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November 5, 2014 at 6:35 PM

Quotes from Seattle Seahawks coach Pete Carroll

Here’s the official transcript of what Seattle coach Pete Carroll had to say today:

(On what it will mean to get CB Jeremy Lane back this week) Well it helps. He’s been a regular for us. He’s got a great spirit about him and we love having him out there working with everybody. He’s got a special energy that he brings which is fun. But he’s got to work his way back in. We’re really happy with what Marcus [Burley] has done and he’s filled in great. We won’t rush him and we’ll see how the week goes and play it by ear. It’s great to have him back out there. He’s a fantastic addition to special teams as well.

(On blending him in, instead of jumping into the nickel role) Yeah I think blend is a good word. Yeah.

(On what he expected out of Marcus Burley, and what he actually got) We hoped that he could jump in and play right away if called upon. He hadn’t had a ton of film playing inside and all of that but we thought John [Schneider] and his guys really picked it up and after looking at him that he might have a special kind of quicks, and he does and he’s done great. He’s done well. We didn’t know really the depth of his makeup. He’s a great worker, great attitude, and really, really tough on himself and push himself to learn everything and study and that’s been a great addition. That’s helped us get him out there quickly and do well.

(On if it was only based on preseason looks) Yeah we identified him in preseason. That’s the bulk of the film that we watched.

(On how comfortable he feels with cornerback depth) We’re in much better shape. Maxy [Byron Maxwell] is going to practice maybe later this week and he is going to make a bid to see if he can get out too. It’s finally here. We’ve been waiting weeks and weeks to get these guys back. So it’s a big boost to us. It gives us some freedom and some thoughts and things we can do with matchups and stuff like that. We’ll see how it works out, but it’s a real positive around here.

(On the guys in the offensive line still on track to come back, potentially C Max Unger and T Russell Okung) Yes. Yeah they are. It’ll be later in the week before we can really tell but Max [Unger] is going to miss today because he has some personal issues that he’s working on. Russell [Okung] will work half of the practice today and then tomorrow he’ll go full and we’ll work him back. But we know Max [Unger] is ready to go too. We’re really excited to get those guys back.

(On if G James Carpenter is going to be back) We don’t know. I walked off the field with him right now, he’s had this exact same injury before. He had it right at the end of his senior year and he knows it well, been through it, same ankle. So he knows how to deal with this. So that helps us think that he might have a chance, we’ll see.

(On what he hopes to get out of the addition of TE Tony Moeaki) Well he’s been a really good football player when he’s been healthy. He was just out there, available, and ready to work out and came off his injury from preseason. We really liked his work out and thought he could help us. We’ll find out. We’ll throw him right in there through the week and see where he fits in. Just trying to compete to get a little bit better and if he can help us that would be great.

(On if WR Doug Baldwin will play this week) We’ll find out. I don’t know. Don’t know right now. He says he is. He says he can make it.

(On if WR Bryan Walters jumps in) Bryan is available to us right now. We picked him up to get him right back in. He plays the same spots and all that, that’ll help. We can play him in the game, we can play him in kicking situations as well if we need him.

(On playing TE Tony Moeaki differently knowing his past injuries) We’re just going to start up and see what happens. We’re going to find out how he’s doing. He’s in great shape right now. He had a fantastic work out. We’re aware of the background, but we’re not going to project that it’s going to happen again. We’re going to think the other way that it’s ok.

(On looking at a team that is struggling, such as the Giants) We take everything. By the end of the week we’ll have seen stuff from last year too you know. We’re going to do the same in depth study that we always do. We’ve seen them at their best and we’ve seen them struggle a little bit you know. So we know what they’re capable of and that’s always what we’re counting on. We’re counting on the team that could be at the top of their game. You’d make a terrible mistake underestimating Coach Coughlin and what he’s able to do with his teams. He’s been a world champ for obvious reasons. They’ve been a terrific factor in their division for years. Eli [Manning] has been a great quarterback. They’ve got good running backs back there. They’ve got guys who can make the catches. The way [Larry] Donnell has played at tight end; he’s had a great start to his career. We’re not going to miss this in preparation in any way. We know that they can be a really good football team, we’re counting on that.

(On WR Paul Richardson the past couple weeks) He’s doing everything fine. He’s really comfortable playing. It’s not too big for him at all. He’s made tough catches already, he runs tough with the football. The fact that he’s returning kicks I think just makes him that much more confident. He’s ready to contribute in any way we want. I think the same with Kevin [Norwood] too. I think both those guys are really on it. We’re not hesitating to use those guys at all.

(On if they needed to lean on G J.R. Sweezy with the injuries down the line) Well he’s called upon you know more so with the help in communications and all that. He was the only regular in there for a while close to the left side so he had to help us. He’s done a tremendous job developing over the last few years that we’ve had him. He’s really at the top of his game right now. You can just feel it in his plays consistency. When you count on guys to make big plays, you know because they’ve made them before and they continue to do it. They continue to arrive and J.R. [Sweezy] is doing that. If you guys could pick him up on his down field work, the efforts and the finish blocks that he makes, and screens, and breaks something. He’s tremendous. There’s nobody doing that any better than him. He’s really, really on it right now. Him being in there is a big factor obviously for Patrick [Lewis]. It was a struggle. We struggled at times, we made some mistakes in there but without J.R. [Sweezy] helping them, we would have made more for sure.

(On rookie receivers WR Kevin Norwood and WR Paul Richardson being are able to fit in right away) I think a lot of it has to do with opportunity. Obviously these guys have talent. It’s just whether or not they can get on the field ahead of the other guys. Some programs where a rookie jumps in, they have that need and they throw him out there and before you know it he’s playing first-flight football. These guys could have easily been starters on this team. They could have played as starters on this team. They’re that good. They’re just behind the other guys. We had a good position group that’s really competitive and it’s taking a little bit longer. There’s nothing to hold these guys back but opportunities really.

(On if there’s something harder about that position vs others) No, but we studied this in years past that there’s a lot of really good receivers that didn’t develop until their third season. It took them a while, you know. What I attribute to that is some of the guys are such great natural athletes and can do things and get away with stuff and weren’t as refined, as they stepped into the league where the expectations are you have to do everything perfectly, they weren’t equipped to get that done right away. Some of that backgrounds that they came from maybe had something to do with that, that style of offense and all. You just can’t judge the receivers too quickly. You have to wait and be patient as they come along. These guys have jumped ahead obviously they’ve been coached really well. They have the ability to do everything. They’re really good study guides and they really care about doing everything right and that’s what helps them go quickly.

(On what he thinks of WR Odell Beckham) He’s a phenomenal athlete. He really is. We loved him through the evaluation process. Extraordinary speed and just natural catching ability. Really explosive in the kicking game and he’s a really terrific returner. He wasn’t even featured so much in college you know? And you can see all of that. There’s nothing to hold this guy back from being a great player. He’s got a great mentality and demeanor; he’s got everything going for him. Unfortunately he was banged up, but he is really coming in to it right now.

(On any specific one or two things that could be improved on for the second half of season) Yeah sure. There’s one two, three, four, five — there’s a lot of things we’re working on here. But, I think we’ll continue to emphasize third down work and continue to emphasize what’s going on in the red zone. We’re not as good as we’ve been and we need to get better in both those areas on both sides of the ball. Those are probably the most obvious focuses that we’re working at. As well as getting the football away from our opponents. That’s picking up, you know we see the ball coming and it’s bouncing around a lot now and it’s going to be more available to us I think as we keep moving forward. We’ve got to execute better in the red zone and we’ve got to get our third down numbers in order.

(On what goes in to red zone defense) There has been some good play making and some good execution and really good quarterback making plays. We haven’t had big mistakes and things like that. It’s not been that. But there’s been some. There’s been some on some plays. Really it’s the execution and staying ahead of the level of talent of the guy on the other side and making sure we can make our plays. We’re always working to adapt as we need to go. There are things that you need to change each year and you fix. Every year is not the same. So we’re in the process of that, but there’s a fine line between making these plays and not making them. Sometimes they have something to do with it and sometimes we do.

(On how different they look offensively from last year) It’s different in some regards. But the scheme is really good. It comes out of the Green Bay heritage you know and we can see all of the potential there to be the same. It’s hard when you lose [Victor] Cruz. He’s a really, really good football player that impacts everybody. He’s a terrific player. But here comes [Odell] Beckham so they look very capable of being very explosive and very dangerous.

(On if SS Kam Chancellor will practice this week) We’ll take it one day at a time. We plan on him playing this week. He’ll go light today and we’ll see how he is tomorrow.

(On SS Jeron Johnson) Jeron Johnson is back.

(On Luke Willson’s struggles catching the ball) The diving catch that he didn’t make with the guy all over him in the rain? Ok, that was one. He got banged by a pretty good player down by the goal line about a week ago. On a bang bang shot. I think he’s doing really well. I don’t have any issue with that. A couple plays would have been great catches to make, but couldn’t come through with it. But he’s made a lot of other big plays for us.

(On what he has seen from S Eric Pinkins the last few weeks and not quite being ready) Yeah he’s not quite ready but he has improved so much physically in the time that he has been with us. He’s stronger and faster and more explosive. He’s got a lot to learn. I think the time and recovering will be really good for him. He’ll come back in the offseason really raring to go and to be a factor. He’s a big, big kid you know and strong and fast and all that so I think this will really help him. I think we’ll see the kind of jump that you hope to see from year one to year two as he competes to make his way on to this team. We’re excited about the future for him.

(On leaving out or trying different plays when having such an inexperienced offensive line such as last week) No, you have to tailor things. We were in the same mode last year. Remember Alvin [Bailey] and Michael [Bowie] played all that time last year you know I think it was eight games worth of those guys in and out starting and assignments and all. You have to adapt to what they can handle. Maybe more so than other positions. Maybe the quarterback position is an obvious one. Here these guys have so much going on and it’s so complex that you have to keep it where they can handle what’s going on. So we do have to adapt some.

(On looking at the same linebacker with LB Brock Coyle in the middle) Let me get through the week a little and we’ll see. We felt good about what Brock [Coyle] did and particularly K.J.’s [Wright] ability to go back and be so effective is a big factor in there. Likely to go that way but we’ll see how the week goes.

(On ETA on LB Bobby Wagner) No. But he and Zach [Miller] have made a big jump and so we’ll see. Both of those are kind of on a like schedule. We would like to get them to work next week on the field. Both are making really good progress right now. But I don’t know what that means until we get them out.

(On Malcolm Smith) He’s kind of scheduled on the same time frame. We get Jordan Hill back today. Jeron [Johnson], Jeremy [Lane], those are really exciting guys to get back out there. We missed them.

(On special teams getting back to where you want them to be) Well we’re a long way back on the core guy’s thing. We’re down there. We hope to. They’ll get better. Jeron [Johnson] is a big deal to us coming back. It’ll be a big factor for us and we just start fitting our guys back together. If you notice there are a couple guys who played in the game last week that aren’t even here right now. We certainly hope we can get better with that

(On how tough it is to instill effort in special teams) It’s challenging because they don’t have the background and the commitment and just the interaction and expectations. It’s hard to expect that. We have no choice. You just do the best you can. That’s why we know we can get better. We know we can improve. Those guys that were in there for the first time with big assignments will get better this week. They’ll feel more comfortable and they’ll play faster and they’ll be more aggressive because of that.

(On how they deal with pre-snap penalties) Really, really strongly I hope. We’re really disappointed. We made a big point of it again today. We see it putting us in longer third down situations and we’re pretty good in third manageable ones but third long ones we need to improve there. The penalties will make a big difference. We’re working real hard, again as we continue to focus to get it right.

(On LB Health Farwell’s leadership transition) We miss him. He was a career teams guy and loved it and committed to it. That’s why he’s still here. His voice is still strong with those guys. He’s mentoring the younger guys and instilling the kind of awareness and expectations it takes to play teams at the highest level. There’s other guys who have done a really good job for us. We do miss Derrick Coleman. That was a big loss for us. He was a real pure core guy. As well as a good fullback for us. Michael Morgan and Turbo (Robert Turbin), and Jeron Johnson, those guys are big voices for us. They do a really good job for us. We have the flash that we get from Ricardo Lockette that’s so special to us and everybody counts on that. Jermaine Kearse is really good in that situation too. Those are guys who kind of carry the message for us and it’s good to have Heath [Farwell] around still.

(On what the defensive effort being right was due to) It’s been a process. It’s been a process to recapture everything that has become our normal. Through really good leadership and guys staying after it and we’re really improving. It shows in our play, it shows in the amount of impact plays that are happening, and it’s just part of the process. Last year we had a tremendously similar situation in the middle of the year when we struggled with the Rams and struggled with Tampa we weren’t playing good football. We needed to get back on course. You don’t ever have it. The ongoing process of trying to stay in connection with the very best you have to offer. That’s a lot to ask of guys and we expected of them. It’s a fine balance in there and our guys are doing a really good job. We totally see them and totally feel it from them , their practicing great, they’re studying great, they’re communicating beautifully and it’s giving us the chance to make the kinds of plays like you saw Richard [Sherman] make last week.





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