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September 17, 2014 at 5:44 PM

Quotes from Seattle coach Pete Carroll

Here is the full transcript of what Seattle coach Pete Carroll had to say to the media today:

(Opening) We have a terrific matchup this week coming up. I know a lot of people interested because of how last season ended. The Denver Broncos are off to a great start, they look better than ever, quarterback is on fire, and the defense is getting after it. They just look like a really really complete football team. So we’ve got to get ready and have a great week of work; this starts today, the walk thru was up today. We got going and that’s what we needed but it’s going to take a really good week of preparation to get ready for these guys. I know it’s one, like I said, a lot of people want to see what’s going to happen so I want to see how we play. So we’ll get revved up and should be a great matchup; fortunate to be coming back to CenturyLink and that’s where we’ll get to play this one.

(On how much the Super Bowl information factors into this week) There’s a lot of information that both teams picked up in the long preparation for it. So we’re very familiar with each other. It just makes it a very intricate process of game planning and what to do, and what’s coming up and all that. So it’s an exciting opportunity for the coaches cause we know so much and they [Denver’s coaching staff] know so much so we’re trying to figure out the chess game here. We’ll find out what it all means when you play, but I know they’re real fired up about it and so are we so we’ll see what happens.

(On difference between Broncos 2013 team and now) Well they’ve added a couple guys. I think their style of play seems the same, but they’ve added a couple guys. DeMarcus Ware is a great football player and Von Miller is back. Left tackle [Ryan Clady] is back. So they’ve got some real nice additions. Everyone get some good guys this time of year, but those are real significant players to have back on your team so we know that they’ll be a factor and we’re going to have to handle those guys particularly in terms of pass rush. Both those guys will be on both sides on third down and they’ll be bringing it so that’s a big challenge for us.

(On normalcy of criticism being heightened when someone catches on Richard Sherman) I think it’s pretty normal yeah. I think it amplified because the first week the ball didn’t go his way at all. They just played normal football and a couple plays went that way. He defended some stuff and they got a couple balls, but that’s totally going to happen. I thought that the San Diego guys where on point with it. You hear Philip Rivers talk about it; they just played a regular game plan. They showed respect for the player that Richard is and it worked out pretty normal I think.

(On challenges of the Denver wide receivers) They’re terrific. Their whole system, their function, their tempo, their style of offense, the intricacies, the concepts of route running and all that; really it’s impeccable. They give us every challenge that you could ever want and they’re off to a great start. They’re protecting the quarterback; they’re doing everything right. They’re running the ball; they have a commitment. They’re going after the run game too so that mixture is all there to have to be dealt with. They’ve started really fast in these two games; receivers are on fire coming out. We have to cover them up, we’ll change up; we’ll do the things that we need to do to try and gain an advantage. We need to tackle real well, cover real well, and rush the passer. All the basic stuff is at hand right now.

(On attitude of the team) Serious. Really serious. They’re clued in that they want to put in a really good week right now. We know that we have terrific championship matchup coming up and they want to play really good football. I’m sure that I’m going to see that all during the week and we’ll do it one day at a time; see if we can put together the preparation that demonstrates that.

(On defense having something to prove after loss in San Diego) I don’t think we felt like we played like we can. The third down emphasis was really the story and they did a great job on third down against us an able to keep the club moving. So we got a lot of plays on a very difficult day so it just added up so they’re really anxious to bounce back and show a really good game. It just happens to be the Denver Broncos and Peyton [Manning] so it’s going to be hard.

(On challenges for Marcus Burley) We have so much depth in what we teach at corner and all of the lessons that are there; how you play things, how you react, the style, the way you think. There’s just a lot of background stuff that you just have to scramble to catch up on. Meanwhile, he’s learning the defense, what’s going on, and the game plan. There’s a lot to be crunched in at one time. It’s just going to take a while. He’s a good football player though; we like the way he’s been playing and I’m looking for him to continue to get better. He’s real quick and he’s tough, but there’s a lot of stuff to still teach and to learn.

(On adjusting for Marcus Burley while he catches up) No, he’s kind of got to go on his background and we have to adapt to that as we see a style of play and that’s what we’re doing right now, but now we’re going into Week three so he’s getting around to something. We should be ok here in a couple weeks.

(On does Marcus Burley seem like a rookie) No, he seems beyond that. He doesn’t seem like a first time guy. He’s real serious, he’s real savvy, he applies himself really well. He really fits the mold of a nickel corner. He’s a lot like Walter Thurmond and Jeremy [Lane]; those guys have really good quickness. More so like Walter I think, they have really good quickness in explosion in the small area that you need at this position that he’s going to cover; you know Welker is in there, and he’s as quick as you can get so that’s kind of how that matches up in the nickel spot so he’s kind of fit for that.

(On does he think Wes Welker will be playing) I think so. They’ve done a lot of stuff without three receivers in the first couple games like they did last year when he wasn’t there. So we have to prepare for both cause they could go either way, but certainly he’s a good football player and great part of their offense. We certainly consider he’s going to be out there a lot but we don’t know until we play.

(On team’s response to losses) We haven’t taken any of those losses very well. In a sense that we brushed them off, that hasn’t been the case. We put a lot of work into this with high expectations and standards that we want to play to and when we don’t meet up to our own, it just causes you to want to take a different look at things. You want to get it done and get it right and make sure that we’re doing all the different things that we can do. The process doesn’t change for us and really I’m not going to ask them to do anything different than what we normally do but you can just feel them. You can feel that they want to demonstrate who they are and what they are every time they go out and we can didn’t get that done.

(On Adrian Peterson) I’m focusing on where we are and what we’re doing. I don’t know what’s going on from their end of it. We’re just trying to keep our nose to the grindstone here and take care of our business. I know it’s a lot going on outside and I feel for all the parties involved; hope it works out fine. I got nothing more than that.

(On how big of a challenge is Julius Thomas) He’s really good. He’s a prototype down the field catcher. He can really get you. They’ll use him outside and try to get him on corners or match up the safeties outside with him and throw him stuff that wide receivers usually catch and he can handle it. They know exactly what they have in him and they use the heck out of him and he’s a big force. Every one of their guys seem to be used beautifully; they really get it and do a great job with their guys. Emmanuel Sanders has been a big factor; fourteen catches already; a lot of yards. They really know how to utilize their talent and they do it with him for sure.

(On if he sees similarities of missed tackles from previous games) No, just fundamental stuff. Always working on it and trying to get right. We’ve had some guys that haven’t played a lot of football in camp and been out for a long time. They’re still a couple weeks old in this season and I think they’ll all get better.

(On is there a danger to over-thinking) Always. To me, it’s always a question to how much is the right amount. It’s really easy to do too much because you get really excited about a plan and you want to do this and that. What’s most crucial is what players can execute really well, believe in, and play fast. So that’s the balance that I’ve been looking at as long as I can remember in coaching. We do have a lot of ideas around here; I have a lot of things that come up during the course of the week in preparation. We have to really govern ourselves so that we put the players in best position to play with that great tempo that allows them to play at their best.

(On keys to slowing down Denver in the Super Bowl) Breaking on the football, running and hitting; the kinds of things you do; we play a lot of zone that we had to minimize their catch and run ability. They’re great at that and we did a really good job in that game.

(On difference of the Broncos running game this year) It’s not different. It’s just basically the same. The commitment to it; you can see they’re coming off the ball really well. Their second level blocks are better than I remember than last year; they’re really doing a nice job. I just think it looks like they’ve worked really hard and show the commitment so it looks good. They’re running it hard and tough.

(On Robert Turbin evolving) He’s the best he’s been for all the right reasons. He’s worked really hard, he’s so dedicated to playing ball and being at his best. He’s really working to maximizing his opportunities knowing there not as many as he would like all the time. What a great example of that in the two minute drive before the half. You can totally count on him in everything that we ask a running back to do as far as running routes, catching the ball, running the ball, and then blocking as well. He’s really good at all of it. So he’s doing a good job.

(On Bruce Irvin having a full work load) He did a good job and handled the work load. He’s fine so we’re real pleased with that.

(On did he talk to Richard Sherman about addressing the media) No I haven’t talked to him about that.

(On Christine Michael coming back) He’s practicing full speed today on a limited basis; on a limited amount of plays but we think he’s ready to go. Kevin Pierre-Louis is back to in the same mode and Cooper Helfet will be back today as well. So all those guys are back to full speed. The first day back we always just monitor their reps and then tomorrow we’ll cut them loose.

(On what role Christine Michael steps into) We’ll find out. We love what he’s done; he’s had a great off-season as we’ve said. It’s unfortunate that he got banged up a little bit here, but we’ve been very excited about his play-making ability. He showed well in the preseason when he had his chances so his role would be that if he’s up with us then try to get him in the game and do the things that he does well.

(On Kevin Norwood being up to speed) He’s back. It’s just unfortunate right now. It kills me that we can’t get him out there playing. It’s just that we have pretty good depth at the position. He’s just battling to show his stuff and take advantage of his ops [opportunities]. He’s done everything right. He looks great.

(On challenges of Denver’s secondary with Aqib Talib & T.J. Ward) They’re really good. They playing with a lot of confidence. They break on the football really well. They’re really disciplined about the way that they play. They don’t give you anything. I think the whole team is really structured really well. They know they have this potent offense going and they’re doing a really good job of playing base defense in a way that we admire because we kind of think the same about that. They’re doing a great job back there so far, and we expect it to be hard.

(On defensive similarities of the Broncos) There are some similarities; just that neither one of us pressure a whole lot. We’re not coming after you every snap. They believe in base defense. Jack [Del Rio] has always done a great job of coaching base defense. How they’re doing it now, utilizing their people, it fits really well and it makes it hard on us.

(On managing egos after success) That’s a big part of what goes on all levels; doesn’t matter whether you’re in the NFL or not. It’s keeping things in balance and humility. It’s so powerful when it’s governed well and the guys understand it. I think everybody in coaching deals with that particularly when you have success. So it’s a big issue for all of us.

(On did San Diego help humble the team) We’ll see what happens. That was a difficult loss for us to take because we didn’t like the way we played. That was a game that was in the style that we like to play. We were forced to play with what came to us. So we’re in a two minute mode and that’s not the way we do it. We like to do that because we want to not because we have to. It could be; we’re hopefully making this into a positive and we’re going to get a little bit better and we’re going to improve in the areas that will make a difference. In that regard, we’ll try to take advantage of it.

(On pass rush not getting to Philip Rivers) He did a fantastic job. He’s so adept at just sliding just to stay away from the pressure. We did crush the pocket down pretty well at times; we were pawing at him, he was able to function there and still make the great throws that he made and he also escape really well to add to it. He just played a terrific football game and hopefully we can keep Peyton [Manning] from doing that.

(On his assessment of four man pass rush) We’re coming hard. We’re bringing it. We need a couple more significant plays to complement the secondary play and then the coverage has got to be there to give the rush a chance. So we really feel like right now we got to just work together a little more effectively to maximize both sides of it and that’s kind of how the game goes, but if you’re out of whack and if you’re not covering and the ball’s coming out then you’re not getting there. We need to cover to slow down the quarterback so all that works together.

(On how team has kept great balance since winning Super Bowl) I’ve noted all of the opportunities to evaluate the work ethic and conditioning level. You can only get that by working really hard. All the way along the check marks of the different OTA aspects and phases of the off-season, we really hit and camp was good and sharp. We worked really hard, we’re healthy going into the season for the most part. So that means guys worked really hard and they didn’t have to overcome poor preparation. So all of those, we came out of the chutes really well in the first game and we ran into this game. As always, you can’t tell one week. You have to look back and see how it went, but I’m feeling fine about the way it’s come along to us. I think our attitude, the direction, and the focus of how the guys have talked and handled themselves has been really really sharp so I think we’re in position to handle that well and we’ll find out and talk about it later.

(On this game being a test to treating it as just another game) Yes. Sure it is. It’s also a good test by coming off a game that you’re not satisfied with; not letting that game drag you into the next one. Whether you win or whether you lose. It can factor either way. So hopefully; that’s why we go right back to our routine and we do the things that we do and we use the language and the expectations of this day and we just try to crush it on this day and have a hell of a day and we come back the next day and do it again. I think it’s a really good challenge in that regard because of all of the stuff before.

(On Bryan Walters’ punt returning performance) He did fine. I liked his decisions.


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