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September 29, 2013 at 9:38 PM

What they said: Sherman and other Seahawk players

Here are a bunch more quotes from a variety of Seattle players, including Richard Sherman, about today’s win over Houston.


(on the second half adjustments) “There really weren’t any adjustments; we just felt that we could play better. They came in at half time and we felt that we hadn’t played our best game yet. We decided to put our foot down and go out there and play to our potential.”

(on what the Seattle defensive line saw from the Houston Texans’ offense) “For us it was more so getting after (QB Matt) Schaub. That’s our job every week, it’s to make him move his feet. Most quarterbacks aren’t good with guys at their feet and having to focus on us instead of the guys down field. That was the goal, to put pressure on his face all game long to give our DBs a chance.”

(on Seattle’s view point coming in to today’s game) “We knew what kind of team they had. They have a great team. They have offensive weapons and defensive players that can make some things happen. First we knew we had to go out there and bring our A game, which clearly in the first half we didn’t do so well, but second half I think we did a good job.”


(on team’s character in making a comeback) “It just tells you how much heart this team has. We have a bunch of older guys that are leaders. All we have to do is follow their lead, and the rest will take care of itself. We never thought we were going to lose this game. Like I said, we just have too much heart, and we refuse to lose.”
(on quarterback Russell Wilson) “Nothing he does surprises me. He is an athlete. He’s just a leader, a captain of this team. You can’t say enough about him. I look up to that guy.”

(on Seattle’s defensive play) “We played great. We were in a deficit for most of the game and down two scores but we had faith. We are a close knit team and a lot of great ball players. All it takes is for a few guys to make plays and get our offense the ball. We happened to make an interception and return it for a touchdown on a defensive look.”

(on what was said in the second half to turn the defense around) “We just never gave up. We knew we were in a dog fight. Like I said earlier, I have faith in my guys and we are going to fight until there’s a win.”

(on play from Seattle’s front seven setting the tone for the secondary) “They really are impressive. We went and picked up some big acquisitions. Michael Bennett and Cliff Avril have been balling since they’ve been here. That helped us out on the back-end getting pressure on the quarterback. We’re a man-to-man team, so it works well with our scheme.”

(on Texans’ play) “The Texans are a great football team. We just beat a good football team, but I’m proud of my team. Those guys fought hard out there and gave us everything. We just didn’t give up and came out with the ‘dub’ (win).”


(on what Seattle’s front seven saw from Houston’s offense) “The first half, we just got in our own way. We knew coming into halftime that we had to settle down. We gave up a lot of big plays in the first half. Once we came in and made adjustments, we came back out in the second half and they couldn’t put the ball in the end zone. So, that was the biggest thing we knew coming into the second half. We had to finish and come together.”

(on the defensive adjustments made in the second half) “Well, the biggest thing was slowing down (RB Arian Foster) number 23. We know everything starts with him, (WR Andre Johnson) number 80 and (QB MATT Schaub) number 8. So, the biggest thing was slowing down their run game and getting jams on (WR Andre Johnson). We could not let him get off the line and slow their tight ends down. Their tight ends are very, very good. It kind of reminds you of the Patriots tight ends, so it was a great contest for us. It showed us that we have to fight throughout a whole game. We knew coming into this game that they were not going to come in and lay down.”

(on the mindset of the team) “We knew we had to gel together. That’s what we believe in. We laugh and joke, but at the end of the day everyone is accountable from the top to the bottom. That’s the way we play. We don’t go out and depend on one person. We go out and depend on everyone to get the job done. We stay together all the time. We never put one person or unit in a situation where we can’t get out of it.”


(on the winning kick) “I was preparing for it on the sidelines. I thought we were going to get an opportunity. My goal is to treat (a game-winning field goal) like any other kick and like any kick I have in practice. It really is the same motion. The protection did a great job. It was a great snap and hold from our snapper Clint (Gresham) and our holder Jon Ryan.”

(on any sideline talk with special teams coach) “We decided that the 36-yard line would be the normal range for the entire game, and we could stretch it out to 60 or 62 yards if we needed to.”

(on ball placement for the winning kick) “The coaches mentioned something about location, but we ended up kicking from the left hash (mark.) That was just how the play went.”

(on whether or not Houston would call a time out to ice him) “I really didn’t know, but I knew there was a possibility. My goal is kick it the same no matter if there is a time out or not.”


(on making the second-half comeback) “We always talk about it all the time. You cannot win the game in the first, second, third, and in this case the fourth quarter. We knew at halftime we would have more opportunities. We were getting the ball coming out (of halftime), We never in our minds thought we could not win this ball game. Everybody stuck together, and like we say all the time, fight to the very end. The defense did a hell of a job getting the ball back, and (Richard) Sherman on the interception and taking it back to the crib and tying the ball game up there in the last few minutes. It is a great team win, and it shows how much you need the guy next to you out there on the field every play.”

(on the difference in the Texans defense in the first and second halves) “There was not much difference. They continued to play their one-high stuff (and) their zone stuff. Like I said, we just came back and came into our own and started executing the plays.”

(on the last drive in overtime) “There was a couple crazy plays on (the Texans’) end, two 15-yard penalties giving us good field position. We were able to get into field goal range and make the kick.”


(on his thoughts towards QB Russell Wilson and the win) “He’s a great ball player, he’s an awesome player. We had a blessing; we had an angel looking over us today. RIP to Ken Norton Sr. That was a hard loss for us as a team and it’s hard not to see Norton there all week. You‘ve got to give the glory to him. It was a special game; it was a special effort by our team. And it was a great effort by their team. They had a lot of guys that made big plays for them. They played consistent throughout the ball game. Andre (Johnson) showed a lot of resilience, a lot of heart. So did Arian (Foster), so did Ben Tate, and so did (Matt) Schaub. They continued to fight just like we continued to fight. We just caught a break at the end and that’s just how the game goes sometimes.”

(on his walk-through of his pick-six) “It was a play we had seen on film that they like to run on short yardage. And coming out of the end zone, they like to jump it to the guy in the flat, roll (Matt) Schaub out, and usually either send the fullback or the receiver on an in-and-back-out route with a corner out behind him. It was one of those plays where you have to take the opportunity for what it was. If you jump it, you’re pretty much leaving the safety one-on-one with the corner route behind you. But, with our safety and our guys, Earl (Thomas) did a great job disguising it, I was able to jump it, but he didn’t throw it where I thought he was. He kind of put air under it so his guy could grab it, and I was able to wrestle it away from him, then it was just heart and resilience. It’s one of those, you need to get to the end-zone. Our offense was struggling a little bit and I felt like our defense needed to make the play. So, I was able to get to the end-zone and it was a big time play. I think that was the turning point also. I think that was the turning point in the game when we evened it out and when we brought it to 20-20. Our offense just continued to fight, they continued to grind out. Grind, grind, grind. I think that’s what our running game does and I think that’s what they were able to do.”
(on the importance of the defense’s ability to maintain confidence after the less successful first half) “Belief in our selves is always evident throughout the game. Regardless of what happened in the first half, we think that we can come out and shut anybody down. They’re a great ball club. They’re going to come out and make plays. Arian (Foster) made some plays, Ben Tate made some plays, Owen Daniels made some plays. 80 (Andre Johnson) is obviously going to make his plays, but we were able to be resilient, continue to believe, continue to have faith in ourselves and one another and our teammates, and I think that’s what brings us closer. We appreciate games like this because it brings us closer as a team and as a defense.”

(on what they need to focus on in order to win another away game next week) “Just eliminating mistakes. There were a lot of mistakes made in the first half and we need to eliminate those mistakes. If we are able to eliminate those mistakes that we made in the first half, I think we are able to keep the ball game closer and give our offense a better chance to make some plays in a ball game. I think we put that on ourselves as a defense. They made plays, they made a lot of plays and we gave up a lot of yards in the first half and I think that is uncharacteristic of what we do as a defense and we need to correct that first of all.”

(on being able to pull away with a win unlike the 2013 playoff game versus Atlanta Falcons) “I think that’s exactly what it felt like. That’s what guys went back to when we came into half time. Guys were like, ‘This is the exact adversity we went through in Atlanta, in Washington.’ Where we’re down, we’re down and things aren’t going well, but there’s never a sense of doubt. There was never a sense of doubt in our offence, in our defense, or in our special teams. Guys always believe, they continue to believe and I think that game was the reason we believe because we were able to come back in that game. We were able to make the plays we needed to make. Regardless of how you get the win, it was a win. Guys stood up when they needed to stand up, offense came through at points when they needed to come through at points, defense was able to step up and make plays when we needed to make plays. And, that’s the way you win games like this on the road at 12 o’clock. A lot of people think we can’t win them and in order to win them, it’s going to be ugly sometimes, it’s going to be an ugly win, it’s going to be a gutty win. But you’ve got guys like Russell Wilson, our O-line (offense line) banged up, but you’ve got rookies out there grinding. Marshawn (Lynch) is in beast mode, being himself. Doug (Baldwin) is making outstanding plays on the sideline. Things like that happen.”

(on the importance of showing fans their ability to win games on the road) “I think it was important for our ball club just to win on the road, just to continue our win streak. I don’t think our franchise has ever started 4 and 0. And I think that was important for us, to be that stepping stone, to continue to advance, to continue to grow as a team. For Russell (Wilson) to grind, to not have a pretty game, not have a great stat game but still get the victory, do enough things to get the win, make enough plays, for our O-line (offensive line) to open enough holes, get enough yards to get the win. Not necessarily have the prettiest win, those kinds of games make champion teams.”

(on if he was watching Kam Chancellor under pressure) “I wasn’t watching him per say. I knew it was coming. I picked the same play against our scout team on Friday because we knew it was coming. Kam brings the pressure. I disguise earl disguises and then you come make the play not everybody can make that play because it takes some risk. It’s a high risk high reward kind of play. Where you got to jump and you might get beat. You might get beat over the top for a 20-30 yard play if he gets the ball down there, but if you make the play and you get a pick-6 you change the game for your team. Earl Thomas made a few plays in this ball game, Kam made some plays; B.B. (Brandon Browner) made a few clutch stops and our defense as a whole. We stand up when we need to”

(on what it was like seeing DE Michael Bennett carried off and come back at the end of the game) “It was an emotional time for us as defense. Just to see, he’s kind of the spark plug in our defense. He’s always in the backfield. He’s always doing something. He’s disruptive in every facet of the game, and to see him carted off was emotion but to see him come back, he came back with tears in his eyes. It kind of got us teary eyed, it got us emotional, got us ready to go. He said, ‘Man just come on, win this for me. I’m not going to be able to come back in this one.’ You’re kind of getting me teary eyed right now. Because guys that you grind with, guys that you fight with, guys that you continue to go to battle with, you never want to see them out of the game, you never want to see them on the sideline and get carted off in that kind of way and I think just seeing him come back gave us the spark that we needed.”
(on if he knew he was going to have the chance to make the interception when he saw the play call) “Yeah, as soon as he made the call, we knew the situation we were in. It was a third and short. It was a play they liked. They gave us a formation we liked. They motioned down to a stack which is what we expected to see. And then it’s about making a play. Everything isn’t going to go as planned. He isn’t going to put the ball in my hands. You have to go out there and take it from him and in that play I really had to take it from the guy. He had his hands on the ball and I was able to wrestle it away. But you have to know, just because you jump it, just because you know it, you jump it. They can still complete it. These guys are NFL football players; they’re here for a reason. (Matt) Schaub is a great quarterback; he’s going to get it where he needs to get it. I was able to wrestle it away and just go.”

(on what he thinks when he knows exactly what he has to do in that play) “Make the play. It’s like you get on fast break layup for a game winner, you still got to make it. You still got to make the play. It’s not like the ball is just going to get in the hoop. So I focused on everything I needed to focus on, my indicators. I made sure my feet were under me and as soon as I saw the ball in the air, I went for it aggressively and so did their tight-end. He went for it aggressively. And once I got it away from him, it was just a fight. Fight through any tackle, any anything and pick your legs up. I lost my shoe. I lost my shoe for I think 50-something yards. It might be the longest return without a shoe in the NFL. You got to check that. I got the shoe back. If that was the end of the game, I don’t think I would have gotten it back, but I got it back because I had to finish the game.”

(on what this game says about QB Russell Wilson) “I think that says he’s an outstanding young man and I think he’s exactly what we thought he was. There’s no sophomore slump for him. Teams are going to figure out that he’s not going to be able to run it every time. He’s not a one-dimensional quarterback. He tries to stay back there and throw it. And as soon as they forgot about his running ability, he took risks; he put his body on the line for the team. He knew we needed him to run. We needed him to get down the field and make some exciting plays. He made some unbelievable plays down the stretch for us. I think that says he loves his team and he does anything for a win. He is a gritty ball player and when you got a guy like that leading your team, you think you can win in any game, any situation, any opportunity you give him the ball, he is going to make something happen.”


(on difference of the defense between the first and second half) “We just played normal. I think that we were just trying to do too much. The guys were playing out of their character. Everybody wanted to make a play so bad, but we settled down. We knew that if we could get back in to the game somehow, we could win and that’s what we did. We just got back to the basics and everybody settled down. On the defensive side of the ball, we shut them out in the second half and that’s how we play ball.”

(on Texans Quarterback Matt Schaub’s interceptions) “I just think that we had a great disguise. We knew that if he got flustered, he would throw some picks to us and we capitalized on every opportunity we had.”

(on interception and catching drills in practice) “I practice every opportunity I can. In the summer I got in with the wideouts and did one-on-ones and routes with them, just to catch the ball as much as possible. I think that is what changes the game because we have guys on the defensive side of the ball that can take it away and also catch. DB’s are known for not catching the ball, but we do a great job here finishing plays like that and taking it to the house.”


(on making the trip to Houston) “We try not to make it a big deal. We tried to get out here a little earlier, and try to adjust to the time change. I don’t know if it took us a while to wake up, but we were not playing the way we were supposed to play. We went into halftime, we talked about it and made our adjustments. We came out and fought our way back.”

(on the Texans offense) “We had to stop the run. In the first half, they were running on us, so it opened up their passing game and their play-action game because we were so concerned about the run. So, once we stopped (the running game), we knew that if they were going to beat us, they would have to pass the ball, and we know how good our secondary is.”

(on the team’s character in making a comeback) “We just wanted to let (the Texans) know that this is a real team, no matter if we are on the road down by 20, we always know we’ll be in it. We always are going to fight.”



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