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November 23, 2014 at 7:05 PM

Seahawks player quotes: “It’s a special win because we did it together” – Earl Thomas


Seattle Times/John Lok


  • (On the game plan today…) “We knew we had to battle. They are a great defense, and they had a lot of great players on that side of the ball, and I thought we were relentless today. It was a championship football type game and we were able to go 1 and 0 in our stadium and we were able to battle it out and make some bigtime plays on offense and then our defense looked outstanding today.”
  • (On why things came together today for the Seahawks…) “I think there is still definitely room to improve, and that’s the exciting part. We were able to beat a great football team without doing everything at our best. So, I think there is more that we can discover and figure out what we can do better and just keep growing, keep battling. We have a short week this week going against the 49ers on Thanksgiving night. You know it’s going to be a battle down to the wire, probably, just like always, and we’re looking forward to those moments.”
  • (On Cooper Helfet’s touchdown… ) “Cooper, man that guy’s a superstar, what he can do. Just his hands, and being able to get into the end zone that way. I think Moeaki was blocking for him. I don’t know how he wrapped that ball around the pylon there, but it was a pretty spectacular play. Those are the things that those guys are doing, making plays. I thought Marshawn played a great game today, too, as well. The naked, he came out of the back side somehow, someway. Just, so many different things that we were able to do. We kept battling. We knew that we were going to get battle-tested today, and we knew that it was going to come down to the wire, and we kept trusting in ourselves, and trusting in what we do, and we were able to find a way. ”
  • (On what it means to the offense when the defense plays as well as it did today…)   “We’ve been talking. We had kind of a team meeting not too long ago, and we were just talking about getting our swagger back, and we felt like we were right there, for the past couple of weeks we’ve had that edge again, for whatever reason. We felt like it kind of went away for a little bit, for whatever reason, but I feel like we got it back. So, we just got to keep going, keep trusting, keep practicing, keep competing in practice, continuing to learn, get ready for this short week and rest up and get our bodies ready to go, because we know it’s going to come down to the wire.”
  • (On the touchdown drive, did he feel like he had to take the offense more upon himself, specifically to run… ) “In terms of how the game was going, I try to be in the ebb and flow of the game. I don’t try to do anything extra. I just try to trust myself and trust my guys will continue to protect and continue to do what they do best and allow my receivers to get open downfield. Sometimes, if it’s there I’m going to take it, but at the same time I’m not looking to run it, I’m not looking to make a crazy play or anything like that, I’m just trying to go through my reads and trust it and just let the game happen, and just trust that, and that’s what we were able to do.
  • (On whether the touchdown drive was a tipping point…) “It did, that was a huge moment. I told the guys in the huddle that this is a big drive right here, this is a momentum-getter, and we have to kind of seal the deal, and we were able to do that.”
  • (On how important it is for the team to have togetherness…) “Well, we’re definitely together, and we’ve been talking about the guys that we have, and the championship type of players that we have. There’s no doubt in our mind that we can do it. But, it’s not going to be easy. If it was easy, then everybody would be able to do it. I believe we have the right guys in the room, I believe that we have the right coaching staff and the best fans in the National Football League, so like I always say, ‘why not us?’”
  • (On whether he thought his own play was different today…) “I think I just trusted everything, I was poised out there for the most part. I was able to find some ways to make plays, but, like I said earlier, there are so many things that I can do better. There are so many things that our team can do better offensively. I don’t think we’ve scratched the surface yet. I expect us to score 50 every game. I just believe that we can, because we have before. For us, there’s a lot of things that we can do. We’re so versatile, in terms of all the different looks that we have, and we have to just keep capitalizing, keep believing. And at the end of the day, it comes down to winning the game. It comes down to scoring one more point than them, it doesn’t matter what the situation is. “
  • (On the big pass play to Lynch…) “I just felt the defensive end coming from the back side over there and I just tried to find a way to make something happen, get my eyes downfield. So, I was able to get away from him, scamper outside, and sure enough, Marshawn was out there wide open. When you get him the ball when he is wide open, it’s kind of scary for the defense.”
  • (On the importance of mental and emotional preparation in a short week…) “It’s a Thursday night, Thanksgiving game, where everybody will be watching. So, do you hype that up, do you downgrade that? I don’t know. I think that, naturally, it’s going to elevate the game just in general, and it’s the 49ers, so that’s one of those things that you get pumped up for. We know that we’re going to have to go down there, it’s going to be a tough crowd, and it’s the first time that we’ll play in that stadium, so we know it’s going to be loud and electric, so we’re going to have to really get going and play great football. Be lights out, in whatever facet of the game.”
  • (On what the Arizona defense did to get so much pressure on him…) “I just think they made some plays. I think I could have done a couple things better, in terms of the protection calls, for whatever reason. We’ll have to look at that and study that. I just thought they have a great defense, that’s why they have the record that they have. They’re 9-2 for a reason, because their defense can make a lot of plays and do a lot of great things. We knew it was going to be a tough one, but I thought the second half we were really able to slow down their rush. I thought we did a great job of that, and we were able to capitalize on some big time plays down the field. I think Ricardo Lockette catching that ball early on kind of gave us a momentum-getter, too, as well.”
  • (On the throw to Lockette…) “I don’t think they blitzed on that play.   I think they just brought 4 or 5 guys, maybe. It was one of those plays where we had two guys going across the field and I looked at Lockette and looked back and then I kind of fell off of Lockette, and it almost felt like a ‘no-look’ throw at one point. So, he was able to come open and make a great play. Then, you think about Cooper Helfet catching that ball and scampering and getting around people, and getting that ball in the end zone. Those are the type of plays that we know we can make, and we know we can make on a regular basis.”
  • (On whether it was designed to get more balls to the tight ends…) “No, I just try to throw the ball to the open guy. At the time, they kept dropping back, and the guys underneath were open. We were able to take some shots downfield, too, later on. I think just continuing to go through the progressions, and just trust the progressions. I thought the guys did a great job. I thought the receivers looked really good today. It was unfortunate on that one touchdown run, I thought the receivers did a great job on the blocks. I thought we did so many great things. We just have to keep getting better.”
  • (On whether there was any extra incentive, because Arizona won in Seattle last year…) “We can’t look back to last year. Last year doesn’t mean anything. Last year has come and gone. For us, it’s about the moment we have right now. We knew that we were playing a great team in Arizona, we knew that we have a great team, too, and we trust in that. We trust in the guys that we have, and we trust in the process. I thought that we had an unbelievable week of practice this week, both offensively and defensively and special teams. Just to step up, and make the plays, and we were able to do that. Like I always say, championship mindset. We believe ‘why not us? Why can’t we do it?’”
  • (On how much they pay attention to the standings…) “We don’t pay attention to that. We have a game Thursday night. So, we have to try to watch the film tonight and the next few days and get ready for that one, first.”
  • “Thank you guys. Go Hawks”


  • (On the team playing more man this game) “Obviously we played whatever is called but we play a lot of man period so I think whatever else you hear is people that don’t know football.”
  • (On can the defense be as dominate as last year) “I don’t think we’ve ever not been—this is one of the first times that we’ve been healthy all season.”
  • (On having Bobby Wagner back) “We had continuity—we had all of our starters back except Bane [Brandon Mebane].”



  • (On this game being the best defensive performance of the season) “Yes it is—I think we had fun. It was just strictly fun. Just looking in each other’s eyes—I told the guys, ‘every time somebody gets a sack, I’m jumping on your back.’ I love it—the front played great, we stopped the run, we made them one dimensional, and that’s the key to our success every time we play—just have fun. If we mess up, our brother is always going to be there to clean it up for us.”
  • (On how important was it to get the starters back) “It was very important for us. Bobby [Wagner], the general, he led us. I’m so happy to see he and K.J [Wright] play so well—they were patient, Kam [Chancellor] played an excellent game, and we’re getting back to who we are, but we have to bring that same intensity on the road. The 12th man was awesome—Coach Carroll told me before the game, ‘Just have fun.’ He actually said that he was going to ‘play for me,’ I didn’t quite understand that because he doesn’t play, he coaches, but that gave me so much confidence and the thing that stuck out to me was for me to just get absorbed in it—the crowd just made me feel like I was on another planet. It was fun out there.”
  • (On tonight’s win) “It’s a special win because we did it together—this may be the first time that we played for pure reasons with no motives attached and that’s what you love about this team, we can put our egos to the side, we can admit when we’re wrong, but we got to stay true—we have different personalities, but the thing I love about this week—it was up and down, we had tough battles with each other, but it turned into something beautiful—hugs, emotions, meetings, and I love all of that because it’s a part of the game.”



  • (On the win…) “Definitely a great win. [It was] a hard fought win… We were definitely out there fighting. It was a great game for us.”
  • (On the blocked punt…) “What happened was they didn’t have a guy out there. It wasn’t a called blitz or anything. I just saw an opportunity to block the punt. If they don’t have anyone out there, they have to pay for that.”
  • (On improving from last week…) “We went in and had a lot of discussion of what we are really here for and what we are really playing for, and that’s for each other. We don’t want to get people to start thinking (individually), we play as a team and we play for each other and I think that really showed today.”



  • (On the win…) “We are just moving forward. It’s all about San Fran.”
  • (On the quick turnaround…) “It’s part of being a professional. It’s about being able to perform under any circumstances at any time, and that’s what we are going to do on Thursday.”
  • (On relying primarily on field goals…) “No matter how we get the win, a W is always better than a L. We are just excited to come out with a win.”



  • (On the win…) “It was a great team win, we obviously needed it. It was a great team win.”
  • (On the interception…) “I turned around and he threw the ball. I was in the vicinity and was able to get it.”
  • (On Bobby Wagner’s return to action…) “He made some key stops. He was really hitting. I could feel his presence out there today, I really did.”



  • (On the blocked punt…) “I just saw the block and I could barely see it. Honestly, I was on the ground. It was kind of like a d-line drill and it rolled, and saw him pick up the ball and I had no idea what I was doing when I made the tackle… A little WWF in there.”
  • (On the injury late in the game…) “I am alright. A little banged up, but it’s a football game. I’ll be alright.”
  • (On responding to the blocked punt on a non-blitz play…) “You kind of see little flashes, but you really hear it. You can hear a blocked punt pretty crisply. As soon as I heard that, I knew it was something—I was getting hit in the leg so I hit the ground, I was up, saw the ball rolling, the picked it up pretty cleanly, and I tried to make a shot.”



  • (On the importance of stopping the run and forcing them to go one-dimensional) “Exactly and that’s the goal each and every week. If you can stop the run and make them one-dimensional, get pressure on the quarterback as much as possible, the game will go the way you want it to go and we were fortunate enough to do that this week.”
  • (On if this win was a little bit bigger because the cardinals have the best record in the NFL and in the NFC West) “Not necessarily. I think it was a good divisional win, no question about it, but the crazy thing is you can’t even think about it too long. We’ve got another game coming up right around the corner. So it was good to get a win and get to where we want to go but there’s a lot of football to be played.”
  • (On what it was that lead to them dominating today) “Did we dominate today? We were just having fun. I think we were just having fun. We got to just playing and having fun and relying on each other and stressing each other and we made all the plays we were supposed to make.”



  • (On conversations he had with Earl Thomas on ego holding them back earlier in the season) “You know I don’t know. It was more just feeling each other. There was something that was missing and there was a subtle difference. Today I feel we kind of found what we talked about through the week. Like I said just trusting each other, respecting each other, and going out there and playing for each other. I definitely felt it today.”
  • (On if those conversations were hard) “Not really. It’s hard to get to that point, but once you open the door up then it’s easier to talk about. The feeling is mutual throughout the locker room. There was something missing. There was a feeling that was missing and we’re getting that feeling back. Playing for each other, trusting each other, and loving our brothers.”
  • (On mentioning Earl earlier, or how did that come about this week) “You’d have to ask Pete [Carroll] that. I don’t want to brag too much.”
  • (On feeling that it needed to be addressed this week) “We’ve all been kind of feeling it for a while. I talked to Kam [Chancellor] about it. I talk to Sherm [Richard Sherman], Earl [Earl Thomas], Marshawn [Lynch], Russell [Wilson] obviously. We all talked about it but there was a feeling that was missing so we brought it upon ourselves and Pete [Carroll] as well and to talk about it and figure it out.”


  • (On how that performance for the defense felt and how it looked like they were clicking on all cylinders) “I mean we got some good players back, just to have those guys come back and everybody back in their position, like I said, just to get everybody back at this time frame and it was a pivotal point of the season right now to get Bobby [Wagner] back, Max [Byron Maxwell] to come back playing good and Kam [Chancellor] just came back. It makes it really good.”
  • (On if it felt like the L.O.B. last year especially with the way they were closing on the short passes) “I think the L.O.B. played good all year. I mean, of course, nobody throws the ball at [Richard] Sherman like they do but whenever they do, he shuts them down. I can only think of two receivers that have 100 yards total on us. I think the L.O.B. has been playing one of their best seasons. Statistically it may not seem that way but in the game, it seems like they’re winning a lot.”
  • (On how important this win against the division leaders was) “I think it’s great for a divisional game and to come back, like I said we have our season ahead of us – to win this game and come back and get another chance to play against the 49ers – it makes it really good.”
  • (On how it seemed like they were fired up today and played with extra energy) “I don’t think we played with extra energy. It’s just the way it seemed. We came out and played one of our best games this season like we had to and we have to continue that momentum as we go on.”



  • (On the overall fight of his defensive brothers) “We just played how we want to. We played for each other and that’s what we were stressing all week – play for each other and just going out there and doing what we can do.”
  • (On how it feels getting a sack) “Oh it feels great. Got that monkey off my back – they came in bunches today and we just have to keep going. It was fun today. That’s what we have to do with these next five games.”
  • (On moving on shortly after the game) “You’ve got to. Now we’re playing on Thursday night so we move forward today.”


  • (On his focus in coverage today) “Yeah I remember last year I did that. I ran up to the quarterback and they kind of threw it over my head so immediately when I see them rolling out, I look for who was closest and I see the tight end or somebody running across me and I try to cover.”
  • (On initially going after the quarterback and then staying with your guy) “Yeah you always want to get the quarterback whenever you get the chance. I was going to but then I decided to help the defense out.”
  • (On tweeting ‘ready’ earlier today and how exiting it was getting back out today) “It was very exciting. It’s been a long five weeks for me. Especially just sitting there, being in a cast for two weeks and all that stuff. So, it felt great to finally get back out there.”
  • (On feeling today was like old times) “Yeah I think we’re all getting healthy at the right time. Playing good ball at the right time and it’s going to be important down this stretch with all the division games on the back end so we’ve got to keep it up.”


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