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November 23, 2014 at 7:09 PM

Arizona Cardinals postgame quotes: “If you don’t block, catch, tackle, kick, we didn’t do any of the four.”

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  • (Thoughts on why Arizona lost…) “It’s very simple. If you don’t block, catch, tackle, kick, we didn’t do any of the four. The kickers were rookies. We had ten men on the punt that got blocked. That turned the whole game around. It was strictly a guy who didn’t go out there. We as coaches didn’t see and find it in time. That was huge because our defense had set the momentum for the second half.
  • Offensively we could not convert third downs, that was huge. We had the one nice drive, dropped the touchdown pass and got three. That was huge, there was a big swing between nine to three and nine to seven, obviously at halftime. The blocked kick I thought was the turning point in the game. As far as the way we came out of the locker room and set the tempo defensively, we were unable to make plays offensively all day today.”
  • (Is Drew (Stanton) okay…) “Yeah, he’s fine.”
  • (Did Seattle do anything that was confusing…) “No, just throwing and catching and blocking. With the crowd noise our tackles struggled. Bobby (Massie) struggled early. We had guys open, we couldn’t set our feet and throw the football. Then we got into a good rhythm in the two minute drill and all that settled down. We dropped too many passes. We ran the ball efficiently. We know we would come in and do that, so that was fine. When you get into a two score game in the fourth quarter, then running the ball is pretty much out the window.”
  • (Are you worried about your team not being able to block out this loss…) “No, because we identified what we did wrong already. We’ll come in tomorrow and watch the film and make the corrections and get ready for Atlanta.”
  • (Did you make any adjustments with Larry (Fitzgerald) not playing…) “None. All Jarod has to do is catch the ball. You don’t jump up for a ball that is at your waist. He got too excited.”
  • (Did the crowd noise affect Drew…) “No, it affected guys blocking for him and it always does. The communication, you see it every week for our defense at home. People don’t account enough for the noise at home.”
  • (You said earlier in the week that blocking and tackling were going to be the key…) “That was going to be the thing. We did not tackle well early. We obviously didn’t tackle Russell Wilson well, late. We lost on a lot of broken plays. We had the regular play defended extremely well, we just missed tackles.”
  • (What were you thinking at halftime…) “Where we’re at every week, within a score, up a score or down a score. We were right were we wanted to be. The defense was going to come out and set the tempo and they did. They (Seattle) didn’t do anything with the midfield position and they ended up getting a field goal blocked on top of it. Drew made a poor decision on a running play to keep it. That put us back behind the chains. We still should have been able to punt the ball, keep them pinned in and the defense turn it over so that we can get that score. The blocked punt was the turning point.”
  • (How big was the field position in the game…) “We started out bringing one out of the end zone and we started at the ten, that was the first half. We were down there the whole first half. The second half we had it down there, right where we wanted it. We messed it up ourselves, everything was self-inflicted. Let’s give them credit, their a good football team but we self-inflicted a lot of things.”
  • (Thoughts on Seattle having good first half field position to start drives but only got field goals…) “That’s a great job by our defense.”
  • (Who should have been out there on the punt…) “Stepfan Taylor. He wasn’t out there.”
  • (Thoughts on your team getting a rush without having to blitz…) “This (Seattle) is a different type of offense to get sacks on. You have a quarterback who runs a lot of boot legs, more so instead of dropping him straight back. We had our chances to get four or five more negative plays but we could not tackle him.”
  • (Why couldn’t Larry (Fitzgerald) play today…) “He couldn’t run.”


  • (On the struggles of the offense…) “We had our chances we just didn’t make the most of them. That starts with me making sure we are doing everything correctly, everyone has the right assignment and then just going out there and making plays. They were there to be had, we had some shots early on and throughout the course of the game we just didn’t make them unfortunately.”
  • (On his injured ankle…) “I was scrambling and got rolled up on. Just got caught up in the pile, it wasn’t anything major. It’s not anything severe.”
  • (On what the emotion was after the dropped touchdown…) “That’s part of the game unfortunately. A physical error, we just have to limit those. Everybody took turns today, it wasn’t one group or anything like that. Offensively we didn’t play well enough to win. Anytime you score three points and come in here and only put up that number you aren’t going to be successful. We just have to find a way to correct it and we are aware of that and will do it to the best of our ability. We will go back to work tomorrow and get ready for next week.”
  • (On the errors being out of the norm for this team…) “Well like I said I think we left plays out there. We made some but we didn’t make enough and we put our defense into some tough situations. There is some stuff that falls on my shoulders and we need to correct it. We just have to swallow this one, it’s difficult but we knew it was going to be difficult. This was no surprise to us, we came up here and we just didn’t play as well as we would have liked. You flush it down the system, you move on, you learn from it and hopefully don’t repeat it.”
  • (On if they relied too much on Andre Ellington…) “He is a playmaker, you get the ball in his hands and its pretty well documented how good that defense is, so they present some problems. We thought we could attack them in several different areas, we did early on and I don’t think that I did a good enough job in getting the ball in his hands giving him a chance to run. We have to do better converting third downs and keep the ball in our hands and do a better job of putting up points.”
  • (On if the low scoring total is a reason for concern moving forward or if the quality of the defenses has played a part…) “I think it has to do with the quality of the defenses but every defense is going to be good in this league. We came in here and tried to do some different stuff to present some problems for them and it’s a really good defense. They lean on that crowd noise and they do a really great job of that. They kept everything in front of them today for the most part, we knew it was going to be difficult getting shots on them and we just didn’t stay on schedule. And again we need to do a better job of that and that all falls on my shoulders of managing third downs, getting those first downs and keeping the chains moving.”
  • (On the play of the defense keeping them in the game…) “Yeah our defense did a great job today. Week in and week out they show up for us. We knew it was going to be difficult coming in here. We tried to do the best that we could and it wasn’t good enough. That happens sometimes in this league so you pick up the pieces, we will get the game plan on Wednesday, look at the good, look at the bad, digest it and move on.”



  • (On what the defense was able to do keeping the Cardinals in the game…) “The defense did a great job like they do every week. They fought hard, we just didn’t come together to help those guys.”
  • (On the two spectacular catches and if he practices keeping his toes in-bounds…) “We always practice that, Coach Drake always tell us to make sure we know where we are on the field. I automatically knew I was in because we practiced it so much and he is always on us.”
  • (On what the Cardinals need to do to regroup and get the offense back on track…) “We just have to come together and help Drew out. You can’t sit down and blame the quarterback, offensively we all had our mistakes and when there were plays to be made out there we didn’t make them. We left a lot of points out there on the field.”



  • (On the drop in the end zone…) “It’s a drop, I don’t know how to explain that well.”
  • (On the offense…) “We weren’t able to get going, and that’s something that we have to capitalize. We had plays there, we just have to capitalize.”
  • (On what Bruce Arians said after the drop…) “It’s all right, get the next one’—kind of those things. But that’s a catch I know I have to make, and that’s something I know I make every day.”
  • (On what happened on the drop…) “One, I left my feet and tried to body catch it. That is something you never want to do, especially on touchdowns. [I am] just disappointed in myself and we didn’t win, either.”
  • (On Stanton’s pass on that attempt…) “That was a great pass. Like I said, I have to come down with that play.”



  • (On the loss…) “We didn’t do enough to win the game. We couldn’t get a break and we didn’t play our A game today. Today we played fairly hard, but we didn’t play our A game. And any time you play the defending Super Bowl champs, you better bring your A game because they are fighting for their livelihood… We will learn from it and see how we respond.”
  • (On his individual performance…) “I feel like did a lot better. I definitely had some plays left out there, but that’s just part of the game, but for the most part I went out there and went hard. That’s all you can do. We have to play smarter, play more disciplined—as a team, we will be fine as long we learn from it and bounce back.”
  • (On the defensive line and stopping Russell Wilson…) “We were so close early in the season and like I said it comes in bunches. We have to find ways to get pressure on the quarterback more. We missed him a bunch of times—he is a very athletic quarterback and normally makes people miss—but we have got to find a way to get him down. He did a great job on the ball today.”



  • (On the loss…) “I think we just shot ourselves in the foot. Obviously not taking it away from them, I think they played a great game, especially defensively, but we were in the game. We just have to make some plays and stay disciplined through the ups and downs.”
  • (On stopping Marshawn Lynch…) “I think we did a pretty good job in the run game. Obviously I think we let Russell Wilson be Russell Wilson on too many occasions. We didn’t play our style of football as far as creating turnovers, and I think that’s what really hurt us in the long run.”
  • (On stopping Russell Wilson…) “He’s a tough quarterback prepare for. Obviously he can throw the ball and definitely extend plays. It was tough on the back end and in the front just to get pressure on him. We did that for the most part, there were just three or four times he got us in the pocket to swing the momentum for those guys.”
  • (On the silence of the locker room…) “It’s humbling. Obviously we were 9-1 and prepared very hard. We understand what those guys want to do to us, and when you’re not able to execute offensively or create turnovers defensively, it is frustrating. We have another game next week. We will forget about this one—we will see those guys when they come back home to us—and we will be ready for them then.”



  • (On Russell Wilson…) “Russell Wilson is a great quarterback—don’t take anything away from him—with his feet he is a dynamic guy and understand the game. At the same time, we match up well.”
  • (On bouncing back after the loss…) “Continue to stay together and continue to play Cardinal football. We are not going to stop—this is not going to affect us in any way. We stay together; that’s the type of team we are. The veterans continue to be in our heads. They understand; they’ve been in these situations before. For younger guys like me, when I see them go onto the next game and they are going to fight, and to know what we need to do prepare the next week, that’s humbling and I am going to follow in line.”



  • (On coming back after halftime…) “We were confident. We knew in the second half we were going to come back and win.”
  • (On the loss…) “It’s tough, that’s football. The [blocked] punt took the third quarter from us. We came out of the locker room ready to go, we gave up the blocked punt. Their defense, that’s how you win games. They get those yards and broken plays, we knew that coming in. We didn’t create enough turnovers, we didn’t create any.”
  • (On the blocked punt as a momentum shifter…) “That happens. We still, as the defense, have to create turnovers and get off the field.”


  • (On his analysis of the outcome…) “Defensively we have to do a better job. We did a lot of good in the game, but there were times we had a lot of missed assignments and missed tackles. We know we have to do our part a little bit better.”
  • (On early successes stopping Seattle…) “That’s our mentality. No matter where they get the ball we want to keep them out of the end zone. We want to hold them to field goals and force turnovers. Early in the game we did a good job of that. We kept them out of the end zone, we forced field goals. We’ve just got to do a better job of forcing turnovers and finishing the game.”
  • (On Russell Wilson’s play…) “Up front we did a great job of keeping him in the pocket. He’s a very dynamic quarterback, especially when he’s outside the pocket scrambling. He made a couple of big plays on us today doing that. We did a great job of keeping him in the pocket for the most part. There were times he scrambled on us, and those are things we have to clean up.”
  • (On regrouping this week…) “This is a game we’ve got to learn from. Don’t dwell on it, but learn from it. Go back, watch the film, improve and find where we need to get better.”
  • (On what changes when Wilson has success as opposed to being contained…) “We’ve just got to continue to do our job. Every defense is about being sound and doing your job. To man, we’ve got to do our job. Obviously he’s a good quarterback, very elusive. He escaped a couple of times. We’ve just got to do our job.”
  • (On if he views the loss as a setback…) “Not at all. Not at all. We learn from it. Every single week we learn from it. The week is another game we can learn from.”


  • (On the outcome…) “We knew they were playing at home, we knew what the task was going to be, and we didn’t get any turnovers today. We didn’t help our offense out like we normally do even though we were playing kind of stout for most of the game. But we just didn’t make enough plays on defense to help out, and they made plays on their side.”
  • (On what makes stopping Russell Wilson tough…) “He just extends plays. He has a knack for getting out of blitzes. He can read defenders even though it might look like he doesn’t see it coming, he can see it. He’s got a knack for extending plays. He did a good job of extending plays and getting some runs out on us that kind of hurt us. I kind of felt that if we didn’t let him escape this game, we were going to handle their offense pretty soundly. But he was able to escape.”
  • (On if bottling up Marshawn Lynch should be indicative of a good day…) “I like the sound of that. But they just made more plays in the clutch and we didn’t. He extended plays, got a couple of first downs on third down, extended blitzes, threw a couple of first-down passes. It’s one of those situations where he made plays for his team and we didn’t make enough on defense to help out.”



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