the DOJ now seems to have three options: cracking down on legalized pot in Washington and Colorado, acquiescing to legalization, or “muddling through”  with its current policy of only saying it continues to review new laws in those two states.

Kleiman sees two better alternatives.


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July 30, 2012 at 9:50 AM

Monday briefing: Pflug gay marriage ad; win or loss for McGinn?

Good Morning: UPDATED:  Includes name of library levy proponent participating in Wednesday library chat.   Former state Sen. Cheryl Pflug didn’t just break with her party to vote in favor of legalizing gay marriage in the Legislature last winter. She also decided to appear in a pro-gay-marriage ad, sponsored by the Pride Foundation, a non-profit group. The ad is intended…


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