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December 28, 2014 at 8:00 PM

Rams postgame quotes: head coach Jeff Fisher, Shaun Hill, Jared Cook and others


AP photo

AP photo

(Thoughts on the game…) “Well we gave it our best shot, problem is that we didn’t finish. Congratulations to Pete, his staff and the team. It’s a fine football team. This is obviously a great place to play. You know that we had some really good things happen on the football field out there. We just couldn’t finish it. If you had told me our defense would have held them to 14 points, even after a sudden change and a turnover, I would have probably said that I would take it.

We had the opportunities with the screen pass that we tried to throw away, that was a turnover. I can’t fault Bennie for trying to get that ball across the goal line. They (Seattle) made the plays in the second half and we didn’t.”

(Is there anything that Shaun Hill could have done better…) “Yes, he should have thrown that ball into the ground. That’s one of those things that happens. You try and throw it to the feet of the back. That’s what you try and do. He just didn’t make the play.”

(Why did Jenkins leave his man on the 31-yard pass play…) “I don’t know. I haven’t had a chance to talk to him about it. He should have been playing thirds, outside thirds. He had a inside seam route running. That’s why he probably leaned towards the seam and left the flat route out there. It was a good play by them.”

(What was your sense of the game at halftime…) “We needed to get some things going offensively. We hadn’t moved the ball well. We had just a few first downs. We needed to get some points from the first downs. That was the big thing, just try to and make some plays on offense and score some points.”

(How do you think the team did against Russell Wilson…) “I think that we will look back and see some things we can be critical of. But this is an explosive offense, with a lot of talent. In the first half we did some good things. In the second half there going to crease you, obviously if you keep changing things like we did. They (Seattle) played great.”

(How frustrating it is not to be able to finish games this year, when you have had the lead…) “There are other teams that haven’t been able to finish against Seattle. We need to do a better job. That’s something we will work on.”

(Thoughts on the team’s mistakes during critical times of games this season…) “There are a couple of shutouts we had some problems with during those games as well. If your trying to get big picture stuff here, we won six games, that’s not enough. We have to win more games.

You can’t go through a year with I believe, 10 returns for touchdowns. It’s hard to overcome returns for touchdowns in close games.”

(Big picture is your team what their record is or was something left on the table…) “I think were better than a 6-10 team, I personally do. I think we’re moving in the right direction. I think that all the work we put in this offseason is going to contribute to the success were going to have in the future. You don’t like 6-10 seasons. I think we’re building, I know we’re building. We’re going to learn from a lot of the things that happened. We’re developing some young players that can make plays.”

(Would you say that Seattle’s defense is what puts them ahead of the pack…) “Yes, it’s an outstanding defense. What they have going here is special. You can’t hear on offense and they make you drive the football as you can see. They get off the field and they can rush the passer, they can stop the run. When you can’t hear on offense in this venue, it’s hard to do those things, especially against a defense like that. They have an explosive offense, it’s a good football team but we split with them this year.


Seattle times photo/Dean Rutz

Seattle times photo/Dean Rutz

(On if the expression “uhm” summed up the day…) “Yeah, kind of crazy, wild. Those guys made some spectacular plays in the second half and we had some things go against us.”

(On if one of the things that went against them was the failure to make a timely play/drive…) “Yeah, obviously it would have helped us a lot to cap off those drives.”

(On what happened on his first interception…) “Well it was a screen but they had it covered so you have to burn the ball into the ground but it has to be at the running backs feet. So I can’t throw it directly down like I would to kill the clock, so you have to get it into the vicinity of the running back and their guy made a crazy play on it. He just made a great play on it.”

(On what happened on his second interception…) “I had to look up at the jumbo-tron because I had no idea what happened so you will have to ask Lance on that one.”

(On how different the last two weeks have been versus the roll they had previously been on…) “Well every week in the NFL is a battle. Every opponent is going to play you hard and every win is tough to get. We just came up short in the last two weeks. We didn’t change anything we did previously. Friday’s practice at Ram’s Park was probably the crispest Friday practice we have had so we certainly kept the same mentality and mindset.”

(On if he felt pressure to score touchdowns after Seattle had tied the game…) “Well that’s always the objective every time you touch the ball to get touchdowns. That’s no different than any game. But our defense was playing extremely well and played well all night really, we just put them into some bad situations in the second half.”

(On if there is a big gap between the Rams and Seattle…) “There is not a big gap between any two teams in the NFL, none of them. Whoever is going to get the first pick in the draft to whoever is going to win the Superbowl, it is not a big gap between the two teams. That is just life in the NFL, it’s an all-out brawl every single weekend and that is why the fans love it so much and makes it such a great sport.”

(On what a record of 6-10 says about this team…) “Well it is certainly not where we wanted to be at the end of the year. As I said earlier the difference between 6-10 and 10-6 is a couple of plays in four ball games out of sixteen and that’s a fact. That’s every year in the NFL, so we were obviously short on that this year and ended up on the 6-10 end.”

(On if he believes this team has enough offense to beat the better teams in the NFL…) “Yes I do. I totally believe in this offense, the personnel and the scheme. You have to put it together every Sunday and our division is arguably the toughest defensive division football. We know that and we know we have to bring it every single week and I believe in this group.”



(On the loss…) We didn’t capitalize on the opportunities the defense gave us. We were in it in the first half—we knew we had them, we knew it was a game. Like we said, turnovers, not converting on third down, [and allowing] pressure on the quarterback—you can’t win with costly mistakes like that.”

(On what went wrong…) “It’s just about the opportunities you’re given and taking advantage of the opportunities to finish the game off and to finish strong. This is a good team—we can learn how to do that.”

(On if the gap between St. Louis and Seattle is smaller than it appears…) “Absolutely. We beat them the first time at our place and we hung with them today. We know we are a better team than our record; we know we are a better team than what we display a lot of times. It’s just about coming together and finishing strong—that’s what it is all about. Once you’re in a position to win games, and once you’re in a position to take over the game, you’ve got to be able to that in this league.”



(On what went wrong…) “Coaches said it best—‘they made plays that we didn’t.’ They made more plays than we did. At the end of the day, it is a game of inches… I don’t know how to explain it; clearly we lost. It’s not just one thing—like I always say, there’s nothing we can do about it now but learn from it. Going into the offseason realizing that winning games in this league isn’t easy. It takes 11 men to stop somebody and it takes 11 men to gain a yard. We need to make a promise to one another that we are going to come back next year, get better in the offseason, and put it together.”

(On the gap between St. Louis and Seattle…) “I believe it is closer than it says on the scoreboard. We were there all the way until the end of the game—it was 6-6. We just have to take that next step to make it—we’re the 20-point team and somebody else is the 6-point team. That’s one of the best teams in football, and the fact that we were hanging with them should speak volumes to this locker room and we need to keep building from it.”




(On the loss…) “We had a great preparation all week. Obviously we knew Seattle’s game plan—we play them twice a year… On a positive note we did some good things this year—there are definitely some things we can build on. [We are a] young team with a lot of talent. We just need to go from there.”

(On what went wrong…) “This game is all about execution, and that’s what it all comes down to. The team that executes the best is usually the team that wins. The last two [games] got away from us a little bit, so looking back on it and looking at this game, it comes down to execution.”

(On the team’s outlook for next season…) “We’re all in this together, [there is] no finger-pointing. Collectively, we just have to execute, but you never want to go out like this. At the end of the day, it’s something you can definitely build on.”




(On the offense…) “We need to score touchdowns—that’s our job. We are all here to score points, and we didn’t get the job done.”

(On the team’s confidence in close score situations…) “Confidence is there. I never doubt these guys and whether or not they’re scared. I know these guys are ready to play. Sometimes things don’t unfold your way, things happen in the football game. We need to use that to more fuel to our fire this offseason—put in the work together and click together.”

(On Murphy’s Law, “what can go wrong, does go wrong…“) “On the screen, Shaun (Hill) went to throw it to the ground, and (Jordan Hill) got his hands around it. Things like that happen, and they don’t happen very often, but it did happen today.”

(On preparing for the offseason…) “You’ve got to let your body heal up first. That’s the nature of the game, your body is sore and you’ve got to let it rest. When it is time to workout, workout and get after it—get after it like you may never have a game again.”





(On how a relatively close loss to a playoff team reflects the state of the team…)  “We’re not that far off.  I don’t know.  It depends on what you’re looking at or what you’re trying to take from it.  I’m not discouraged by the guys we have in this locker room or how far off we are.  We’re not that far off. But that’s not good enough, to be not that far off.  We wanted to be there this year.  It didn’t work out that way.  We have to take all that anger that we have coming off this season and just turn it into hard work and execution in the springtime when we get back together and just bust our ass.”

(On how good Aaron Donald is…)  “He’s awesome.  In my opinion, he’s the defensive rookie of the year.  He ended up with nine sacks, I think.  He made our defensive line better, and we were a really good defensive line already.  He was a pro from Day One.  The thing about him is he’s unique in that it didn’t take him any time to develop.”

(On what the team’s young talent portends for the future…)  “We’ve got a lot of young players. And we can count on a lot of them, too.  You see guys like E.J. or Aaron, and I’ll leave out a couple, but we’ve done a good job of getting talent in here that you can count on from Day One and they’re just going to get better and better.”

(On where this season turned for the worse…)  “That’s not really my call to make.  That’s a Big Picture thing I’ve got to worry about, doing my job and being part of the solution, and trying to help make this team better.  We’ve got what it takes in this locker room, it’s just a couple of little things here and there, and that’s not what people want to hear  People want results now, and I get it.  But it just didn’t work out.”

(On how Seattle finally succeeded against the St. Louis defense…)  “They’ve got guys who can make plays on the outside.  They started getting the ball out quicker.  They never really dropped back and just let us kind of rush.  It was a lot of drop back, Russell scrambles and tries to make something happen.  I think in the second half he wanted to more of a timing approach.”



(On how he reflects on the season…)  “We’ve got things to build on for next season.  We gave it our all.”

(On what worked well for the defense early…)  “We were fighting.  We bottled the quarterback up pretty good, trying to stop the running game.  I thought we were out there playing physical. They still got a couple of gaps on us, but I thought we played good overall as a team.”

(On if this season was a learning experience…)  “There’s a lot of things I need to work on personally. But you always want to improve your game and celebrate to another level.”

(On the importance of keeping Russell Wilson contained…)  “It was good because he’s elusive. He can make plays with his feet.  (We wanted to) just keep him bottled up and not let him get too comfortable back there.”

(On the challenge of keeping Wilson contained for four quarters…)  “He slipped through a couple of times. It’s going to happen.  He’s a playmaker, too.  But I thought overall we did good bottling him up.”



(On what say a 6-10 record says about the team,…)  “It’s a losing season.  We’ve got a good group of guys in this locker room.  We’ve just got to work hard in the off-season and be more consistent.  That’s all.” 




(On his thoughts after his first interception…)  “I was just happy to secure the catch first. It was just a blessing, just being patient and waiting for the opportunity.”

(On what he learned during his first season…)  “Just seeing the possible mistakes you can make. Just go with the scheme. Everything should play a part.”

(On what the secondary can take away from this season…)  “First of all, we bonded.  I learned a lot from the older guys.  Everything I’m taking away from this season will help me be prepared for next season.”





(On the fumble at the goal line…) “No matter who it is, in a situation like that you’ve really got to take care of the ball. Especially when the offense really gets rolling, I want to take full responsibility for that play.”

(On thinking it was a touchdown…) “I actually thought I was in the end zone… I was just trying to see the replay to see if they made the right call, which they did.”

(On winning fewer games than the last two seasons…) “[That will be] the motivation going into the offseason. We know what we have in this locker room, and we aren’t far from where we want to be as a team. This offseason hopefully guys know what we have to put into it to be where we want to be.”

(On feeling that the team is better than the record shows…) “We are definitely frustrated. Coming into the season I felt more confident than ever—seeing the young guys and the rookie class that I was a part of, we all had a better understanding of what it takes in this league; we just had some unfortunate games where we either didn’t hold on or the offense was clicking and the defense wasn’t or vice-versa. Hopefully this offseason we put in the work, time, and effort to come together.”

(On the mindset of coming into the game…) “Every week, no matter the record, we come into the game with the same confidence as a team—that we can compete and play with anybody. Just some bad plays, small plays, that make a difference in the game week-in-and-week out.”




(On Bruce Irvin’s interception…) “I caught the ball, tried to tuck it, and (Bobby Wagner’s) arm came around and knocked the ball out; I had no vision of it. I was trying to catch it, tuck it, and go down. I did what I could. It was tight coverage—it might happen 1 out of 100. [There is] nothing I can do [now], it was just a mistake. I tried to make a play and I couldn’t.”

(On what went wrong…) “We got the ball a bunch and didn’t take advantage of the opportunities given. We were three plays away from being really in the game. We fought hard, though, and I can’t be down because we fought throughout the whole game.”

(On winning fewer games than the last two seasons…) “It’s definitely not a step backwards—we have a lot of young guys on our team. I think the talent is there; it’s just putting it all together and displaying it on the field. We practice hard, but [on] game day we have to make sure we are focused and ready. It is going to happen, we’ve just got to find ways to overcome it and be more consistent.”

(On the difficulty of losing Sam Bradford this season…) “[It was] definitely difficult. Whenever the starter goes down in the preseason, you have to figure out what’s next. I think, as a team, we bounced back as best as we could when Sam went down. I think we gave ourselves a chance. It’s tough, but I think we fought throughout the season through a bunch of things—Chris Long went down, we had a bunch of injuries with the offensive line. We persevered for the most part, but didn’t get the W’s.”



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