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October 8, 2014 at 7:08 PM

Quotes from Seattle Seahawks coach Pete Carroll

You want it, we’ve got it — the official transcript of what Seattle coach Pete Carroll had to say to the media today, reviewing Monday night’s win over Washington and previewing Sunday’s game against Dallas:

(Opening) Just because we got back so late, we didn’t talk about the game. I’ll just give you a couple shots: We’re really happy we played so hard in the game. We were a little over anxious and a little sloppy at the line of scrimmage and that really kind of marred the game, but the most important thing we wanted to get done was come out of the bye and play really hard, fast, and tough and I think we did that. Things that we need to clean up, we’re all over it today and the players are taking accountability for being sharper, but we’re fired up. We made it through the bye and we come out of this thing with a chance to get on kind of on a normal schedule from this point forward; Sundays to Sundays, and that’ll feel pretty good here as we get rolling. We came out of it in pretty good shape; Max [Unger] strained his foot, we’ll have to see him day-to-day; see how that goes. Alvin Bailey; we’re still waiting see how he comes back; he’s kind of on a day-to-day watch too. Other than that, we’re in pretty good shape and we look forward to getting ready and cranked up for coming home. Dallas is playing great football, they’re flying high; they’ve shown the dynamic football team they can be in so many ways. They’re really fast, they are playing really tough on offense; they’re running the ball very well. Of course, we all know that Tony [Romo] is going to do a great job with his receivers and Dez [Bryant], and [Jason] Witten. The running has been good for years now, but it’s just right on it. So you mix that with this defense that’s really improved and really flying around playing hard, it makes them very difficult. Obviously, they’re beating everybody with four wins in a row. So we have to be on our best and it’s going to be a great matchup for us.

(On replacing Max Unger) You’ll see what’s going on here after today. There are a couple things we have to take a look at.

(On speaking with the NFL about penalties from the Washington game) No, I haven’t heard back from them; which ones you want to talk about? I saw Dean Blandino talking about James’ [Carpenter] penalty on TV so they’ve obviously already concurred with that thought, but I haven’t heard about the motion one on Percy [Harvin], I don’t know anything about that yet.

(On being over-anxious on the line of scrimmage) I think we were jumpy, we were really anxious to get going and it took us a long time to get settled in and we were very sloppy. Really, it was eight penalties at the line of scrimmage; that’s just far too many for a team that expects to play well.

(On Dallas’ offensive line) Well they’re going to get so much better as they grow together with just the young group, but they’ve made an obvious commitment; Zack [Martin] looks like he’s going well and [Travis] Frederick is good, and we already know about Tyron[Smith] and the rest of those guys; they’re playing. They’re running game is very consistent and they’re very strong upfront and they’re just going to improve like crazy. We’re fortunate we’re getting them this early cause a year from now or by the end of this season, these guys are really going to be something.

(On DeMarco Murray) He’s really special and he continues to break really solid tackles; guys have him and he keeps on moving, and keeps on going. He’s got enough speed to run around you, and set you down and bust away from you. He runs through tackles, he runs up inside very well, he’s good on the perimeter, he’s a really good straight-arm guy; they get the ball to him some on the passing game too and he’s really tough to just deal with and you wonder why the guys aren’t in good shape on their tackles; they can’t get him down, he’s got extraordinary running ability and sense and all; he can break those tackles. So it’s going to be a great challenge for us and we had a really cool week of preparing for the run this last week; hopefully that will help us, you know Alfred Morris is a terrific player and we worked really hard to do that; well, we’re going to have to do that exact same thing again and see if we can pull it off and slow them down.

(On Dez Bryant) He’s a marvelous player. He can make all the plays; he’s really strong; probably the thing that separates him is his strength cause he’s got terrific speed, he’s got great catching ability, range and etc., but he’s stronger than most guys so guys kind of drip off and like the great catch he made at the end of the game this past week, that’s just muscling through the play because the ball should’ve been knocked out, but he found a way to make a phenomenal catch to set up their win.

(On expectations of Seahawks offensive line) I think we’re still growing. I don’t feel like we have it nailed yet. We’re getting pretty good yardage in the running game and we’re being pretty resourceful to get that done. I think we’ll do better in pass protection as we go, but we’re playing good solid football but with a lot of room for improvement.

(On defense’s miscues on takeaways) Unbelievable; we had three balls that were there just this week: Earl [Thomas] had one; Bobby [Wagner] had one, the fumble that K.J. [Wright] knocked out just this week. Last week, was the same situation; we were three or four balls away from having a big, big day and they were right there for us. So we’re hoping that we’ll keep with it and keep attacking the football; we kind of got this feeling that they comes in bunches so if we can get this thing going, it can really make a big difference cause we’re really playing without the turnover factor in our favor. Offense is doing a marvelous job of taking care of the ball. The running backs; Marshawn [Lynch], the receivers have done a great job, and Russell [Wilson] continues to do a good job. So that part is in line, just hasn’t come our way yet and they’re there so we’ll keep busting trying to make the plays happen.

(On front seven doing anything different to stop the run) No; I do feel like the continuity of our guys, and the familiarity of what we’re trying to get done, Brandon [Mebane] may be playing the best he’s played. He may be at the top of his game right now. Tony [McDaniel] played really well last week too and Kevin [Williams] in his spots; those guys are really strong upfront; they allowed Bobby [Wagner] and K.J. [Wright] to just make all kinds of plays and Bruce [Irvin] was a factor. The whole front group is functioning really well; we’re not doing a lot of special stuff, we’re just trying to play really good base defense and great technique and play really solid ball there. So I think it’s just a continuation a little bit; we’ll see how it goes, we’re just a few weeks into it right now.

(On does he think Bobby Wagner is playing well) He is; he’s making all kinds of things happen. He’s playing with speed, he’s playing physically, and making his hits; just been really on the spot with his fits to a great extent and I think everyone is fitting together. I don’t think there is any one guy, although I think [Brandon] Mebane up front is doing a great job to get the thing started, but everybody’s playing from inside out very well. It’s great to have Kam [Chancellor] there involved too; he’s a terrific run defender to complement the front seven.

(On Malcolm Smith not playing) We wanted to play Bruce [Irvin] and see what happened; he played really well. I think Bruce played about 35 plays in the game; which was really good for bringing him back in and we just went that way in this game plan. Ready to rotate it, but he was doing so well; we left K.J. [Wright] at Will and it worked out fine.

(On Bruce Irvin improvement defending the run) He’s a good edge player. He’s just getting back and getting started again. He’s got good length to him, he strikes real well, his quickness helps him too getting off blocks; he had two or three really magnificent plays on the edge this past week and the speed thing always helps him pursuit, but he’s quick to strike and get into guys too so I’m really excited about the way he played his first time out and he was too; he felt really good about his contribution and we know that he’s going to continue to get better.

(On how much opposing teams using more quick passing game has more affect to slow down sacks) It is to some extent; it isn’t always a factor. Some games quarterbacks are really fast; we’ve played Peyton [Manning] and some of the guys that really get the ball out in a hurry, you just can’t get there. I don’t think we’ve worked together well enough; really our ability to set up the rush, and the rush’s ability to set up faulty play by the quarterback is really where the ball comes out; it’s where you get your plays. It hasn’t happen as much as we like so we’re working at it; we’re close though and it’ll be really cool to get back here at the stadium; we know what we’re doing with our guys now, we have everybody upfront together; you know Bruce [Irvin] will be part of the rush group, and I’m hoping that we can get better and show some improvement and making some things happen.

(On Tyron Smith development at USC camp) When he was 16, he came to camp and he looked like he was 30. He was just a grown man; he was a grown man, physically fit, he was just unbelievably developed as a young guy. At times, we weren’t sure what position he would wind up playing because he was such a marvelous athlete; played tackle and that’s where he wound up of course, but he’s just an amazing athlete. He’s got tremendous proportion to him; he’s lean like a defensive back but just in an oversized body. He’s having a great start to his career; he’s really rolling and it’s great to see him doing it.

(On any concerns about secondary on DeSean Jackson’s corner route) There’s always concern. We’re always tuned into it; that was a magnificent throw and catch. Both Earl [Thomas] and [Byron] Maxwell thought they were going to intercept the ball and it just kept going and he just kept running and they just couldn’t get to it. Again, even going back and studying it, there was nothing they could have done differently but they couldn’t have imagined that the ball could continue to fly. It looks like it just kept going and DeSean [Jackson] made a great play on it.

(On DeSean Jackson’s 1st deep catch) The first one was a coverage situation and the scramble messed us up a little bit. The guy got out and got us stretched a little bit out of whack. Really, Richard [Sherman] was in a half field situation back there that he’s not in very often; it’s a very difficult situation and another great throw to one of the fastest guys you’re going to face; made a play you couldn’t make, but that was a little my fault, I shouldn’t have put him there.

(On Russell Wilson) He played a marvelous football game; he really just did everything a guy could do. We were the beneficiary of a really good plan in terms of the quarterback runs that came off the run game. He didn’t have to do any of that on his own; really stuff was called for him and he had to make the right read and the right option. The scrambles really that’s a whole different story now; throwing play turns into a running play and he was magnificent there. He just got in that flow; he passed up some opportunities to throw the ball because there was so much space to securely run the ball and make a lot of yards and he did a great job with it; that’s not going to be like that every game and it just was this week. He took full advantage of it; he was just right on the money with making great choices and decisions and took care of the football marvelously. Again, gave us a great chance to win.

(On Russell Okung injury) Just like any guy coming out, he’s a little banged up at times. He’s not at his 100%, but he’s plenty good enough to play and he’s doing a good job at busting it. He was going to be behind for a while; he went through the whole off-season of not working and not being able to do the stuff that a normal guy does so I’m hoping that he’ll continue to improve as we go through the middle part of this season.

(On Russell Wilson needing to prove that he can make good decisions when running the ball) If he did, he proved it a long time ago; it wasn’t like this week or anything. He’s demonstrated that he understands and he gets it and he does have a knack; you give him the space out there, he can take it; he knows how to figure that out, maybe better than I can tell you. He’s got a since about it so we put him in a situation where he has a skill, and he’s exercised it really well. It isn’t always going to be like that but the coaches did a nice job in the plan; we lost a couple carries to Marshawn [Lynch] in that game because of it but we were making ten yards a shot so it worked out well and I think it influenced the game pretty much.

(On coaching him on scrambling to throw) No; he came to us like that. He already had that sense about him. We might have amplified how important it is to take care of himself, don’t take chances running the football up in there, and we’ve been real empathic about that since the day he’s got here, but the sense to get out of that one and to find Cooper [Helfet] 30 yards down the field, threw a strike run to his left with a guy pressing him, I think he was doing that back in the days. So that’s just a marvelous part of his make-up and we’ve encouraged our entire offense to play to that; when the play does break down and it does change, we want to kick into the scramble mode and try to really strike you. I think it’s a really good idea to do that and that’s a good example of it; not to mention the other little ones: the one he threw to Luke [Wilson], and the one that he got to Marshawn [Lynch]; those were great plays too. He really came here with that skill.

(On Tharold Simon injury status) Tharold is really getting close. Tharold and Jeremy [Lane] are both racing to get back. Zach [Miller] he’s in the normal process of getting there; it’s going to be a couple weeks past this time but everything is going well so far.

(On Byron Maxwell) I think Maxi’s playing terrific. He’s done a great job; he had one of the best plays in the game, I don’t know if you guys noticed it, on a second down play when he makes a tackle right in front of the sticks when they were backed up; great hit, great tackle to knock him down so we had a third and short situation that we wanted and had a big tackle for loss. He’s doing it on both ends; in the run game and down field. He’s had a lot of plays come his way; had a lot of activity and he’s been up to it.

(On quarterly assessment of team so far) We just finished the first quarter and to be in the top of the fight for the division, that’s a good spot for us. We get to play everybody that’s involved so that will all take care of itself. Really disappointed that we were so far off down in San Diego; that one’s not going away; I’m going to kind of carry that one for a long time because we just weren’t right. All in all, we played a lot of really god football and we’re doing a lot of really good things. I’m really fired up about the kicking game; our ability to play with [Steven] Hauschka; how he’s doing, with the way Jon Ryan is firing it down there and even in our returns and the factor in the return game that Percy [Harvin] has had is marvelous for us. So that’s there; it’s just a lot of really positive things I think that have happened so far and I don’t think we’re showing any wear about last year or any of that kind of stuff; I think we’re all playing football and we’re taking it one big game at a time and focusing in that manner; that was really important to capture that and that doesn’t mean you have it forever but we have it at this point and we’ll prove it again this week by playing well against Dallas. So I think we’re in good shape right now.

(On Marshawn Lynch back injury status) Yes; he went through the walk-thru today. He looked fine.

(On Steve Schilling filling in for Max Unger if Unger can’t go) He’s ready to go. He’s had a great off-season with us. We’ve been really, really excited about his play and so if he gets a chance to play this week, we can expect him to play really well.

(On having quarterback extend plays like this, do you have to teach receivers different tactics) What we do is really emphasize effort. What happens is they start to run a regular play and then something happened and they aren’t quite sure what it is and then okay he’s going one way or another and now they have to bust in to a full speed mode again after already having an extended play. We’re just looking for our guys to just buy into the effort part of that and making themselves available for a big play because we all know it’s happening. Something good is going to happen if they work to get open. It’s just that emphasis. It’s nothing new or different it’s just so obvious to us that we have that factor on our side. So we’re trying to do well with that.

(On Dallas offensive line of young guys maturing at once) No, it hasn’t happened all at once. They’ve been growing. Zack Martin is the new guy this year. You’ve got to admire the commitment that they’ve made. They made an enormous commitment to take three number one picks and go to the offensive line with them. I know they’ve got to be thinking of the great years when they had an incredible offensive line, in the day they were just unbelievable up front and they’ve made that effort to recapture that. They’ve got the X, they’ve got the tailbacks, they’ve got the quarterback, it’s a lot like the formula that they had in years past. I’m sure they’d love to see that come together. It sure looks like it is.

(On using Gary Gilliam as a third tackle) Yeah he did. He’s a part of the plan. We just didn’t go to it in the game. He’s ready to play.

(On the challenge of QB Tony Romo compared to other quarterbacks) It’s much the same as you know you have a guy that can get it done. He can just do it. He can throw for 400 on a day and the games never over when he has a shot. He’s a little different, more mobile. More creative in his ways to find receivers. He can get out of trouble magnificently. He had a great one against JJ Watt. Watt had him dead and somehow he got out. It’s really cool to look at him just barely peek out around the corner of his eye to see him come and how he found a way to do that. That element that he adds to their game you know, in that sense. But he’s big time productive can get it done and as cool as a quarterback can play.

(On if he looked at Zack Martin at all and projected him as a guard) Yeah we didn’t think we’d ever get a shot out of him. But we did look at him. We thought he was a fantastic player.




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