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September 22, 2014 at 6:57 PM

Quotes from Seattle coach Pete Carroll

Here’s the transcript of what Seattle coach Pete Carroll had to say to the media today following the team’s 26-20 win over Denver Sunday:

(Opening statement) That was good looking film. We played really hard on defense. I was anxious to see if we would play and look like we played back in the Super Bowl against these guys as far as breaking on the ball and running and hitting. I thought we did better. I really thought that we played routes better and some things that they threw at us. The perimeter screen game, that’s really phenomenal for them, we just really eliminated it. The guys did a fantastic job and gave us a chance to play a dominate day of defensive football. Unfortunately, we had the last drive that we gave up. I was really excited about that. We weren’t happy with what we did the week before and we came roaring right back at them against a fantastic offense. To see us play so hard across the board, the offensive guys did a fine job of playing tough all day long and took advantage of the opportunities. We executed really well at end of the half and OT. There were really special aspects of special teams too so it was a really exciting game for us and fun and against a fantastic opponent like we said last night so we’re very proud of it.

(On what the film showed on what happened in the final drive) We did a really efficient job, Russell [Wilson] lead the way by getting out of trouble when he needed to and he did it exactly right. He got the first-downs and kept us going, threw the ball away patiently and was able to find Percy [Harvin] a couple of times. Just a really good drive in all aspects and we ran the ball in there too. So we kind of hustled it up a little bit and kept the tempo up when we thought it fit and had the exclamation point waiting there when we got down there inside the ten with the running play that scored the touchdown.

(On the Broncos limited big plays during the game and what was the breakdown of them on film)There was one concept that they threw at us that we misplayed. They threw it four times in a row. We stopped the first. The second one got us. The third one we think we’re okay and the fourth one scored the touchdown. It was unfortunate that Marcus [Burley] was all revved up for the scheme, the first one, and that’s when Kam [Chancellor] knocked him out, and then Josh [Thomas] got off the bench and they came right back and hit the exact same play. I gave him a heads up on the way in but it didn’t make any sense. Then they got K.J. [Wright] later on in a similar situation so they did a really nice job. It’s just a raw principle that we didn’t play well and he took advantage of it and did a great job.

(On a couple of the guys saying that that was a concept that they had never seen the Broncos do) No, they had done it. They had done it on 3rd & 14 and 3rd & 17. Two really long yardage situations. They might not have recognized it at that time but they had done it so that’s why we were alerting them that would be the time that it would happen and Marcus [Burley] was back there trying to get back to it. Unfortunately, Josh [Thomas] couldn’t quite get there.

(On the subtleties that Marshawn Lynch does that are harder to see) He has extraordinary control of his ability to move his feet. There are really a couple of cool runs in here where you see him hop over a guy and he’s like a skier, like a slalom skier almost. He can hop out and get back on, sometimes the outside foot, sometimes his inside foot. He will hop from the same foot to the same foot, really unusual foot work that you don’t see many guys have command of. It makes him unusually shifty and then he’s a load and he’s tough and he’s aggressive. He has run so physically, consistently tough in all these starting games. He’s really on it. It’s great we get him to the break now. He will come back and should be in great shape when we return for the Washington game. It takes marvelous instincts and savvy to do what he does. He also has this ability to move laterally and to navigate through issues that very few people do.

(On his philosophy for bye weeks) Yeah, we want to maximize the bye opportunity. That’s what the philosophy is. We really want our guys to rest as much as possible. We want them to get as much down time as we can so we can have a factor coming out of it – fresher legs, the injuries get taken care of, the bumps and bruises go away. We want to make sure that we take care of that. That’s what this time is for. It’s been nine or ten weeks that we’ve been going so we get a good break. People say, ‘well it’s better if it comes later’… Well, we don’t have a choice. We are going to try to make it as good a factor as possible. We will come back and get two days of work before we will break for Wednesday and then we will go right to a normal week so we will have an advantage going into the game. The physical advantages might be the most significant though. We should be up and really on our feet and in great shape.

(On if an early bye vs. a late one changes the way he handles it) Sometimes, it depends on what is going on.Yes, it does. Again, we want to maximize the rest time as best we can.

(On if he usually gives the guys this same block of time off) We did it last year this way exactly. We have done it different ways over time. It really depends on the development of your team too. If it’s a young team, new team, it depends on the guys that you’re playing with. We’ve been around our football for some time now. Our guys know what’s going on. I’m not worried at all about us losing a connection with the notebook and all that kind of time. With a team that you’re just developing you need to take advantage of all of those chances so we would come back maybe on a Thursday or something to get back at it. But most importantly, we have found with our team that we need to keep them fast and keep them fresh and rested. If we do that, they work so hard when we work that they’re in good enough shape and we want them as strong as they can be.

(On Percy Harvin’s impact even when he doesn’t get the ball) It’s pretty obvious that he’s a great threat. He’s an incredible football player and you have to take care of him or he will score touchdowns. In this game, in particular, we were making a big impact on them by moving him through the back field so we tried to take advantage of that. Sometimes you’ll get the ball a lot in those situations and sometimes you won’t. We’re ready to do all of that in every game. We thought we were really getting a good factor and that’s a great job of influencing the play so that worked out well.

(On the first five drives of the second half not being productive and if there was anything consistent that was happening with the offense) I think what was consistent was our inconsistency. We had some troubles. We couldn’t get out from under our own goal line there. The kick-off return comes out to the nine. We get a penalty. We get backed up. We just got in our own way there for whatever reason. It’s an area that we take a lot of pride in doing really well in. The jump off sides, we missed a route and we got sacked. It was an unfortunate set of circumstances that they took advantage of and did a good job to keep us down there. I think Russ [Russell Wilson] talked about the interception, that was the other one, we threw the interception down there and gave them the ball down there on the 19 yard line. He tried to jam one in there which he rarely does and it back fired on us. The field went in their favor because of our mistakes. We got off base a little bit and out of whack. They’re that good that they will take full advantage of it which they did.

(On heading up to this break, if there have been any developments on the team that have been surprising or particularly gratifying) I think the thing going into the early part of the season is we’ve grown. We’re getting wiser with our guys and I say that about [J.R.] Sweezy and James [Carpenter]. Those guys are playing better, more consistent football. Russell [Wilson] is doing the same and I think Turbo [Michael Turbin] and Bobby [Wagner] on the other side and when we get Bruce [Irvin] back into it, you’ll see Bruce as well. They’re growing with the limited experience that they have and in that, I think we’re more able to adjust, more able to anticipate. It helps us play fast. It should really help us as we get into the meat of the season, counting on getting better. I think that’s kind of the natural growth and the progression is showing up.

(On what he knows about this team and what he still needs to learn about them after the tests in the first three weeks that have been thrown at them) Well, we have had tremendous tests. We’ve had just about the best three that you could throw at us, quarterback wise. We learned that when we don’t fly around the field like we normally do we can have a bad day like what happened in San Diego. We couldn’t get our game going the way we wanted to play it. It didn’t look anything at all like what you saw against the Packers or against Denver. We have to maintain that tempo. Our guys tried really hard. They just didn’t have it against San Diego. It didn’t show up. We have a real style that we play to. We have a real mentality that we play to and when we do it, we can control football games. I think we felt that throughout the Denver game. We really felt very much in control in that game. Unfortunately, we let them back into there at the end. We have a lot of confidence. We feel good about what we’re doing. We have a lot of areas to improve at but we do need to stay and play to our style and the format that we have constructed around here.

(On the fumble near the goal line and if Russell Wilson held on to the ball too long) He had it right away then it kind of got moved around a little bit after that. He was laying on the ground. He had the ball and then they worked it away. That’s the way I saw it. I don’t always see it the right way.

(On if there was anything Russell Wilson could have done to avoid fumbling) No, he got hammered. The route got hung up so where he was going to go with the football didn’t happen. He lost sight of what was going on behind him. It was a great pass rush. Really we had time. We had plenty of time to get that off but the route got screwed up and so he got stuck on it.

(On if Tharold Simon has a chance to get back to practice after the break) He’s running today for the first time so we will see how that goes. Those will be day-to-day evaluations. The two weeks really does come at a good time. We will be thrilled to get him back, seems like everything is going well. We won’t know anything though until we get all the back to Washington, Thursday or something like that.

(On Kam Chancellor’s ankle injury) He’s had ankle issues for some time. His ankle really bothered him in the San Diego game; it was on fire. It really got in the way of his play. Fortunately, he had a great week coming back. They found a couple things that they could do to help him. He didn’t practice Wednesday because of his ankle, and after the Wednesday stuff, Thursday was good, Friday was good, and he was ready. He felt great so he was really back to full form but he was really hampered in the San Diego game and it showed. He was regretting the way that came out and he was hoping he could get back. We didn’t have a great outlook going into the week, we weren’t sure, but it just turned really quickly on Thursday and fortunately he came flying back.

(On Kam Chancellor’s ankle being an issue all year) It might be. We’ll see; we managed it really well, maybe we’ll figure something out. We’ll find out.

(On Russell Okung’s injury) He went down and he knew something happened in his shoulder. He got a strain and I think he took the time to really pray and when he jumped up, he felt like his prayers were answered. He felt a lot better than what he thought was happening so he just took his time trying to get through it and in great fashion he came back, finished the game, and did a nice job. It’s really cool how he can bounce back from that.

(On Earl Thomas reversed forced fumbles) I talk to the league about the second one. They really feel like they called that right because they say that the second foot didn’t get down before he had a chance to make a football move. So I guess that really what defines what happens here; you have to get both feet on the ground and then you see the football move cause he was turning; that’s what I was gripping about and I was also told that he didn’t get either foot down. So I had a big gripe with that because I thought both feet were on the ground which I was wrong. Anyway, they cleared it up and the call is fairly routine for them because both feet weren’t on the ground. Earl had a big impact on the first fumble of course and that would have been an incredible play also to knock that ball loose. It’s something we’ve been working so hard at and he was really focused in on it; too bad the play didn’t happen. His attitude and character in that game was obvious, he was busting it man. He was flying around, hitting, and tackling; took care of the middle all day long and did a great job of not allowing them get the ball down field on us. He was really in it.

(On reaching for red flag on first drive) Yes. I was ready to go. The guys upstairs couldn’t see it. I should have thrown it; really I should have thrown it just because that’s the way I like to battle. I would have given it up just to try. As I look at it now, I’m really upset I didn’t throw it because I think he was laying on top of guys and his knees weren’t on the ground. I definitely saw the ball getting to the goal line, so often in these spot fouls they don’t give you much latitude here. So they might not have, because they wouldn’t have been able to see but it look like he was on top of guys as he was sticking the ball out. I wish like crazy I would have done that, but I was there; I was poised and ready to check it but we couldn’t get verification and they couldn’t; the guys saw what they saw. There was no way to verify, I should have just done it on the gut.

(On reason he didn’t throw it because it was only 3rd & goal) No, it had nothing to do with that. We just couldn’t get a verification that was worth doing. So I was just going to chuck it away.

(On defensive line coming along) Yes, we’re getting a good mix. We’re really rotating the guys well and everybody contributing. We’re really excited to see Cassius [Marsh] had some really nice plays in there and I thought the fellas did a really nice job. Kevin [Williams] continues to really add to it. He’s doing a great job and Jordan Hill got his plays. O’Brien Schofield played very well; very active in the game. So that’s fantastic to have all those guys contributing cause Mikey [Michael Bennett] has some good rushes, and Cliff [Avril] was coming off the edge and doing his stuff too. We’ll just keep mixing them and we’ll look for matchups as we go through the schedule and see how other players are playing against and see how we do it. We do have flexibility now and even though the one sack wasn’t the glaring thing for us, we thought that we knocked him around pretty well.

(On Ricardo Lockette’s pass interference on Aqib Talib) He [Aqib Talib] just instinctively jumped the route. He had a sense for it and went for it. Ricardo did a great job to keep him from intercepting the football. We been praising him for that; sometimes they have to go on defense and if that’s what he had to do, it was worth it.

(On Ricardo Lockette’s progression) He’s made so much improvement. He’s gone so far that the amazing thing about Ricardo is that he showed in the combine workout; phenomenal workout we thought. I thought he had as good a workout as anybody there. Nobody knew who he was or where he came from or anything. We loved his workout; size, strength, speed, catching, everything and once we got him, we found out he had a lot to learn. He was kind of a workout guy at the time and didn’t have a lot of experience behind him. It’s just been a long long road to get to here. He’s been with us for a long time; he left us and came back. He learned from everything that’s gone on. He’s matured so much in terms of how he applies himself. He’s an incredible athlete and he’s showing it on special teams most pointedly. He’s one of the biggest factors that you can find. He’s just so extraordinarily fast and he would tell you that he ran ten flat, which I verified that he didn’t. He might have done that in a workout in a junior college or something like that, but he’s really, really fast. He’s got great football speed and he’s real tough; really tough. He’s a marvelous competitor and we’re really excited about him. He made a great play on offense too; a couple big plays on offense.

(On Russell Wilson) He’s just a baller. Great decision making, great timing, great poise and calm about making the most of each situation. He scrambled a few times, he threw the ball away, he made great choices, delivered the balls on the ones we needed him too, converted on the third downs. He’s just a really good football player. He’s so likely to make the right choice that’s why he’s been so effective.

(On ever having a player get engaged after a game before) No, that’s the first time. Really good to show the sensitive side of the Seahawks. Romantics still live strong here in the Northwest.

(On Jeremy Lane’s being on track to coming back) Yes, that’s really likely he’ll be ready to get out on time. Everything is going fine.

(On his assessment of the secondary) I praise the corners in a meeting today just because they play so aggressive throughout. They were really tough, they kept challenging routes. They were all over; every ball that was thrown near them, they were all over it. Richard [Sherman] played terrific and Maxi [Byron Maxwell], I thought, played terrific. They couldn’t get up on them on deep balls when they took their shots. When they ran down the field, they were in great position. They continued to challenge at the line of scrimmage, challenge every route, and stay on the deep ball which that is what you’re looking for. They’re always going to catch some balls and you know Peyton [Manning] threw some great passes and some of the timing was exquisite on a couple of them. Maxi’s hanging all over him and they still made the catch, but that’s really good ball. Maxi’s playing great; I think he’s doing a terrific job. What a wonder kid at handling it. He’s really confident, he’s very poised, he does not get rattled with guys coming his way. He’s had a lot of balls come his way already. He’s handling great so I’m really fired up for him.

(On Heath Farewell remaining with the team and helping out as a coach this season) When he first came here, in our conversation, we talked about him being a coach someday. So at the time I told him, ‘Ok, I going to talk to you a little differently than other guys.’ ‘I’m going to drop stuff on you as we go through it and give you some insights and things as we’re going along.’ So it started kind of down that road and it’s been in my mind that this could happen. I think he’s a natural; he loves the game, he’s just a football guy at heart. He’s really a smart football player, savvy guy, has really worked hard to understand the game from a player’s perceptive. Now, he offers younger guys that perspective, as well as what we can instill in him as he’s moving along. He’ll be a great coach.

(On how it came about) It just fell right in line; we didn’t want to lose him, we like him being around here. I think he could add his spirit and what he brings to the game could be shared with younger players and it could be very affective.

(On special teams) Our guys have really stepped up and done a great job. All kinds of guys are contributing; Mike Morgan and Derrick Coleman have been great. [DeShawn] Shead has been great on teams; Ricardo [Lockette] has been fantastic. As a matter of fact, Kevin Pierre-Louis had a really, really good game yesterday for us in his first time out there and we’re really excited about him. He played in a variety of spots. Brock [Coyle] has done a rally good job. Guys have really jumped into these roles. I do think that having Heath [Farewell] around is a part of transferring the importance of special teams on to these young guys and how they can approach it and the outlook that it takes to be an effective special teams guy. Heath lives that; we’ll he’s been able to convey that to some guys and with these new opportunities, this early in the season, they’re already playing better than some of the young guys that will play because they’re not making mistakes and they’re really heady and he’s been a factor there. So we’ve gotten really good play and the transition from the guys that we’ve lost, it’s been handled ok so far.

(On Ricardo Lockette’s forcing a fair catch) That’s big time. It was 5.33 hang time we had on it. So he gave him a chance. So that means Lock can run, might be a ten flat in there somewhere. No, but what a wonderful asset. If you want to see Lock, watch him on one of the kickoffs. Holy micromole! When we kick the ball out of bounds, out of the end zone the whole day but he was flying there too. He’s a problem. He’s going to cause teams problems. It’s not just his speed, it’s his willingness to be so consistently tough and go after it that adds together that makes him a really special force.

(On decision on letting Jon Ryan boot it or hang it) It’s really field position and the condition. He’s looking to put the ball inside the ten yard line whenever he can so as we move it back, just depends on what the distance is. So he’s on it and he’s better than we are at it. We pretty much count on him. It’s time we talk about it with particular returners and things like that but basically he plays his game. I think he hit one in Sand Diego, he bombed one that went into the end zone, it happens so rarely. We hardly ever see that happen. I think he averaged 50 something in this game, which is crazy. The best one was the 80 yarder, we counted 80 yards, we thought the guy had his foot on the goal line, 80 yard kick. Remarkable.



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