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Race: Are we so different

A blog looking at the changing face of race around our region, created in cooperation with Pacific Science Center, the University of Washington Department of Communication and the City of Seattle Race and Justice Initiative

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November 18, 2013 at 6:01 AM

Race project | Between Two Worlds: America’s 1.5 Generation

I first heard the term “1.5 Generation” when I was working on a story last year about an undocumented student.

Tania Santiago moved to Redmond from Mexico City when she was 5 years old. From the very beginning, the circumstances of her arrival made her hyper-aware of where she came from and where she’d ended up.

While she was born in Mexico, she’s spent the majority of her life in the U.S. Logistically, it means she’s not entirely American.

But culturally, it means she’s not entirely Mexican.

As a result, she’d grown to identify herself as just that — something in between. She called herself a “1.5er.”


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