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October 27, 2014 at 7:41 PM

Quotes from Seattle Seahawks coach Pete Carroll

Seattle coach Pete Carroll had a lot to say Monday following the team’s 13-9 win at Carolina that improved the Seahawks’ record to 4-3 and snapped a two-game losing streak. Here’s the official transcript:

(Opening statement) After watching the film, I saw a really complete effort by our guys in terms of playing tough and getting after it from really start to finish. It was a game that was exactly like the other games. It was like ground hog day. We’ve played three years here and we played all these games right down to the nub. We’ve been very fortunate to get away with tough, hard-earned, late, fourth quarter wins and this was just another one. It was really exciting to see us play tough, hang tough through the mistakes and the issues and whatever problems occur and then finish with a real sense of completing the job. Offense got it done with a great drive. Defense got it done by not giving them a chance to get started in the final drive. We’ve seen so many games where in that last minute everything goes crazy and games go every which way. So we’re really proud of that so it’s a good win for us, a good tough win and we’re ready to get back home for a couple weeks and get this thing going again here.

(On how the touchdown drive looked on film) It looked like many other drives where we mixed the run well. It was 4:37 when we got the ball and we were patient enough to run the football. Marshawn [Lynch] had maybe three runs for first downs. Russell [Wilson] had a couple runs for first downs and mixed the throwing in just enough to keep it going and did a good job managing the clock with it. We knew what we were doing time wise and we were very aggressive in our thought that we were going to go for it. We weren’t just trying to see what happens. We were going to try to go score a touchdown if we could. So it was really carried out very similar as we’ve seen other drives in that situation.

(On having success on those late-half drives and why some of the others drives don’t go as smoothly sometimes) No, I really don’t have a good one for you because if we did we would do that in the same fashion every time. But we did have a really good drive at the end of the half and should have got in the end zone there, made a mistake and didn’t. Yeah, it’s been familiar to us to work well in those situations.

(On how much of a bonus was it on that last drive that the rookies had most of the plays) Yeah, it really was a point of emphasis in our team meeting today that a lot of young guys have come through and done a really nice job. It’s really fallen into the formula that we’ve always looked to – is you play your young guys early and by mid-season they’re playing like regulars. As we turn the corner here, game eight, we will have a lot of young guys that have played. They’ve been called on to play frontline stuff and so as we go down the stretch, they will be a big factor in helping us. We have five or six guys that will come back that are starters here in the next couple weeks and we will be better because of it. It was really cool to see those guys play and do their stuff. We’ve always tried to nurture it to happen that way and this year, a little bit more, we had to but the guys have come through well.

(On if any starters will be back this week and an injury update on Zach Miller and Bobby Wagner) Zach had a meeting with the doctors out there as did Bobby. Both those guys got updated on their progress and where they’re going. We were not given a timeline for them. Neither one of those guys are ready to come back this week. So we will have to wait and see what happens with those guys. Max Unger has a chance this week to get back to us. We will see what Byron Maxwell can do. Jordan Hill, we will see if he can get back. We have some guys on the verge. Jeremy Lane will come back a week from now. We will be obviously very happy to welcome those guys back out and help us compete and all so it’s going to be a boost. But really I think Bobby Wagner and Zach are the guys that are going to be awhile.

(On if Bryan Walters will be back this week) Good chance, good chance. He looks good today.

(On with what he saw with Paul Richardson at kick return and what he will do with kick return at this stage) We will wait and see. Paul had one to break it in then number two he hit it pretty good. He really tore it up in there. It was exciting to see. You can see the burst. He has extraordinary speed and he went for it so he’s in the running. He’s been back there all year long working at it. It was great to see him have the chance and do something with it so we’re encouraged. We would not hesitate to have him back there.

(On Malcolm Smith’s groin injury) Yeah, he has a groin thing that we have to wait and see how he responds. It was a mild groin strain and don’t really have a timeline yet. We will see when we get back Wednesday and figure it out from there.

(On if James Carpenter is okay) So far. I talked to him this morning. He felt okay. We will see how he does. He had back spasms.

(On Jeron Johnson’s injury) We will have to wait and see how he does. He’s going to go through the protocol for the concussion stuff and he got banged in a couple other spots too but we will see how he does. We don’t know right now. Bryan Walters has to get through the same protocol as well.

(On how Kevin Pierre-Louis looked in the game) He did really well. He had four plays that really stood out. He’s really fast. He showed it in pursuit. He tackled a guy in a screen, running through on a blitz, had a couple of other plays just covering ground. He really looked exciting for us to see. He’s comfortable with the scheme. He will get a ton better but he did very, very well for this time. If Malcolm [Smith] couldn’t play, Kevin would have a chance to play a lot of football for us.

(On the reports Sunday morning concerning Marshawn Lynch and that the Seahawks are supposedly tired of his act and what he has to say about it) I have nothing to say about that because there’s nothing to that. I have no idea where that came from. We have nothing to say about that. At this point I don’t think it behooves us to try and respond to all of these kinds of things in the locker room. Our players have told you how they feel, our coaches have told you how we feel about it and were in a really good place right now. It’s just not worth it so there’s nothing to that at all. I don’t know where that came from.

(On if he would say he gets a chance to talk to Marshawn Lynch regularly or infrequently) Whenever I need to. Look, what do you want me to say? Are you asking me about my personal relationship with my players now? We’re doing great. Everything is going great. He’s doing fine. He works his tail off. I report about him all the time because he’s done such a great job. Since the day he got back here, he looked terrific. He returned in great shape. He has busted his tail. He has done everything we have asked of him.We have a whole process of how we bring him back every week. We have managed that great. Our trainers do a great job with him. He’s always ready to play and he’s played his tail off so he’s doing great.

(On if it’s safe to say that Marshawn Lynch will be here past the trade deadline tomorrow) Yeah, go ahead. You can go with that.

(On if in the last couple of weeks it has felt more normal setting up Marshawn Lynch’s running and setting up everything else) I liked it a lot more last week. I thought we were more on it. It was harder this week. We did have to just grind away. This was one of those games, because of the way we went three and out the first two times and they moved the football the first two times, immediately it hit me that this is one of those games that we could get to the end of the first half and not have had a lot of opportunity to mix the offense and I said something to Bev [Darrell Bevell] and to Tom [Cable]. Not that we could do anything about it at the time, but let’s just be conscious of it so we don’t get anxious and all of a sudden we’re throwing the ball every snap to try and catch up. The score was under control there. It wasn’t out of whack at all. Everybody was real patient about it and we got back to our rhythm. We found a way to mix it and move the ball a little bit and win it. We really had tremendous chances to score a lot of points and screwed up in the red zone and unfortunately we weren’t able to take advantage of it but we felt good about our ability to move it so that’s a couple week in a row. I’m really hoping we can continue to build and find the comfort of that. As your saying, felt it really take a jump last week. I like the guys in our spots. We’re very familiar, very comfortable with how we’re using the receivers and fitting guys in with the rotations and all that so we just have to keep growing and see if we can continue to catch on here.

(On with placing Derrick Coleman on IR what is the fullback situation going forward and if he feels comfortable with Robert Turbin being there throughout) Okay, first off, Robert is fitting in. He’s working at it and we are going to see how this thing comes together here in a couple of weeks. We like our tight ends. We will move those guys in and out and do their stuff there. We will use Robert at times. Robert is still a tailback for us but he can play fullback for us. We will progress as we can. If there was a fullback out there that could jump right in and play for us right now, we would have already made that move so we’re going with the guys that we already have that we really like. We have plenty of offense. But I really like when Turbo [Robert Turbin] is on the field and Marshawn [Lynch] is on the field at the same time. We like the flexibility and the things that we can do with that. We will continue to work that out. Meanwhile, Robert will continue to grow at the position. He totally knows what we’re asking of the spot, he just needs reps so instead of force feeding it right now we are going to keep growing as we can and see how it all comes together and how it mixes.

(On if it takes anything out of the playbook having Robert Turbin there instead of having a Michael Robinson or Derrick Coleman type there) No, not at this point. We haven’t eliminated anything at this point.

(On how important it is for the long term success is getting the young guys in early and getting them contributing) It’s really important. It really is. Like I said, the fact that we’ve been able to use these guys early now allows us to feel and they feel also like they’re part of the mix. You saw us, we were interchanging guys and moving them in and out and that’s a big asset as you go through the second half of the season. If you get to the midway point and you haven’t started, now you have to start the process maybe because you are forced by an injury. I think it keeps you behind how you could normally progress. We’ve been doing this for years. It’s going back to playing freshman. It’s the same old deal. We’ve never hesitated to do this if we can make it happen and there’s always been a big benefit so like I said this should really help us.

(On how he has felt about Christine Michael the past couple of weeks) Good, really good to get him going. It’s good to get him in the mix and hopefully we will continue to be able to make good sense of how to mix those guys. It’s been adjusted a little bit because of Robert’s play at fullback so Christine has done a good job with the chances he’s able. Hopefully he will get some more shots.

(On if Marshawn Lynch was being used as more of a receiver yesterday or if that’s just how it worked out) No, it just kind of worked out that way. Of course the goal line pass, that was one that was designed to go that way. He was involved in some check-downs and stuff and Russell [Wilson] just found him. It wasn’t any more than normal. He’s always involved in the passing game. He’s a very good receiver for us.

(On if he feels like it was a good day for the pass rush even before the two sacks) Absolutely. Yeah, this was a better day of pressuring the quarterback for us across the board. We moved him early. His numbers again, weren’t the kind that he sometimes puts up. I felt like the four man stuff was good. The pressure stuff worked out well and it gave us a better rhythm, a better feel in the game so I really liked the way it went. When it came right down to it in the last drive, when we needed to rush four guys, the guys just roared off the football and Bruce [Irvin] had a great finish to that game. Cliff [Avril] started it off with a great first rush and then Bruce came back, ‘bang, bang’ and then they kind of screened us on that last one but that’s exactly how you hope it goes. You want to be able to pressure them when you want to and then when you need to the four man is there. I thought that Michael Bennett had some great rushes. All of the guys that contributed were there but I thought Cliff and Bruce and Michael were really the most effective and hopefully we can continue working that way.

(On Gregg Scruggs getting to play) Yes he’s been right there in the mix of it—in the pure four man stuff, he had a really nice play on the interception. He’s tripping up the quarterback as the ball gets flipped and he’s banging away at it. I think the other guys stood out but he needs to just keep charging at it and being a constant factor.

(On Kevin Norwood and Paul Richardson playing) Yes it’s all part of the young guys contributing. You can see that they just fit right in; they can do regular stuff—they can block, they can make the tough catches, they can catch the ball on critical downs with the chance to make third downs. Norwood right off the bat, I think the second or third down we had, he’s getting a shot at it. We feel very confident in those kids, they’ve really earned it by the way they work—they’ve really done a great job so it’s a big positive for us.

(On Cliff Avril) I think the whole group was really determined and we mixed it, we rotated, we did all the things we had hoped to do and things seem to fit real well. It’s one game but that was a really big statement for those guys. Like I said, Cliff, Bruce [Irvin], and Michael [Bennett] really led the way I think—they found how difficult it is to sack Cam [Newton]. He’s very very hard to get down. We had three or four different shots that normal guys would probably go down but he’s up running around trying to make something happen. So it was a good day of work for those guys.

(On is he surprised that people are going after Richard Sherman) No that’s football—what’s surprising is they don’t. I think it’s the other way around—I think it’s kind of almost normal; he had a deep ball thrown at him and he had a shot at it in the one on one situation up the sideline. He’s probably had ten times as many in other seasons—so I don’t know how it’s going to go, but this is more normal than the other stuff.

(On Richard Sherman shadowing Kelvin Benjamin) We just thought that the ball goes there so much and he’s such a unique factor, that he would have the most experience in doing that—taking care of business. Either way, a lot of times it flipped where I’ll other corner Tharold [Simon] would end up on [Greg] Olsen—we thought that was a big matchup too. Tharold’s nobody to back off of—he’s as big as you can get in a corner and we’d do fine there too. We just thought it might work with the percentages with how they were throwing the ball.

(On Tharold Simon played) He did fine—he made it through the whole game; he was still in there so that was good. He’s learning so much and he has a lot of responsibility—he really does and he senses that and he’s trying doing everything that he can complement our play and do things right but as quiet as his game was, that’s a good game for a corner. He had the one shot where the ball snuck into him and he didn’t see the ball coming in and he missed a chance at a pick but other than that he was very solid—he tackled real well and did a good job.

(On Tharold Simon being the reason Greg Olsen only got targeted three times) Well no because he didn’t have him all the time—it depended on the formations and stuff. He has been a huge factor in their offense and that was a big plus that he wasn’t in this game. Kam Chancellor winds up on him quite a bit in this game as does K.J. [Wright] was around him too at times. So it mixed around—it wasn’t any one guy that took him.

(On how much Kam Chancellor’s injury played a factor) I think he’s fine and he’ll tell you he’s fine. He’s feeling ok—I checked with him coming off the bus last night and he feels ok. He has had some stuff and some issues—we had to keep him out of practice to keep him right with getting his ankles right and all that but he’s doing fine.

(On him talking to the team about distractions) When some stuff hit a couple weeks ago or this whole story kind of started, we brought it up and just reminded them that there’s more to come and this is just what happens—it comes along with what the accomplishments bring. So we did talk about it a bit—more than anything, I’ve talked to a lot of guys individually and just worked the plain; in the locker room and the chow hall just to make sure that everybody feels comfortable and everybody has expressed if they have any concerns. We’re more concerned with the concerns about them than them—they’re fine. Our locker room is solid, they’re together, they’re really determined. I don’t think you can get any other thought than that and they’re surprised, as we are as coaches, that you guys had these questions about it. So we understand—it’s part of it. We’re not going to get frustrated by it—we’re just going to keep working through our business.

(On trading before the deadline) John’s [Schneider] working on it—you never know. All the way to the final hour, he’s looking at stuff and entertaining thoughts and things like that—that’s just the way we’ve always been so he’s still doing it.

(On the offensive line protection) Solid—really solid protection. The one time that we took a sack, we got covered down field in an empty situation and Russell [Wilson] tried to wait it out, but we had pretty good protection that time. So I thought it was pretty good for the most part. We made a couple mistakes—they’re good rushers and they brought a number of pressures and I thought we picked up pretty well.

(On the fumble snap) It’s just a bad play—that’s a great lesson for us and really Steve Schilling tried something different on that play and it didn’t work out and so the ball doesn’t come up like it normally does. It’s a great lesson for us that we don’t try new things in the heat of battle. We have our way of phrasing that I won’t share with you right now, but young guy learning a big lesson and unfortunately it was a big mistake for us.

(On was it more about inside pass rush than outside edge rushers) I think it’s just a combination—I don’t think it’s any one part of it. Cliff [Avril] was really on it—he was bringing it from his spot and Michael [Bennett] had some real classy rushes too and then you finish it up with Bruce [Irvin] roaring off the edge. When you put all of that together, I just think it was a big point of emphasis. It was our style of game to where we found our opportunities, we took advantage of the calls, and Dan [Quinn] did a nice job of cutting the guys loose when we could. It was a very challenging game plan for us as I told you going in because of their multitude of styles of runs that they throw at you and with the quarterback involvement too—it’s very challenging. When we did get our chances, the guys really took off after him. So I think it was a little bit of everything.

(On Russell Wilson knowing to scramble more on first down to wear down a defense) No, I don’t think it’s him knowing that I think it’s just him taking advantage of the opportunity. He knows what the situation is—we were going to do whatever we had to do to get down there with a chance to score. We were going to go four plays and he’s knows when we’re in that mode, that he’s going to create some; but really I think there was one scramble and the other was off the running game—if I’m right about that. So he read out the runs—the balls that went to Marshawn [Lynch], he could have carried all of those depending on what the defense was doing and it’s was just part of the make-up. I think he does have a very special instinct for making first downs when he has to in those situations—he’s done it repeatedly. So he has a sense of urgency there that he goes for it maybe a little bit differently because he knows that we’re down to that last shot.

(On should Marshawn Lynch have caught the pass that was intercepted) He’s got really good hands and I think that he would tell you that he could catch that ball—it was a hot throw, it was in the middle, and there was a lot of stuff going on around him, and it would have been a terrific play to make, but I trust that he’s got great hands and for the most part he can catch those balls.

(On K.J. Wright process of playing in the middle) All the managing of the game stuff is great—he does a wonderful job there. There’s a couple plays in the game that had he been there all camp, then he would have been more sure of himself when he read things the way that were represented to him—so that means he’s going to get better. In the past, he’s commanded some plays. He just hasn’t been there enough, so some cool things happen to him that were challenges—the first time he didn’t get it, the second time he did so he’s still a play behind on some stuff, but that’s just natural. It’s a totally different position and different set of reads that he has to deal with. He did a fine job again and it was very tough in the middle and handled the whole situation the whole game and led us very well.

(On Paul Richardson playing kickoff return) I’ve had the thought that it would be better to break him in as a kickoff returner—there are many more things that happen for a punt returner and we want to make it as easy as possible on the young guy. So he’s off to his start here and we’ll see what happens in the future but he would love to return punts too—he’d like to do all that.

(On Marysville-Pilchick High shooting) Well I don’t have any insights on it more than anybody else does, but it’s the most challenging occurrence there that rocks everybody. We all feel it in the state and I’m sure that everyone feels it around the country—within minutes it was on CNN and so everyone in the world knows that something had happened. It’s amazing—another event in the cycle of things that have been happening. So our hearts just open immediately to try and help in any way that we can and when they’re faced with an opportunity by a playoff situation and the other school decides to forfeit the game—what an extraordinary gesture. I think it’s a gesture in every direction and understanding the compassion that it’s good to be recognized. We hope that we can do everything that we can in our fan support—you feel so helpless but we wish that we could do something to ease the pain of all the people that have been troubled—so that was a very cool gesture.




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