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October 21, 2013 at 11:57 AM

Elway Poll: Support for GMO-labeling I-522 clings to lead, but momentum has shifted

Initiative 522 – the statewide ballot measure to require labeling of genetically engineered foods –  is clinging to a slight lead heading into the final two weeks before Election Day.

But momentum has clearly shifted against the measure, thanks to a barrage of opposition advertisements over the last month.

Or so says Seattle pollster Stuart Elway, whose latest poll on the Washington initiative has I-522 winning 46 to 42 percent, with still 12 percent of voters undecided.

“If you were calling it today, you’d say it’s still going to pass,” Elway said Monday. “But the momentum shift — how’s that going to play out?  And, it’s still within the margin of error.”

I-522’s four-point advantage falls within the poll’s margin of error of 5 percent, meaning the race is too close to call.

Campaign officials on either side of the measure touted Elway’s latest polling.


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