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November 28, 2014 at 12:25 AM

Seahawks player quotes following win over 49ers

Here’s of what Seattle’s players had to say following the win over the 49ers.

Though first, I’ll note that Marshawn Lynch was available — sort of — after the game.

Lynch told approaching reports “no’’ and then said “that’s what I got today. I got no. It was yeah last week. It’s no this week. If that’s what ya’ll want to do with your time. Nope.’’

And with that, the interview ended.

Now some of the transcripts from those who had a bit more to day:

QB Russell Wilson

Would you look at this as a carryover from Sunday?

“Yeah, that was huge. Our energy today, guys were flying around – offense, defense, special teams. The way we practiced, the way we prepared, [head coach Pete Carroll] Coach Carroll really got us ready for that short week against a very, very good football team. I thought we were pretty much lights out the whole game in terms of our energy and just the way we played, how tough we were. I think that we could’ve been a little bit better on some of those drives, especially once we got down in the redzone. We just have to focus, keep growing and keep building. But the things that we did tonight, it was pretty special.”

Did you think TE Tony Moeaki was going to score on that one?

“I thought Moeaki could’ve scored; he almost did. I think he made an unbelievable effort. The play he made and the guys blocking down field, that was such a cool play, and he gave it such an unbelievable effort. We’ll make those plays, I believe.”


You talked a lot this week about escape routes, how would you describe the escape route on that Moeaki play?

“The guys just keep playing for me. They keep playing so hard and they keep working to get open, and they’re doing a great job. They looked great tonight in terms of just being on time for me when we had to be on time, and then sometimes if we had to scramble and if I had to get outside the pocket, they really showed up. So many times, over and over again. You think about Moeaki, you think about [TE] Luke Willson, you think about [WRs Doug Baldwin and Jermaine Kearse] Doug and Kearse and all those guys. The running backs, too, as well. That’s part of our game. That’s something that we do extremely well and we have to keep building on. And I thought getting the ball out quick today, we definitely did that, too, as well. I was really excited for [RB] Robert Turbin to get in the end zone there. We thought [WR] Paul Richardson had a touchdown, his first career touchdown – that was just a little bit disappointing. I think that the guys just looked so good, and the fight in the guys’ eyes tonight was unmatchable.”

How important was this win for you?

“It was a step in the right direction. You just want to keep winning, one game at a time, go 1-0 every week, championship mindset, like I always say. It doesn’t change. Have that consistent mindset, and we’ll see what happens. You just want to keep building, one week at a time.”

I would never correct you, but you actually went 2-0 this week.

“Yeah, I guess we did go 2-0 this week. Some people don’t count Sunday as the first day of the week, but I do. I guess we won two games this week. That’s pretty big.”

You guys have been to the top of the mountain, so when you hit a milestone like winning here for the first time, does something like that matter to you?

“We know every time we go against the San Francisco 49ers, or anybody in our division, every game is going to be close and every game is going to usually come down to the wire at some point or whatever the circumstances are. We know we have to put our boxing gloves on and go to work, and that’s what we were able to do this week. To come here to Levi’s Stadium, our first time being at the stadium, we were pumped up to be here for our first time. It was a great experience just to have a good vibe coming into a new stadium, and just to win in the fashion that we did. That’s the way we wanted to play: we wanted to play tough, physical football, execute on offense, execute on defense, get some turnovers on defense. We caused havoc, in terms of our defense, and just made plays. That’s exciting to see.”


The play to TE Tony Moeaki, were you intending to run there?

“I’m never really sure. I’m always intending to pass, but I’m never really sure what I’m going to do. I just trust my instincts and trust the guys around me that they’re going to keep fighting for me and blocking. I thought our offensive line was great tonight, over and over again to keep me up. I’m not sure how many sacks we had, maybe one or two, but one of those could’ve been my fault, I don’t know. I thought the offensive line was tremendous tonight just to give me enough time to scramble, look for guys, and then to find Moeaki. That’s another guy that’s really stepped up for us. Thinking about [TE] Zach Miller going out and a guy that’s a great football player, big and fundamental. To have Moeaki come to our team a few weeks ago and play at such a high level and make it look so easy, and the relationship that we have, it’s pretty cool and it’s pretty special to see.”

You had a balanced attack with the running and the passing. Can you talk a little bit about that?

“That’s what we talked about. We wanted to have a balanced attack, we wanted to run the ball physical an run right at them and see what we could do there. [RB] Marshawn Lynch was just unbelievable tonight the way that he just attacked those guys and the footwork, just running over guys at times, was pretty special to see. That’s what makes him arguably the best running back in the National Football League. Our passing game, I thought [WR] Jermaine Kearse looked really, really good on a lot of plays. I thought [WR] Doug Baldwin, too, as well. So many guys showed up: Moeaki, [TE] Luke Willson there a few times, [RB] Robert Turbin catching the touchdown catching the touchdown in the flat right there, that was really big. There’s so many guys – you think about the running backs that we have, we have three running backs that come into the game and can just cause havoc. Then we have tons of receivers coming in and out of the game, tight ends coming in and out of the game, too, as well. They just don’t know who to cover, and if you add the scramble game it makes it really tough.”

How much fun is that to manage all of that from a quarterback perspective?

“Like you said, it’s a lot of fun to manage that. And to not just manage it, but also control it and get the guys in the right spots at the right time and find guys that make big-time, explosive plays. I believe we’re one of the top teams in terms of explosive plays and in terms of explosive runs and explosive passes, and we just want to keep that going. Sometimes it’s a deep ball down field, sometimes it’s a little ball in the flat and sometimes it’s a scramble play. There’s so many different guys I can throw the football to, and my goal is to facilitate the ball to the right guy at the right time, and they keep showing up for me over and over again.”

Does this feel like the team should feel, or like last year?

“I can’t focus on last year, but I know in terms of our team right now, this is how we want to feel, this is how we want to be. We want to keep building, keep growing. We’re going in the right direction, that’s all I can say. We have a lot more left, a lot more to do, a lot more proving to do. You can’t look too far ahead. It’s one game at a time, one practice at a time, one day at a time, one step at a time. We’re looking forward to that.”

The fumble you ended up recovering, was that one where your eyes were looking down field and it just hits your leg?

“Oh man, the fumble that I had, I was looking down field. I had everybody running down field and I just kept looking down field. I had the ball in my right hand, obviously, because I throw right-handed, I was looking down field and I transitioned to my left, and I kind of brought my leg up and hit my thigh pad as I was getting the ball. Luckily we were able to get the recovery, though. I was able to get on the ball quickly. I think that’s just little fundamental things that we can keep working on, whatever that is. You don’t want to play scared at all, you want to keep playing aggressive and keep looking down field to find guys, and if it’s not there, run and try to get the first down.”

How much fun was that experience there at the end where you’re having the turkey and you guys carry it back into the locker room?

“That was a lot of fun. For [CB Richard Sherman] and I to get the Madden Turkey out of that situation, that turkey was good, first of all. Just to play on Thursday Night, so many things to be thankful for. I’m just grateful for God putting me on this team. Just to be a Seattle Seahawk and to be the quarterback of the Seattle Seahawks, and to play with great guys like Richard Sherman, as he was sitting there next to me, but so many other guys on our football team. I don’t think you could get any closer, I don’t think it could get any better. I can’t imagine what it would be like. Just to be on this team is truly special. To have the coaching staff that we have, to have the best fans in the National Football League. I’m just grateful for my mom and my dad, just all the things that they were able to help me do and where I am today. My dad’s not here any longer but I know he’s sitting there in the stands, watching, and I know my mom and my brother and my sister, they were watching too. It’s a grateful thing, and when we come back in the locker room and we get a huge win like that against a very good football team in the San Francisco 49ers, you’re grateful for that because it’s not easy.”

DE Cliff Avril

Kaepernick’s passing numbers are so much lower against you guys than anyone else, what is it that you guys have been able to do?

“I don’t know if we have a special thing that we are doing. I just think the guys on the back end are doing a great job of giving the rusher an opportunity of getting after him and making him uneasy in the pocket. All quarterbacks’ percentages go down when you can make them move around in the pocket. We call it getting off the spot.”

The carry over from last week is working out very well for you guys.

“Most definitely, we are having fun. We trust each other. I know that I trust the guys on the back end that they have my back and they trust that we are going to get pressure on the quarterback. It is working for us and we just have to keep it going.”

You guys played two games in four days and it seemed like there was no affect physically, obviously mentally?

“Coach [Pete] Carroll and the guys did a real good job of taking care of us this week. It was all mental and everybody showed their maturity on how we can just study and get things done without actually doing it physically. So it was pretty cool.”

WR Doug Baldwin

You guys were coming off a big win on Sunday and another emotionally charged day where do did all of the right things, starting on defense and on offense, too. 

“Well, we have no choice. We’ve got to do what we’ve got to do. Fortunately, we were able to come out of the previous game relatively healthy. We were able to compete. Our training staff and coaching staff put together a wonderful plan for us to be healthy coming into this game and obviously, it showed today.”

The offense rolled when it had to. [K Steven] Hauschka had four field goals. You had the one touchdown, could’ve had two and probably should’ve. But the offense did enough to get it done today. 

“Yeah, we’re going to be tough on ourselves because we feel we should get touchdowns in the red zone. We’re thankful for a kicker who is money, ‘Hauschmoney’ as we call him. However, if we’re going to be tough on ourselves, we want to get those touchdowns in the red zone. We’re going to work on that and get better at that. Other than that, it was a good game.”

And there were big plays when you needed them. Your one catch was a big play. “Turb” [RB  Robert Turbin] had a big catch, which you needed, really.

“That’s typical of the Seattle Seahawks offense. Just make the plays when you need to and when you get the opportunities to do so, push it down there, try to get touchdowns and put points on the board.”

Last thing: It was a big win against a really good team when you absolutely had to have it. Is that the way to sum it up?

“I don’t think we look at it like that. We look at it as another championship opportunity, another opportunity to go out there and play Seahawks football. I know I keep saying that, but that’s legitimately what it is. We don’t try to make it any bigger than it is. It was our only opportunity today and that’s what we try to take advantage of.”

That gives you dominating back-to-back wins. Where’s this team’s confidence level right now?

“We’re confident. We’ve been confident before, but obviously we’re clicking on all cylinders right now. It’s a good feeling in the locker room.”

You’ve talked a lot about that team chemistry and getting that togetherness going. How did that manifest itself on the field today?

“You saw it. We’re trying to keep it under wraps.”

When you look at the playoff picture, someone needed to win this game and you guys got the win.

“I don’t even look at the playoff picture, to be honest with you. We’re going one game at a time. We’ll finish the regular season and see what happens. We’re not worried about the playoff picture because that’s not in our control. What’s in our control is every game that comes up to us. We’re going to focus on that.”

DE Michael Bennett

How were you able to prevent Colin Kaepernick from running loose today?

“I think that it was more his choice. He wanted to throw the ball more than he wanted to run. He had some lanes but there is probably a lot of pressure on him to be able to be a passing quarterback, he did that. We just played off of what he did.”

With all of the impressive stats that you guys put up over the past few weeks, what is the number that you look at?

“I just look at the win column. We can give up 100 points but if we got the win, I would be happy. It is all about winning for us. We are at the stage now that we have all had success individually and right now it is about team success. That is the most important thing for us.”

You guys have been a couple of weeks without DT Brandon Mebane, how is that defensive line chemistry coming together?

“It is going pretty good, losing Mebane, he is a key part and obviously he should get a contract extension, but [DT] Kevin [Williams] is a hall of famer, on his way to the hall of fame. Him coming in gives us a big change.”

S Kam Chancellor

Sunday you knock off Arizona 19-3. No days rest, you carry it over here. Is that pretty much how you describe it, that this togetherness thing is really working?

“I look at this team like my hand. When I’m just holding my hand open, there are different tendons, different fingers, different parts, but when I ball my hand up, it creates a fist, a tight fist, and creates a powerful punch. That’s what I look at this team as.”

Are you looking forward to an actual day off at some point, or what? Maybe tomorrow?

“A day off would be nice, but I’m in the moment right now. It’s just feeling too good. I’m ready to keep going.”

How important has it been for you guys to close out, the last two games, and continue in the stretch drive coming up?

“I think it just speaks volume on what we preach around here. We talk about finishing. We’re a team that preaches finishing all the time, no matter what it is, no matter what the circumstance is—just finish. The way we’ve been finishing lately just speaks volumes of how much we care about one another, how much we care about the team, and how much we care about winning. That’s exactly what this team is pushing forward to.”

The schedule doesn’t let up for you guys; another showdown next game. Are you guys just kind of sharpening your iron here with these tests?

“You’ve got to take it one game at a time. The next game is the next game. I don’t know if you call it sharpening the iron or whatever you call it, but we’re just taking it one game at a time and letting the chips fall where they may and we’ve got to do it together.”

C Lemuel Jeanpierre

What is the difference, if there is one, that you see in the team now compared to last year when you played with them?

“Since I’ve gotten back it’s been that family atmosphere again. I haven’t seen a big difference. Of course you miss some guys; too many for me to name right now and I don’t want to leave anybody out, but to come back and there’s still that family atmosphere which is helping the play.”

I think a lot of us have thought that RB Marshawn Lynch is running harder and faster this year. Do you see that?

“Every single time I’ve seen Marshawn, he’s always going hard and fast so I can’t tell the difference. Maybe he has more broken tackles, but you look at the tape before and he’s always breaking tackles. He runs with anger but he has fun.”

Maybe just a little more angry today. Did we see that?

“I try to get him on that one thing, but that’s Marshawn. He’s one of the best teammates I’ve ever had, so we always have his back and he has our back.”

CB Byron Maxwell

Why do you think you were able to contain the 49ers and QB Colin Kaepernick?

“It was definitely the pass rush. It seemed every time I turned around, he was getting sacked or flushed out of the pocket. It was definitely the pass rush. It made our jobs a lot easier.”

What’s it like back there when he’s scrambling around?

“You just have to keep your eyes locked on your man. You never know what he could do. He’s a great athlete. You have to stay on your keys.”

What does this win mean for you guys? Two in four days?

“It means a lot because it’s a division race. We’ve got to get that home field advantage. That’s very important. But it’s one game at a time. It means a lot.”

TE Tony Moeaki

You guys didn’t have a lot of touchdowns, you only had one, but you were sure able to move it when you had to.

“We just kept chipping away by putting points on the board. Obviously, the defense is playing unbelievable right now. Credit goes to them. They’re playing lights out right now.”

How did you know to come back on that ball? On that big reception?

“I just saw [QB Russell Wilson] Russ scrambling and I saw another guy close to me. So I just decided to take it higher and Russ threw a great ball. I thought I almost stepped out of bounds and I just turned it up. I wish I would’ve got in there, I thought I did. I haven’t seen the replay, but I’m just glad we won. It was a big team win.”

Russell was complimenting you this week on how well you run routes and your awareness. How long does it take to build rapport with a quarterback you’ve only been with for a couple of weeks?

“It just takes time and practice. I still need to improve and I’m conscious of that. I’m just happy to be playing with this team and all of these guys.”

Seahawks CB Richard Sherman

This was an awful lot like Sunday wasn’t it?

“Yeah. We were having a good time. We’re dedicated to one another right now. When you’re out there playing for one another, we’re playing like some nine-year old, ten-year old kids not worrying about the outcome, not worrying about individual stats or anything like that. Guys are just playing really hard for one another and enjoying one another and I think when a team’s playing like that we’re really hard to beat. You see all the players out there celebrating one another. We celebrate every play. Even when they get a catch and it’s a great hit we celebrate that. And they didn’t even understand that. They were getting frustrated that we were celebrating those plays, but that’s what happens when you’re a team and you’re together.”

How much of that tonight was the effort and playing for the team versus the scheme that you had in place?

“Well, the scheme we have in place has never changed. So, I would say it’s more playing for each other and the effort because we didn’t do anything special. We didn’t run any exotic blitzes. We didn’t run any crazy coverages where we disguise this. We stood up, man up stand up and we beat them.”

How big does that ball look as it’s coming towards your hands because the two interceptions were right there?

“It’s the same size. The second one was pretty entertaining. I was laughing the whole time because I told their sideline if they throw it my way I would end the game. And they threw it still. Way to be. Way to be those guys.”

There was almost a third one there too.

“Yeah. I dropped the third one. I should have three. I let my team down. They’re going to chain me up.”

How important was this one for you guys given the playoff picture?

“Every win’s important. This one is no more important than any other one we have this season. You want to get as many as you can and set yourselves up in position to make a great run in the playoffs and I think that’s what we did today. Our team was dedicated, focused and really locked in.”

S Earl Thomas

This team is just coming together. Talk about your brothers right now.

“Yeah man, you hit it right on the nail—brothers, and we’re understanding each other. We’re being real with each other. We’re being authentic, we’re being ourselves, and it’s working for us. When you see the pure nature in guys, it’s incredible.”

Does this feel at all like last year, defensively, now, as far as consistency, health, and the way you’re flying to the ball? Are there similarities to last year right now?

“Of course; suffocating football. Everybody is tied in to what the formation is. People are studying. We’re tied on a string. We’re communicating and that breeds confidence. We’re really absorbed in each other out there and it’s nothing but love. It feels good.”

What is it that you guys are doing the last few times against QB [Colin] Kaepernick when he passes? His ratings and passing numbers against you guys are lower than anybody else. What is it that you’ve been able to do with him?

“Well, we’re very familiar with this team. They’re in our division. The whole NFC West has great defenses. I think the thing that separates us is that our passing game [defense] is our strength. We have great DBs so anytime we make a team one-dimensional, it’s always in our favor.”

Two wins in four days against division opponent; it’s a huge accomplishment.

“Of course it is. I think you said it just right. They are big wins, division opponents, and these games count as two to me.”




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